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How to Send Airmail

Airmail is a worldwide mailing option offered through the United States Postal Service. You can send individual items that weigh less than 4 pounds or pack up to 66 pounds of printed material into an Airmail M-Bag. Airmail is more expensive than standard shipping or ground travel, yet it generally a

Congress Deserves the Blame

In May of 1998 there was no longer any rational scenario that could lead an impartial observer to the conclusion that Special Prosecutor Kenneth Starr was objective. But, then again, it was not all his fault. The real culprit was the U.S. Congress.

Flag Facts on Japan

Japan has one of the most recognized flags in the world. The flag--known as the Hinomaru or "sun disc"--features a red circle against a white background. Nippon, Japan's name among the Japanese, means "origin of the sun."

Is It Time to Rethink Gun Control?

Gun control is a debate that often comes to the surface during election years or after a particularly heinous crime such as the Colorado Theater attack and Columbine. I believe that Americans are not being given the proper choices in gun control.

The Significance of a Three-Fifths Compromise

The Three-Fifths Compromise established each slave within the United States as three-fifths of a person for purposes of apportioning representation and taxation in each state. The compromise came into effect with the ratification of the Constitution in 1787, and continued until its invalidation by t

Bias in Presidential Polls and Other Election Year Polling

While most political polling companies do adhere strictly to high scientific standards when it comes to removing all sources of bias, some do not. It is important that voters are aware of the ways polls can become biased, and of how to know which polls to follow. Looking for outliers, analyzing how

Presidents Are Not Perfect

With all the blame flying around nowadays as each party looks for ways to twist events to their advantage, it is so tempting to jump in and make retorts about how much worse "their" political leaders performed.

Is The Bill Of Rights Necessary?

Abstract:The Bill of Rights to our Constitution caused --and still causes some contradiction, confusion and danger with the Constitution itself.It is unfortunate that a bill of rights was included with the Constitution.Due to a general misunderstanding about the Constitution at the time of its rati

How to Calculate the TFR

The total fertility rate (TFR) is a calculated rate of live births for women in a specific location. It takes into account age-specific groups over a five-year period and can be applied to different size hypothetical groups to estimate live births in a region. The TFR can also be used in conjunction

Factors That Determine a Country's Rate of Economic Growth

The economic growth of a nation determines how its production and export of goods and services affect national income and the standard of living. Strong economic growth requires strong domestic infrastructure and foreign relations. As shown by nations throughout human history,...

The Evolution of Chinese Economy

"Made in China" is a label with which many U.S. consumers are familiar. From clothing to electronics, goods produced in Chinese factories stock the shelves of many U.S. retailers. This is one of the outcomes of a Chinese economy that evolved from a Communist model of central planning to a modern sys

Duties of the Nez Perce People

The Nez Perce people, who -- in their language -- referred to themselves as "Children of the Coyote," occupied much of the region which is now north-central Idaho. As with most Native American tribes, the Nez Perce people had specific roles or duties within the tribe. All Nez Perce people played a p

How to Build a Longhouse

Longhouses could be found in the northeastern United States. They were built by American Indians to accommodate an extended family or clan. Built in a rectangular shape, they were constructed using easily available materials, such as trees and tree bark. They were sturdy structures and easy to build

Economic Free Zones in Macedonia

Question: Dr. Vaknin is it true that you are the father of the Law of Free Economic Zones? Answer: I participated in the dedicated and professional team, from many ministries and state organ...

How to Access Public Utility Records

The records of the Public Utility Commissions in the United States are a matter of public record, so getting access to them is only a matter of properly following the guidelines in that particular state. The records include earnings reports for utility companies, commissioner's speeches, and report


A short essay describing the conditions, the causes, and the other important information on those who immigrate.

Politics and Humor

Bi-partisanship in government waters down the effectiveness of legislation. Class envy focuses on the wrong side of political debate on probably every issue. All of this creates humor in the national discourse on the issues important to this country.

Climate Change? So What!

Sam Deane asks the tough questions about climate change. He challenges you to look again at the source of the problem and comes to some surprising conclusions.

The Effect of Liberalization on the Financial Market

Liberalization in a financial market refers to various measures designed to reduce the extent of government control. Such measures could include the deregulation of the financial market and liberalization of capital accounts. Specific activities include reducing controls on interest rates, amending