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The History of Charitable Organizations

Charity may have begun at home, but it has since developed into big business. Charity organizations formalized the process of relieving poverty, advancing education, promoting religion and assisting with community projects. Medical research, disaster relief and various other causes also come under t

Article On Leadership

The article on leadership that I wrote had a similar effect on my leadership skills.You see, at work we had sort of a slacker culture.I won't say that we didn't get the job done, but we certainly did not go above and beyond and give it 110%.We tried leadership seminars, leadership coursesi

What Are the Requirements to File a Petition Against the Government?

Petitions are a way to demand the government take an action or change something.document image by AGphotographer from Fotolia.comA petition is a document that you file with a court or administrative agency asking it to take action or to change something. Petitions vary widely in relief...

Psychological Associations

Psychology is the the science of studying human behavior and the function of the mind. Different areas of psychology exist, ranging from child psychology to criminal psychology. According to the American Psychological Association, there are approximately 93,000 psychologists in the United...

Inauguration Day

I have long considered myself to be a true independent in the arena of politics. I make every effort to study and analyze each bill or proposition and come to my own conclusion with the information I can find, and I apply the same method when choosing a candidate. I despise party politics and believ

Government Backed Fraud in Academia

The government and the Foundations, whose owners are the people who choose the President and their cabinet, pay the archaeologists and fund the research. This leads to the funding of rags like Archaeology Magazine which people think is telling some truth. The Kensington Runestone shows how they manu

Why Presidential Primary Elections Are Held on Different Days

It's Their PartyContrary to what some Americans believe, the U.S. Constitution does not prescribe a process for choosing the presidential nominees. After all, political parties did not exist in the United States at the time the Constitution was written. Rather, the presidential selection...

What Are Good Ideas to Contribute to a Nonpartisan Organization?

There are a plethora of partisan groups: these are organizations with very specific ideas about legislation and identify a particular political party being in power as being conducive to their political goals. Nonpartisan groups, on the other hand, have no particular attachment to a political party.

The Effects of the 14th Amendment on the Civil Rights Movement

The 13th, 14th and 15th amendments to the Constitution are known as the "Reconstitution amendments" and were ratified after the Civil War. The 14th Amendment recognizes as citizens of the United States all who are born or naturalized regardless of race. The amendment also provides all citizens equal

Pfizer Tries To Defect

Obama wants to build a wall to keep corporations from defecting. He'll get Khrushchev's reputation and Gorbachev's results.

True Democracy

Like America, Rome was a Republic with democratic values. The Roman model of governance inspired many political thinkers, and today's modern democracies imitate the Roman and Greek models. The major difference from the Roman Republic model, (and one of the primary reasons our modern day democra

Fred Thompson Makes Best Case For John McCain

After watching former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson give the keynote address on Tuesday night at the Republican Convention, one comes away wondering where all that fire power was when Mr. Thompson ran in the Republican primary earlier this year. Senator Thompson's speech is the first rousing

Fidel Castro and Cuba - Key Facts and Figures!

Cuba's 1959-2008 Communist dictatorship was responsible for the deaths of up to 17,000 people, becoming one of the most brutal dictatorships in Latin America. In the early 1960s, the Soviet-backed regime initiated a red terror in which political reformers were tortured and killed in large numbe

About the Interest Rate's Effects on the Economy

The interest rate that economists and pundits constantly talk about generally is understood to be the so-called "federal funds rate," regulated by the Federal Reserve Bank, also known as the Fed. This is the interest rate at which banks lend to each other. A lower rate generally means more lending,

Where Is the Great American Dream?

Modern technology is making us more introverted, self-engaged and lost within our own "virtual" existence. This can be dangerous on many levels, creating a social environment with less and less love and feeling for each other. It seems like American society is becoming less and less friend

Pre-Industrial Levels of CO2

Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, which is said by historians to have started around 1760, levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide have increased as a result of human activities, including the burning of fossil fuels, and cutting down of forests. The concentrations of CO2 in the atmosph

Obama's Catch-22's

Catch-22′s are fairly common in life and we all are Capt. Yossarians on occasion. However, when government gets involved in "Gotchas!" by over-regulating our lives and making promises it can't fulfill it leads to confusion and anger-which may be the ultimate goal of the Obama ad