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Visualize Defeating Panic Attacks

When you have happy memories and relive them, you are in a calm and uplifted state of mind. Can you bring this feeling about when daily strains and stresses make you feel anxious?

How to Create a Holistic Life - Mind, Body, Spirit

Most of us never experience the difference between surviving and thriving. We are never taught how to create our own life..not the life our parents, family or friends want for us - but our own life. We have within our God given powers the ability to create a healthy holistic life today. The followin

Cerebral Palsy Cure

How close are we to obtaining a cure for Cerebral Palsy? Stem cells make it closer than you think!

Do I Need Psychological Treatment in Los Angeles, CA?

The symptoms mentioned below will tell about the right time to visit a psychiatrist for the Psychological Treatment in Los Angeles, CA. You may skip to take the Psychological Services in Los Angeles,

The Right Diet to Control Panic Attacks

With the realization that we have panic disorder comes the need for positive change and growth. Nowhere is it easier to begin advancing one's health than in the area of nutrition. Nutrition plays a vital part in proper brain chemistry, which is crucial for the panic attack sufferer.

How to Stay Focused With ADHD

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a relatively common neurological disorder that often starts in childhood. Although symptoms vary for each person, one common effect of ADHD is the inability to remain focused when trying to complete a task. Whether you're at work, school or working

How to Overcome Generalized & Panic Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety disorders have become an increasingly common diagnosis in the United States. As much as 13% of the general population may have symptoms of anxiety disorders like those outlined in the fourth edition of the American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorde

What is Psychoanalysis?

Psychoanalysis is a form of psychotherapy that was developed in Vienna in the 1890s by Sigmund Freud. Freud believed that many mental health problems stemmed from unacceptable repressed unconscious desires and fantasies of a sexual nature.

Can Parents Cause Emotional Problems?

As a child our parents are God to us. We worship the ground they walk on; they gave us life and keep us alive. A father shows his son what it is to be a ...

How To Cure Panic Attacks Quickly

Panic attacks, this is a critical problem. Panic attacks can affect your social relationships, your work etc. Actually, these awful panic attacks can affect your whole life. Do you desire to know if there's a ...

The Disadvantages of Internet Addiction

An Internet addiction can lead to poor health and social problems.work at home image by Leticia Wilson from Fotolia.comThese days, many people spend a large portion of time on the Internet, whether it's for work, social interaction, gathering information, or entertainment. But there is a...

Beating Holiday Hype, or Feeling Beat Up by the Holidays?

"Reclaim Your Holiday!" Make the holidays what you need, not what you think you are obligated to take part in. Spread the word! You can have a restorative holiday season if that is what you choose. This holiday, learn how to take action to be happy by choice, not by chance.

Natural Cures for Panic Attacks

Do you feel like you're having a heart attack or you're going to die every time you have a PA? Well, that is actually one of the symptoms. Antidepressants can treat PA's, but can cause ...

Kava & Anxiety Treatment

The kava plant is native to the numerous islands of Oceania and has been used there for various purposes for thousands of years. It thrives in damp, shady and humid locations with abundant rainfall.

How to Use Chamomile for Relaxation

Chamomile is one of the best herbs to use when you want to relax. Used for centuries in the form of tea, it has been known to both relax the body and soothe digestive discomfort. Chamomile is also used in lotions, oils, supplements and other skin formulas. Chamomile comes in a pure form of dried flo

Teachers Be Reminded of the ADD Child

A teacher teaching a class of forty school children should know that there is approximately two ADD child or students that manifest the symptoms of ADD. Taking this into consideration, it is therefore important for teachers to know of the basic facts about an ADD child and what makes them stand out

Bipolar Disorder Diagnosing - Critically Important Facts to Help You

If you are interested in seeing the statistics of bipolar disorder diagnosis in the United States over the past several years, you may want to take a peek into the Archives of General Psychiatry. We should have records after all that make research easy so that new facts can be dug up about such cond