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ElectionWatch 2014: Virginia Is Back in the Game!

For the past several months, Virginia's Democratic Senator Mark Warner was expected to easily defeat Republican challenger Ed Gillespie and win re-election handily this coming November. But now, thanks largely to increasing public disapproval of Warner's loyal support for ObamaCare, his le

Big Oil- Who is Really in Charge

Until I started to research for this article, I did not know that the US does not have a big oil company. Seems that a lot of rules and regulations are hurting oil companies making it difficult for them to compete in the world market. Don't feel bad for them they are still makingBillions annual

What Are the Advantages & Disadvantages of a Mixed Economy?

The economy of the United States is a "mixed" economy; i.e., one that combines capitalism with various forms of government regulation. Pure capitalism entails free interaction between business and customers. However, since the late 19th century, the U.S. government has been intervening in markets an

Medical Office Safeguard Procedures

Safeguard procedures for medical offices not only includes the physical safety of patients and personnel but also extend to the safety of patients' confidential data and consideration for their legal privacy. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations and the...

Digging Through the Politics of Social Media

The venues that we have been subjected to in the past in regards to these types of debates have featured men (and a few women) spouting out canned answers that some speechwriter no doubt wrote for them, giving these politicians almost a robotic way of being. Social media is changing all of that. Pol

FBI and Gang Problem

Many Americans are getting quite tired of the purported PR campaign at the FBI. We find out that the Slippery Tongue in the Watergate scandal was an FBI Man? We find the FBI missing 1500 laptops. We find FBI personnel charging department and agency credit cards for personal use. We find out about th

What Are the Uses of Shells Historically and Now?

Shells have been an important part of everyday living for centuries. People have used these gifts from mollusks in an amazing array of ways, including as ornaments, tools, food, supplements, money, religious artifacts, musical instruments, trade goods, collector's items, medicine, divination, gaming

Who Is Fujimori & What Has He Done for Peru?

Alberto Fujimori is one of the most controversial figures in modern South American politics. The Japanese-Peruvian was the president of Peru during the 1990's. Fujimori accomplished great things for Peru, but he also subverted his own democracy and became an authoritarian tyrant. He is currently ser

Is it Amnesty? You Bet Your Sweet Bippy!

One thing I have learned over the years is that there are plenty of Chomsky-esque, center-right leaning wordsmiths out there too. It isn't just those on the left that are abusing the poor English skills of Americans to promote socialist agendas.Believe it. Particularly when it comes to the late

New York Times Fooled by Mexican Populist Demagogue

In 2006 Mexico averted what would have been a disaster for Mexico, the United States and Latin America. Felipe Calderon of the PAN party narrowly defeated Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador or AMLO of the PRD party in one of the closest and most amazing national elections ever held in the Western Hemispher

What Is the Caucus System?

A caucus is a meeting organized at a local level in order to pick candidates for a political party. Caucuses and primary elections serve the same function (both choose between candidates within a political party), but voters discuss and debate candidates at a caucus, as opposed to privately casting

What Did Early Man Use Stone Tools For?

The Paleolithic Era is characterized as the first era of early man, or the hominans--the first bipedal ancestors of homo sapiens. The hominans were also the earliest men to use primitive stone tools for carving, fire-starting, hunting, defense and weaponry. These tools were most often made of wood,

Debt Deal: The Measuring Rod Is the Scary Part

As she took her seat in the huge stadium, Lucy was hoping for a playful, romantic date with the handsome guy on her left. Her hopes were soon dashed when a grossly obese giant, a mountain of blubber, spilled over into a portion of Lucy's seat as he struggled to squeeze into the seat on Lucy&apo

When Did The Left Lose Their Compassion?

Liberal "compassion" appears to have died.They no longer seem to want to show compassion for criminals even if they are only alleged criminals like our brave Marines from Haditha.

Ball Bearing Missiles Being Shot by Hezbollah

The latest weapons being used by Hezbolla against Israel are rockets, which have ball bearings in them and their warhead.This is the same technique, which is used by international terrorists groups when making suicide bomb vests.The same vests which are used to kill innocent children and women on bu