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General Motors Writes Checks on Your Checking Account For the Next 5 Years

Yesterday General Motors fired the CEO, Rick Wagoner. He is being replaced with longtime GM exec Fritz Henderson. Yesterday President Barack Obama promised the American consumer that the US government (you) would provide the warranty for all GM cars. He also said that GM would be reorganized (chapte

Hostile Take Over of Our Medical Industry - Why?

Many doctors of do not approve of the Obama Health Care Plan, or the current legislation being proposed. Nevertheless, the public relations is running redline for the Obama Healthcare Plan, and it is running over the AMA, and all the doctors in the nation like a steamroller. One of the biggest issue

How to Create a Booklet

When you want to create a booklet, follow a basic step-by-step process.From blank document to controlling elements of the page, your office software will guide you ease and speed. The following instructions use Microsoft Office Word 2007 edition.

Facts About the Canadian Flag

The Canadian Parliament adopted the current flag on October 22, 1964. The flag was designed by an appointed committee after reviewing thousands of designs.

States That Strip Voting Rights for Ex-Felons

In some states, ex-convicts or current inmates are allowed to vote in any election.jail in calico ghost town, arizona image by Albo from Fotolia.comThe U.S Constitution guarantees citizens the right to vote but gives a provision against those who have committed crimes. While the federal...

Why Scottish Unionists Should Be Concerned About English Nationalism

This article looks at how Scottish nationalism has provoked a backlash in England fueling a rise of English nationalism. This is in fact a greater danger to Scottish unionists than Scottish nationalism, for while it is unlikely that Scots will vote for independence, if provoked enough the English ju

Move US Government to El Paso, TX and Hire Mexicans From Juarez to Run It!

The Government of the United States of America is spending itself into oblivion and we must act now to lower the cost of government.If we take a clue from corporations in the country we know that one way to lower costs is to put your factories in areas where there is cheaper labor.Often this means p

Rodrigues Sea Cucumber Plunder

Following an impassioned hue and cry about sea cucumber harvesting, resident environmentalists on the Indian Ocean Island of Rodrigues, citing overexploitation, petitioned for a moratorium. But, neither the stonewalling regional government nor the strangely muted opposition seem keen to rock the fis

How to Get a Handicap Pass to National Campgrounds

The National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Access Pass allows United States citizens or those with a permanent disability discounted admission to more than 2000 federal recreation sites, including campgrounds located within National Parks and National Forests. Not all sites accept the Access

The Main Stream Media And The Void It Leaves Behind

The Main Stream Media went out of its way in the last election to make sure that Barack Obama got elected. The MSM in the US has always had a left wing bias but over the last decade, it has become guilty of informational "malpractice". It is because of this "malpractice", that ne

How to Correctly Display U.S. Flags

The U.S. flag is perhaps the most potent symbol of the United States; many people like to show their patriotism by displaying it. To show respect for the flag and the ideals it represents, it must be flown or displayed according to proper protocols.

How Does the President Informally Change the Constitution?

The Constitution of the United States establishes the executive, judicial and legislative branches of the government and provides a framework for effective rule through a system of checks and balances. In the period of time since the Constitution was written, many formal changes --- known as amendme

What Are Civic Duties?

Civic duties are acts that citizens engage in to fulfill their implied responsibility to society and the public interest. In essence, if these responsibilities were not required of the public, they could be left unfulfilled threatening a breakdown in various segments of society, including government

How to Conduct Debates

Debates provide an orderly format for sharing ideas and exploring topics through well-planned arguments. While the government debates broadcast on C-SPAN and major media outlets appear simplistic and effortless, a lot of forethought actually goes into conducting such debates. Without proper rules an

Resources for Worship Leaders

Worship leaders can find a plethora of helpful resources on the Internet. They can find song ideas, music notations and instructional videos for guitar, piano and other instruments. There are many online communities devoted to worship ministries, which provide ideas and support to worship teams. If

A "Deadlocked" Congress and the Nations Debt - Not to Worry!

America's budgetary issues are serious and congress is actually doing its job as designed by our constitution. Congress's "deadlock" with regard to extending the payroll tax and unemployment insurance payments are just where we should be given diametrically opposed views as to wh

Freedom or Tyranny

There can be little doubt that the upcoming elections are the most significant and important certainly that my generation has ever seen. Regardless of your personal convictions, whether liberal or conservative, this is not a time to be silent. The direction of an entire country and civilization will

World Bank President Wolfowitz Needs To Resign

At the time that Paul Wolfowitz was appointed as president of the World Bank in 2005 I wondered how the Deputy Secretary of Defense would handle a position that required a smidgen of knowledge of economic and finance matters. One would think.