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Socially relevant content through the right medium

The internet has become a brilliant way to communicate with people all over the world. In the past two decades, the internet has grown tremendously. With every passing day, technology is improving the

Importance of Organic baby shower gift basket for kids

A various types of organic baby shower gift basket are very much exciting gift for small babies for kids. To make some good overview about organic baby shower gift is so much beneficial gift items for

3D Animation Is Worth Your Career

Animation industry is booming nowadays as it has forayed into many professions and many fields. There has been advancement in the technology which has resulted in the improvement in this computer graphics. This profession requires ...

Spooky And Frightful Halloween Decorations

Halloween is just round the corner and time is running out for making your plans and arrangements for Halloween decorations. Whether or not you need to enhance your porch or backyard or your hall exactly where you're preparing to set up the Halloween celebration


A funny demotivational poster about the power of stupid people in large groups.

How To Achieve Happiness

If somebody would ask now: €What makes you happy?€ Perhaps some of us say that a vacation, a new car, less body fat, a new job. But does happiness depend only on the external circumstances ...


A political cartoon about Sarah Palin's ghostwhiner.

Global Cooling Might Make Arizona a Skating Rink for Caribou

The real problem with global warming is that global warming will lead to global cooling and to the next Ice Age. Soon we will have the Caribou that live in Canada migrating down to live in the Arizona desert or maybe trampling folks coming to Arizona from the other direction? Global warming alarmist

PowerPuff Portrait Studio and More Funny Web Sites

Design your PowerPuff Girl or Boy portrait in this Funny Site of the Day collection with Martha Stewart Humor and Prison Living - Real Stupid News - Mr Picassohead - Scoob-Doo 2 Monsters Unleashed - Liberty Meadows Uncensored Comic Strips - Computer Knowledge Emoticons

Are You Serious?

Desperate to not think, not write and not hear about the Presidential Race I scoured the news for stories that would amuse, or force me to shake my head in wonder instead of disgust.I found three such gems.A car thief in Salinas California was recently bested by yet another criminal.

Iraq Standoff

A funny cartoon about President Bush's standoff with the Democrats over Iraq.

Do You Know How To Tell Jokes?

Be as happy as you can—only then can you spread happiness to others.The following is the Ten Principles of telling a joke.

The Audacity of Voters

A political cartoon about voters returning to the GOP after learning nothing.

Ghosts Around

This is a small article narrating a funny instance among the friends in a college hostel. The story discusses about people's views regarding the existence of ghosts. Here I am trying to find a logical explanation for some type of ghostly experience which you might have heard from your friends.