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The Perils Of i Love You Wills

Do you and your spouse have “I Love You” Wills?You know, simple wills that mirror each other, leaving all your possessions outright to your spouse?

The Appointment of an Arbitrator in Dispute Resolution

The basis for arbitration is an agreement between disputing parties to submit the dispute to resolution by arbitration, where an arbitrator is appointed and has legal authority to act.The disputing pa

How To Select An Employment Attorney? Adhere To These Pointers

Litigations and disputes related to employment are extremely complex that is why finding the ideal employment lawyer is of paramount importance. When it comes to this matter, not all lawyers can help you out. To be sure that the lawyer that you are choosing will represent you effectively, you should

Alimony and Child Support in the Florida State

Divorce between a couple with children automatically requires the discussion and arrangement of alimony and child custody. Panama City, Florida ranked highest in the survey for most divorce cases in 2

Surprising Work for a Trademark Attorney

A trademark attorney spends a good part of this day assisting clients in registering their signature logos or trademark phrases. But they also deal in patents and intellectual property as well. And sometimes, they are ...

Which Judgments To Take?

What helps to predict the chance that a judgment might be recovered? The answer determines both the possible cash upfront value of typical judgments and/or their chances for recovery. These are the top seven factors in determining a judgment's potential value:

Real Estate Law: Finding The Right Firm

Law firm provides highest quality legal services including Debt collection & litigation Services, mortgage enforcement laws ,civil suit, legal wills, Bankruptcy and Insolvency Lawyers.

Get Background Checks on Individuals - Safety Procedure

Background checks have been difficult to do in the past because you have to employ the services of individuals or companies to do these for you.And results are not as fast and up to date as what our current system provides.

Identity Theft - The Problem That Just Won't Go Away

Identity theft is serious, and it's something that every individual, business, nonprofit, and government agency must be concerned with, it's up to YOU to take responsibility to protect yourself and learn what's needed to secure your data, banking information, passwords, personal infor

Statistics For Lawyers And Other Good Reads

Statistics for lawyers is a book that is designed to introduce the students of law, the teachers, the practitioners and the judges to the basic mathematical statistical ideas as they are applied in the law. ...

Changes to Australian Safety - Work Health Safety Act 2011 Requirements

The Work Health and Safety Bill 2011 and Occupational Health and Safety Amendment Bill 2011 were passed by the Lower and Upper House of NSW Parliament on June 1 2011. The Work Health and Safety Act 2011 incorporated the following changes to the existing Act from January 1 2012.

Legally Speaking: DUI breath test law under fire

In this article, we will discuss why this subject is so important and how you can benefit from this information. An all-out violence on the dignity's new DUI breath test law is underway and and ...