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How to Display Military Flags

Whether you're displaying your flags on a national holiday or simply want to honor those who have served, it's important to know how to properly display the national or military colors. The U.S. flag code states that "the flag represents a living country and is itself considered a living thing" (see

Veterans Administration Benefit Law

In 1789 when the United States Constitution was ratified, the federal government assumed responsibility for paying pensions to soldiers who had been seriously injured fighting the Revolutionary War. Since then, the United States has always tried to make provisions for its veterans.

Please, Sir, I Want Some More Troops

On matters such as whether to spend $800 billion on "stimulus" projects, $1 trillion on health care "reform," or billions of dollars to build stadiums in the "city" of Chicago, President Obama is all about the now.When it comes to approving a months-old request from his

The History of Firefighter Uniforms

Relating the history of the firefighting uniform, this article travels the spectrum from the changes implemented in the helmet and protective gear from the 1800s to today. These innovations are also tied to a rich tradition within the family of American firefighters.

Overwhelming Force and Superior Numbers in War Strategy Debated

There have been many solid military geniuses in human history, and one of my favorites to study is Alexander the Great who easily conquered the weak and pathetic Persian Empire of the time. He did it so swiftly it was as if they gave it to him. But that Old Persian Empire was full of hubris, pride,

The History of Air Force Uniforms

The United States Air Force became its own separate branch of the U.S. military on Sept. 18, 1947. The planning and preliminary design for the first Air Force uniform began two years earlier.

How to Use a Dueling Dreidel

Anyone who has ever been involved in the Jewish community can probably tell you how to play the dreidel game. Spin the little wooden top around, and when it lands on a symbol, you either collect from the pot (often composed of fake coins or small pieces of candy) or add to the kitty. The dreidel has

What Are the Triplet Towers?

The Triplet Towers is the nickname for the three office and retail skyscrapers the developer is building at ground zero in New York City as part of the new World Trade Center (WTC) complex. Larry Silverstein, the developer, is working with the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey to develop the a

How to Survive Marine Basic Training

Marine basic training, also known as boot camp, is an intensive training period where recruits are taught the essentials of tactics, weapons handling and survival skills. This is the first step that separates the men from the boys. If you don't succeed in boot camp you won't be able to cut it as a M

How to Understand the Bill of Rights

The first 10 amendments to the U.S. Constitution are known as the Bill of Rights. They are concise, but wield great authority and power.

Salary & Benefits of the Executive Branch

The executive branch, while based heavily around the activities of the president of the U.S., is actually one of the largest organizations in the country. Employees can work for one or many administrations. The salaries and benefits through life reflect this service.

Uniforms of the German Army in 1918

At the beginningI of World War I, the German army was still using uniforms that reflected an older, more ornamental time. By 1918, the German army's uniforms were functional, warm, effective garments designed to provide protection from the harsh elements of trench warfare. Constant supply problems

Meals Ready to Eat - Q and A About the History of Military Daily Food Rations

Meals Ready to Eat have developed over a long history starting in the early days of America. Many soldiers do not know where MRE's come from or why they are designed the way they are. Here are some answers about the history of the military food rations given to soldiers in field situations.

How to Identify the Steps That Led Up to the Spanish-American War

As with most wars, the steps that led to the Spanish-American War started years before the first shot was fired. Wars arise from a variety of different reasons -- the actions of each country played just as much of a role as the political, economic and cultural climates of the countries. So, to ident

Morale Boosters: Feed the Troops First

When economic conditions turn tough or when the heavy work load seems never-ending, leaders tend to forget the basicsbuilding commitment beyond the paycheck.Its the small things everyday that can bring down morale and its the small things everyday that can raise performance. Learn to quickly boost m

Warrior Mentality

What is the mind set of train military personnel? How does this affect the lives of military personnel and their families? Learn from a retired military Master Chief.

How to Obtain the 1960 Military Transfer Records for My Father

Official military personnel records may only be obtained either by the veteran or by next of kin if the veteran is no longer alive. Obtaining a father's military transfer records involves gathering some basic information about the person who served in the military then filing paperwork with The Nati

Life on Post-Movie Theatre Diversions

No Army post was complete without a movie theater to provide a diversion from the regimens of post life. And for Military Brats growing up in the Cold War, theaters provide an escape from reality and a chance to be kids, as long as we behaved ourselves, that is.