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McCain Accomplished

An editorial cartoon about John McCain winning the Republican presidential nomination.

World's Policeman

A political cartoon about America's attempts to be the world's policeman with the intervention in Syria.

Healthcare Lobbyists

A political cartoon about the role of healthcare lobbyists killing healthcare reform.

Top 5 Ways To Decrease Your Productivity

Why do we work? We work because greedy people need us to help them buy nice things and feel a sense of self importance. In fact, that is their sole reason for existence.

I'm With Stupid

A funny picture of an anti-gay protester being mocked.

Funny Political Protest Signs

A roundup of the funny political protest signs from recent years, including memorable signs from the Rally to Restore Sanity, the Tea Party rallies, and other demonstrations.

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (NY)

BROOKLYN, NY - It was discovered, last Monday, that a tree has grown in Brooklyn, NY. Amazed residents stared dumbfounded at the three-year-old sapling. Two girls discovered the North American Honey Birch (Honeyus Bircheus) on the way to school.

It's Not If, It's Sven

'I've got a lot of time for 'let's do it again' Sven.England rose from 17th to 4th in the FIFA world rankings under the Swede's tutelage, and he managed to orchestrate this transformation while planting his pole more than Sergey Bubka.The 2/1 for Manchester City finishi

Afghanistan Surge

A political cartoon about the shaky ground for the Afghanistan surge.

The Gay Agenda

A funny protest sign exposing the real gay agenda.