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Construction Warranties In New York, Sometimes Less Is More

Any property owner considering construction work will want reassurance that the work will be done well, and will be free of defects for a specified time frame. Many contractors even include a warranty clause in their contract, but what is provided and what may be available under New York law are two

What Are Immigration Appeals in Canada Like?

If you are interested in immigrating to Canada from the US, it can sometimes be a difficult process. Many attempts often end with a refusal, but that does not that mean that you have completely ...

New York Gun Crime Defense-avoiding Stiff Penalties!

How New York Gun Crime Defense Can Help You Avoid Stiff PenaltiesThere has recently been a court decision which could have a major impact on New York gun crime defense in New York City and statewide. In NY, the penalties for gun crimes are severe and are always getting tougher. And they are also ver

Online Criminal Record Search

In the past, people automatically thought about going to local police offices to do some research whenever they are in doubt about the identity and profile of another individual. Of course, most people preferred this option back then because this helped them get accurate details without having to sp

Getting Tipped about Eviction Proceedings in NYC

Despite a lease being in effect, a landlord can initiate eviction proceedings against the tenant for certain reasons. It is important for one to be educated about the legal procedure in landlord-tenan

Making the Case - Using a Receiver to Sell Real Property to Satisfy a Judgment

The statutory remedy of selling real property under a writ of execution provides a strict but orderly process that a judgment creditor may follow toward satisfaction of the judgment. However, judgment creditors may consider the process to be too complex and the cost prohibitive in light of the nebul

Criminal Court Records Searches

Criminal court records are a great resource if you are concerned over the background of any individual that you may be in contact with. They contain information concerning any convictions a person may have for criminal offenses committed in the past, and can help you to safeguard yourself, your prop

Right To Existence For All

A Qdro form.but what is a Qdro actually; the abbreviation is defines as a Qualified Domestic Relations Order. It is actually an order which is related to domestic relations and which in a way educates ...

Obtain Public Birth Records For Anyone

I will discuss to you how you can obtain public birth records, through this article. With this, you can easily get those birth certificates easily.