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What Was the Purpose of the Acropolis?

While the Acropolis in Athens, Greece lies in ruins today, it provides valuable insight into ancient Greek architecture, sculpture, and religious practices. However, while most people associate the Acropolis with the structure known as the Parthenon, the Acropolis is actually a hill made up of sever

Assistance for Widows of Veterans

According to a 2005 report by Knight Ridder Newspapers, nearly two million veterans or their widows are missing out on billions of dollars in pensions and other benefits, simply because they don't know the aid is available. However, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) offers a range of assistanc

Types of Medieval Shields

The triangular shield was not always bent; some were flat.croatian shield image by Dubravko Grakalic from Fotolia.comWarfare and battle were common in the average life of a medieval man. Whether you were fighting a land feud in medieval Iceland or fighting a war on the banks of the River...

Boater Safety in North Carolina

The state of North Carolina maintains certain safety and educational requirements of anyone who wishes to operate a boat within the state. Failure to comply will result in penalties and may result in an accident.

Army Regulations for Unit Pay

Army regulations for military pay help dictate financial and accounting dollar symbols image by Brent Walker from Fotolia.comTo guide soldiers and civilians in their daily duties, entitlements and responsibilities, the army has regulations. Military pay is a complicated...

What is an Army motor pool?

An Army motor pool is a designated area where Army units park their vehicles between operations. These designated areas are usually fenced in and patrolled by guards who control access through a central gate.

Timeline For World War 2 - Contributing Factors in the Early Days

While the second World War officially began on September 3, 1939, the timeline for WWII traces all the way back to the end of the First World War.After Germany's first overwhelming defeat, the Treaty of Versailles was signed to officially end the War. Because of the extensive damage caused at l

Are You Projecting Your Voice or Shouting?

I had a wonderful experience recently as the proud parent of an officer in training in the United States Army. 137 young men and women were given their branching orders. They walked onto the stage alone, faced the audience and said "I'm Intermediate Officer Candidate," followed by the

Musing on Missiles

When you drive through a Minuteman missile field, you would be hard pressed to realize it. Every one of the six missile fields is spread over tens of thousands of square miles. The missile silos and the launch control centers are all buried underground, and any of their distinguishing features are h

The History of Whaling Ships

Whaling boats and ships have been used by the whaling industry from the mid-17th century to about 1920, with the use of such ships peaking in the mid-1850s. Whaling boats originated as small, shore-hugging craft used by colonists and Native Americans. Watercraft later evolved into ships with onboard

Marine Basic Training Marksmanship Badge Requirements

An essential part of basic training for the United States Marine Corps is qualification with the M16 standard infantry rifle. A Marine's proficiency is recognized by the Rifle Marksmanship Badge. Marines usually qualify annually, but their first shot at being awarded the rifle badge is during basic

How to Make a Ruffled Civil War Gown

During the Civil War, women wore Victorian hoop skirts and dresses. Hoops were long and full, with the hoop often extending farther in the back than in the front. Wealthy women of this era wore many different dresses throughout the day. A morning dress was simpler with a plainer fabric, a walking dr

The History of Public Libraries

The earliest public library was founded in Alexandria, Egypt, around 300 BCE. With the development of the printing press centuries later, literacy increased and books became more easily affordable. With increased literacy came increased desire for knowledge, and public libraries became an important

How to Do Multiplayer Nazi Zombies in World at War

In "Call of Duty: World at War," there are a number of ways to play with another player both on and offline. When players unlock the game's "Nazi Zombie" mode, there's even more incentive to join with other players to see how long you can survive the incoming horde of zombies. There are several opti

Advice in Surviving Marine Boot Camp

Surviving Marine boot camp can truly be the greatest achievement in your life, it is something that you really should be proud of. They say that the Marine Corps boot camp is the closest thing to a hard labor prison.

How to Put an Army Promotion Packet Together

Your unit announces a promotion board, and generates a list of recommended Soldiers. You're recommended. Once you complete your promotion packet, how is it supposed to look? It doesn't matter what you've accomplished, or how strong your packet becomes. An Army promotion board could re

Peasant Farmers in Medieval Times

Medieval Europe was a very different place from that envisioned in children's daydreams of knights and kings. In fact, medieval society was largely dependent on its lowest class, that of peasant farmers. The lives of these peasants was hard and often short. England, Ireland, France, Germany and many