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Can You Think Of Who Would Benefit From Establishing World Peace?

It is impossible to mention all the benefits of establishing a peaceful and civilized world, but without a doubt The People will be the major benefactors and since they operate the governments, religions, and corporations those things will also benefit.

Corruption At Its Grassroots Ends Sheila Dikshit's Reign

The 15 years long tenure comes to an end. Delhi from now onwards will be ruled by a whole new party with a new young chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal. Corruption and some other factors lead to the downfall of Sheila Dikshit's reign. The rise of AAP was nothing more than a belief that it would no

Lingering Presence of Maddow and Letterman Visit to Muncie, Indiana

Rachel Maddow and David Letterman visited Ball State University to visit with students during the live taping of Ms. Maddow's MSNBC live show. Later on her show she mentioned the battle between Main Street and Wall Street, and how the current republican presidential candidates are appealing the

Malawians Not Keen on Fuel Protest As Police Out Number Protesters

The much awaited fuel protest dubbed as '' the Big Bicycle March'' ended up to be a lecture to the protesters and did not pull the support it anticipated as most Malawians were not keen on the protest itself. Today (Monday) as promised some people flocked to the protest venue and

Ethical Dilemmas of the Neglect of Vulnerable Adults

Neglect or self-neglect of vulnerable adults is among the most prevalent and problematical type of abuse facing adult protective services, health professionals and social workers. Adults may become vulnerable through age, disability, illness or isolation. Failure or lack of care can leave them lonel

Economic Factors of the Roaring 20s

Historians have dubbed the 1920s as the "Roaring Twenties" for dramatic changes in the cultural and economic life of the United States. Along with new styles in music and dress, there was strong economic expansion, a rising stock market, increased urbanization and a generally improved standard of li

What Determines The Cost And Worth Of Ancient Roman Coins

Have you ever imagined what Roman Emperors like Julius Caesar, Nero or Titus looked like. Perhaps you would also like to own something that may have been held by one of these historic men or someone living during their time.

Campaign Managers and Political Election Analysis

If you're a campaign manager who is running the election efforts of a political candidate, then analyzing election statistics from past years can help you get a better grasp on exactly what it will take to win your race. When you analyze the election statistics, you will know from the beginning

Usually Cruel

If a punishment is cruel but common, it's OK. It's not OK with me how about you?

What Are the Primary Responsibilities of the Executive Branch?

Under the United States Constitution, the executive branch refers to the office of the president and his staff, with all final executive authorities and responsibilities vested in the person of the president. The United States president has certain responsibilities and powers, as set out under the c

How to Contact the Railroad Commission in Texas

The Railroad Commission of Texas, also known as RRC, has state jurisdiction over the oil and natural gas industry, pipeline transporters, natural gas utilities, coal and uranium mining operations and more. RRC should be contacted if you need to file paperwork with the state or if you have any compla

World Bank President Wolfowitz Needs To Resign

At the time that Paul Wolfowitz was appointed as president of the World Bank in 2005 I wondered how the Deputy Secretary of Defense would handle a position that required a smidgen of knowledge of economic and finance matters. One would think.

Freedom or Tyranny

There can be little doubt that the upcoming elections are the most significant and important certainly that my generation has ever seen. Regardless of your personal convictions, whether liberal or conservative, this is not a time to be silent. The direction of an entire country and civilization will

Resources for Worship Leaders

Worship leaders can find a plethora of helpful resources on the Internet. They can find song ideas, music notations and instructional videos for guitar, piano and other instruments. There are many online communities devoted to worship ministries, which provide ideas and support to worship teams. If

How to Conduct Debates

Debates provide an orderly format for sharing ideas and exploring topics through well-planned arguments. While the government debates broadcast on C-SPAN and major media outlets appear simplistic and effortless, a lot of forethought actually goes into conducting such debates. Without proper rules an

What Are Civic Duties?

Civic duties are acts that citizens engage in to fulfill their implied responsibility to society and the public interest. In essence, if these responsibilities were not required of the public, they could be left unfulfilled threatening a breakdown in various segments of society, including government