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Sotomayor Defining Question

A political cartoon about President Obama's nomination of Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court.

Micromanaging the War

An editorial cartoon about the Iraq war and the showdown between President Bush and Congress.

New Chapter

A political cartoon depicting Barack Obama starting a new chapter after the disastrous Bush years.

I Must Have Laughter Or I Must Cease To Live

I work in the humor and cartooning business. Even today, when someone laughs due to something "I did", I fell a twinge of second or third grade guilt."Why can't you focus on your math Ricky? Laughter will get you nowhere in life. Laugh will" said a very good teacher with no

New York Is The Safest Big City; Now, That's Scary

New York has just been ranked as the safest of America's ten biggest cities in 2005, where, according to the FBI, about one crime was reported for every 37 people. This is the second year in a row that New York has been named America's safest big city. How scary is that?

Dr. Obama

A political cartoon about Dr. Obama and the political fallout from health care reform.

CDC Protocols

A political cartoon about the CDC handling of public health emergencies.

Entertaining Activities to Do Using a Boat

Doing water activities alone is an excellent pastime activity. Striking the stream using a sunny day is usually a great way to take advantage of the day. Nonetheless, soon after a week with your motorboat ...

Last Comic Standing Profile

Read about the NBC reality series Last Comic Standing, which features hundreds of amateur stand-up comedians vying for the title of America's favorite comic.

The Four Letters Between PG & R

When you're a kid, there are certain words you dare not say. Swear words, my mother called them, cuss words. Today, my kids call them "daddy words." You can probably figure out why.


A John McCain poster parody featuring the word 'fear.'

Cisco Ccna Exam - 10 Fatal Mistakes To Avoid

I can speak with some authority on exam mistakes because over the past 8 years I have made most of them myself.I have taken a lot of IT exams since I left the police including Comptia exams, the MCSE, CCNA and the CCNP among a few others.The problem is that there are factors both outside and inside

Adult costumes

Are you looking to get tongues wagging at your upcoming fancy dress party? Well get set to shock with our suggestions on adult costumes. There are some fantastic adult costumes to make a grand entrance ...


Celebrities make good Halloween characters especially the most famous ones. The likes of Elvis, Marilyn and Michael Jackson are all perennial characters that make good Halloween costumes. With the mor