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Masonic Temple History

There are thousands of Masonic temples worldwide, most of them dating from the 18th and 19th centuries. There is not much historical evidence prior to the 18th century, yet many believe the truth of origin is hidden within historical Masonic secrets.

Miliband Critical Of Vat Increase

Ed Miliband is very critical of the increase in VAT from 17.5% to 20%.and claims that it is the wrong tax at the wrong time. This begs the question is Ed Miliband the wrong man at the wrong time in history.

Front Sight: Gun Training And Then Some

Gun training is not just for the crazies and the yahoos, it's about seriously educating yourself on how to stay safe in the most dreadful of situations: an attempt on your life. My personal experience with gun training has taught me to take gun training seriously, which is why I now research an

Maryland - Re-Fighting the Civil War in Song

There may well be a number of reasons why we might need to rewrite the words to our state song, Maryland My Maryland, but the reasons given by state delegate Pamela Beidle ( D Anne Arundel ) and others are not among the valid reasons. They reflect the belief in an incorrect history of the United Sta

Media as the Fourth Branch of Government?

In the United States, we have checks and balances of our government already set up. Of course, now we have a fourth branch of government; the mass media, which appears to be controlling the minds of the people. Should we now consider that the Government has a fourth branch? Well if so, should be eli

Mobile Exhibition Units Are Perfect For Politicians

Mobile exhibition units are perfect vehicles for politicians to use when they are campaigning. The mobile exhibition units have the advertisement logo of the company that rents it painted all over the side so that people cannot miss seeing it.

Reflections on the Ummah-Nation-State Divide

Hopefully, this essay will provide some food for thought as we begin the arduous process of rethinking many of the fundamental ideas and institutions that developed during an age that is rapidly drawing to a close. As that age expires, many of the ideas accompanying it must be allowed to expire with

Umpiring A Gigantic Exercise

The men, the machines and the rest of the logistics behind Elections 2009, added up to an extraordinary exercise.

What is Voter Initiative and Referendum?

Voter Initiative and Voter Referendum are two ways citizens can exert their power over the government. Unfortunately there is no national voter initiative or referendum process and not every state has decided to allow their voters to practice it either.

North Korea Is Up To Something Strange

The North Koreans have conducted some provacative actions lately. These actions seem to be random but I believe that there is a method to their madness.

Senator Jon Kyl's Diehard Opposition to Online Poker Ends

Senator John Kyl, has stopped opposing the Treasury nominations as a first sign of softening stand against online Gaming. Poker and Gaming lovers see this as a big step towards legalizing online poker in US.

State Bar Secrecy Rooted in America's Secret Societies

"In politics," Franklin D. Roosevelt once commented, "Nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned. These words of wisdom from one of America's most popular Presidents, are part of a fast growing body of knowledge which confirms that a few elite bankers

Do You Know The Demands Of Aam Aadmi Party

Nothing in this world is perfect. And when we talk about the Indian electoral system or the political structure or even the present governance of India, it can be easily concluded that they are far away from what we call perfection.

End Gerrymandering!

An argument that it is possible to remove ALL human interaction from the congressional redistricting process. Nationwide gerrymandered districts has given us congressional reelection rates of 99%, instead of more normal rates of 50 or 60%.This should be of serious concern. The fact that a great many

Public Speaking Won' t Kill You Planning Is Better Than Being Afraid

This is a basic article about public speaking. In it, we'll discover what public speaking is, and some of the preparations for a speech. We'll conclude with a couple of tips to have the most nervous of public speakers looking like a polished speaker even if it's your first time!

Is the Economy Getting Better - The Truth

With so much misleading news, it is easy to get even the simplest questions convoluted and confused. Is the economy getting better? You need to know the truth. In this article we will simplify this question breaking it down with the most basic answers.

Rules About Polling Place Advertising

Laws exist to prevent advertising for candidates at a polling america image by Pix by Marti from Fotolia.comWhen voters go to the polls for elections there are rules that vary by state that regulate the act of electioneering. Electioneering is the act of advertising or...

The False Promise Of Ethanol

The article deals with the efficiency of ethanol as motor fuel and with its ability to contribute to a reduction in global warming. Fossil fuels are the major contributors to global warming and resulting climate change. They must be replaced by carbon-neutral motor fuels very soon. Ethanol is being

Antique History, Democracy -Slow Boat To China

Ancient Greece was that brilliant first burst of democracy. Men could be free to speak their minds. And young America emerged seeing the democracy of Greek as superior to the Caesar of Rome, as exists in China today. But how you going to keep them back in the yurt, once they have seen Shanghai? Or A

How To Make Tehran Listen

Stopping Iran's nuclear activity is an urgent necessity, especially, since Iran's theocracy is now controlling parts of Iraq and intervenes to a large extent in Lebanon and Palestine. This is a regime that has waged war against its own people by suppressing them. It is obvious that if this