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The sonyericsson W550i

sonyericsson W550i information page: . It has a camera with megapixel resolution, Bluetooth connectivity as well as a speakerphone.

How to Send Cute Text Messages

Authoring the perfect text message can be quite daunting. How do you say exactly the right thing in such a small amount of space? Also, relating your tone and humor in a text message can be near impossible. Fortunately, there are ways to add meaning to your text messages other than just ordinary wor

Samsung Brings Another Meaning for 'Brilliant'

Samsung is the universal leader in offering world class smart phones at very reasonable rates and finest in eminence. Samsung mobile phones come with brilliant technical stipulation and have lots of apps to offer as ...

How to Trace a Mobile Phone Number With Ease on Your Computer

For anyone that has the interest of his family at heart, you will always have to be bothered on their security. This security will be threatened however, when they start receiving those mysterious calls. Most times you will find yourself unsure on how to tackle this problem as it keeps on disturbing

Nokia 7373 - Feel the Beauty

The Nokia 7373 comes with a unique swivel style opening, with 180 degrees rotating surface. The exterior of the Nokia 7373 is garbed in a subtle colour schemes, and craftsmanship that is inspired by tribal and ethnic art

How to Clean the Samsung Instinct Screen

The Instinct is a cellular phone developed by Samsung. One of the primary features on the phone is its touch screen, which allows users to make selections by touching icons on the screen. Obviously, constantly touching the screen can make the screen very dirty. However, the Instinct, just like any o

Intellectual Nokia E72 Deals

Nokia has always been able to provide people with accuracy of its handsets which not only gives them the satisfaction of quality handset but also with the availability of attractive features make it a desirable choice among many. Nokia E72 is the recently launched mobile phone by this brand and it i

Motorola Droid RAZR M - An Affordable Phone

It is one such phone by Motorola that provides you with a lot of high- end features despite being an affordably priced. If you are buying the smartphone for the first time, then it's the best android phone that you will find in the market. Droid Razr M sports a 4.

How to Connect a Phone Card Without a Slot

Most laptop computers have an available expansion card slot. This slot allows you to install additional hardware onto the mobile computer, including telephone card slots. These slots allow you to directly hook up a telephone to your computer system and make phone calls off an Internet hook up. Howev

BlackBerry Bold 9700 Cases - Important Accessories For Your Phone Protection

If you are a proud owner of the latest BlackBerry bold 9700 phone, then you should take proper care of this telephony device. There is a wide variety of BlackBerry cases in the market. You should rush to the nearest mobile accessory store to buy such a case for your mobile to keep it covered.

Want to Find an Unknown Cell Number? Here's 2 Sure Shot Tips!

Decades ago, if you were to look for a bit of info on something, it would be the library that you'd go for. But the advent of technology has provided us with the most convenient and time saving tool in the name of 'the Internet', where we can dig information on beauty tips to health t

How to Print a Report From an Avaya Phone

Printing a report on an Avaya phone extension for your business requires that a Call Detail Recording, or CDR, solution has been connected to the telephone system. CDR systems collect and log call detail information for all calls going in and out of the system. Monthly reports help phone administr

The History of Cell Phones

People may not be aware of this fact but the device called cell phone has been around for a longer time than they know. Wireless communication had been made possible since the early 1970s but back then only military departments of various countries used it.

Most Popular Free Android Apps

This list of the most popular free Android apps running the whole gamut, with the reach and power of free Android apps in general. These applications can your Android phone is really into a stronger and more useful device. Certainly, you would not want to miss that chance? Here are ten of the most

Poynt Updated to Version 1.6

The Poynt application was updated to version 1.6 to fix issues with BlackBerry 6 on the Torch.