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Soldier Care Packages - What to Pack and Why

Support the troops is a phrase that bandied about so easily and carelessly these days that it's almost lost its meaning.One of the best ways to truly let the service men and women who are serving in the military is with the personal touch of soldier care packages.

The History of Military Pay Raises

Military pay raises have been debated throughout American history. During and after the Revolutionary War, the Continental Congress passed rudimentary laws regarding service pensions, which were administered by individual states. However, as the nation grew, the federal government developed and auth

Military Boarding Schools

Many people still consider a military boarding school is meant for troublesome teens. However, these schools have changed their mission, and have become great institutions that foster learning and growth in young people through discipline and hard work. There aim is to create young leaders who have

The Many Uses of Custom Army Dog Tags

Specialized single dog tags have been a style trend on a lot of teenagers and young adults. These types of gadgets are easily associated with military men in view that the original military dog tags used to serve as identity tags for soldiers of the Civil War. Today, authentic dog tags are worn and

War Memorial Cleaning and Repair for the Centennial Commemoration

War memorials are a topical subject as the centennial commemoration of the start of World War I is on the 4th August 2014. War memorials are in almost every village and town the UK and there are approximately 54,000 shared by our communities nationwide. Seen as a monument to the great sacrifice made

Good Guys, Bad Guys, Good Spies, and Sequestration Demise

Not long ago, I was reading an interesting article which discussed how the sequestration might lead to more loose lips and potentially sunken ships. You see, when defense contractors cut back there will be too many folks, spies, able to infiltrate their way into the system. They might work for a sof

Information on Military Rank Structure

The military includes the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard. Each branch uses a military ranking structure similar to a business management structure that notes entry level to top ranking individuals.

Proper Salute

The salute is a form of greeting conducted between two military persons. A salute indicates that the two parties respect each other. Civilians should not salute those who are in the military; it is a privilege between military persons.

What Is the Income of an Astronaut?

In 1962, John Glenn became the first American to be launched into space, setting forth a rapid succession of flights culminating in a lunar landing seven years later. Through the intervening years, hundreds of men and women have voyaged into space, temporarily freeing themselves of the surly bonds o

What Kind of Life Could a Military Family Experience in Iceland?

A family serving in the military and living in Iceland can have many unexpected experiences.The weather is severe, the rules the Icelandic Government enforces are strict and the experiences leave a lasting impression on the mind.Severe living conditions, breaking the law, and limited social interact

How to Make the Ancient Castle Appear in "Pokemon White"

If you want to acquire a fossil or capture a ghost-type Pokemon, the "Relic Castle" is the place to go. This location in the Nintendo DS role playing game "Pokemon White" is also known as the "Ancient Castle" and you can find it in the desert resort area. While it makes

VA Mortgage Loan Guidelines

A veteran who has faithfully served his country may be eligible for a Veterans Administration mortgage loan. The purpose of this type of loan is to make it easier for the veteran to purchase a home with a more favorable set of terms and approval process. The loan is guaranteed by the government. In

A Quick Overview of the US Armed Forces

The United States divides its military forces into five services.The Army is the largest and is intended to be the primary ground combat force.The Navy is in charge of operations at sea and includes a powerful air component.The Air Force is the youngest service and is in charge of aerial operations.

A Wise Nation Lets Others Fight Their Wars for Them

Not long ago, I was considering some philosophy from a fellow think tank member. He indicated to me that the wisest of all nations is able to let others do their fighting for them. In other words, do what you have to do behind the scenes, and don't get in a direct confrontation unless you have

Military Recruiting Standards

If you want to join the military, there are military recruiting standards that you must adhere to for acceptance. Physical and mental health are important as well as your aptitude to be successful in a military career.

Air Force Fitness Requirements

Before 2004, the Air Force used to measure fitness by having airmen ride a bike and measuring their oxygen levels. Nowadays, the Air Force fit test resembles Army testing. Airmen are now checked for aerobic fitness, muscle strength and overall body composition.