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What Is Army Casual Pay?

Among the many privileges assigned to members of the United States Army is a service known as casual pay. To obtain casual pay, a person must consult his office of financial services.

Men Like General David Petraeus

You can't teach at West Point without being duly prejudice in favor of the culminate goal of the U.S. military, embodied in the word "Pentagon," which is the implementation of unilateral presidential foreign policy, whether good or bad.

When Unsure Of An ASVAB Question - Guess With A Purpose

Just because you don't know the answer to a specific ASVAB question does not mean you will get it wrong. In this article I show you not only why you should guess on questions you don't know, but also HOW to guess to improve your chances of getting it right. Taking your exam with a mix of c

USMC Force Recon Requirements

The Marine Corps is an integral part of America's military strength.Marine Corp Memorial image by dwight9592 from Fotolia.comIn the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, the use of special operation forces has been greatly increased by the United States military. The Marine Corps was directed by...

What are the Air Force & Navy Recruitment Requirements?

Applicants to the Navy and Air Force must pass strict requirements.officer image by Snezana Skundric from Fotolia.comBoth the Air Force and the Navy need personnel who have strong aptitudes in science and math. Those who hope to have a career in either of these two services will have to...

5 Top Careers a Veteran Should Consider

Veterans have numerous skills, training, and abilities to offer their civilian employers. Military personnel learn to work under strict policies and accomplish their tasks in conditions that are often less than favorable. This is why it is no surprise that civilian employers jump at the chance to br

Major Battles in South Carolina During the American Civil War

Though the first shots of the American Civil War were fired in South Carolina, it did not see many battles. Most of those were fought in Virginia, where the Confederates and Union forces concentrated their major armies. Many of the battles in South Carolina, both ground and naval, were centered aro

Vietnam Vets Benefits

After the Vietnam War, returning soldiers were, in many cases, not given the enthusiastic "Welcome home!" that they deserved. Due to the widespread unpopularity of the war, many in America confused their opposition for the conflict with their feelings for those who had fought it. For a few years af

China's New Aircraft Carrier - It's Big I'll Give You That!

Well, when China bought the used aircraft carrier from the Ukrainian government they said they were only buying it for scrap metal and there were going to recycle it. Now then, I don't believe anyone in the intelligence community or our military bought that line for a second. Although I did rec

Tactical Knives

Tactical knife (also known as a fighting knife or a combat knife) refers to a type of knife that was originally meant for use in the military and in combat but has since morphed into other uses. The tactical knife is built in a way that makes it ideal for cutting branches and leaves, clearing paths

Memories of My Army and Vietnam Experiences - Part 2

In September 1964 I started my two year Army commitment. At that time there was about 15,000 U. S. Troops in Vietnam and I should have seen what was coming. After completing airborne school in December 1964 I was ready to begin my assignment as a platoon leader in a "Float Bridge" Company.

Development of the Old West

The history and development of the western plains of the United States is a story of transition. For what was once a land inhabited by a large number of Indian tribes is now part of a thriving and industrial country that stretches from coast to coast.

Definition of "OFAC"

"OFAC" is an acronym for the Office of Foreign Assets Control. It is an agency of the United States Department of the Treasury, which administers and enforces the United States' economic and trade sanctions.

The Only Victoria Cross of 6th June 1944

Hollis was a seasoned veteran who had previously seen action at Dunkirk, El Alamein and Sciliy. He'd already been taken prisoner by Rommel's Afrika Korps but had managed to get away to rejoin the war.

Navy Reserve Physical Fitness Requirements

Naval reserve fitness requirements are the same as the regular navy granite image by jimcox40 from Fotolia.comAll Navy reserve personnel must pass all the same physical requirements as regular Navy personnel. Each sailor is given a body fat test, and tested for endurance and...

What is a Sin Tax?

Sin taxes have been around since the 1600s in America and were originally attempts to modify what those in authority viewed as sinful behaviors. Today they are primarily used to tax alcohol, tobacco, gambling and pornography.

Definition of a Search & Destroy Mission

The search and destroy mission is a United States military operation developed during the Vietnam War. The term and concept have entered into the mainstream of American culture since that infamous era.

High Tech Warfare - This Is Not Your Fathers Military

The philosophy and basic strategies are still the same but the days of Sun Tzu and Carl von Clausewitz are out the window as the modern battlespace takes shape. Sure there are still tactics such as use of decoys, deception and the element of surprise, but today the SAM sites, mobile missile launcher

Preparing For Bootcamp by Knowing What to Expect

Preparing for bootcamp does not only mean that you have to be physically fit, you also have to be mentally prepared to take on the challenge. This also means that you have to read about certain things to expect so that you'll know how to handle the situation when you are confronted with it.