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How to First Enter the US After Getting a Green Card

A permanent resident card, also known as a "green card" due to its color, is proof of your ability to work and live in the United States. There are several ways to obtain a green card. For example, a U.S. citizen or company may sponsor you, or you may have refugee or asylum status. Once you obtain y

How To Move To The Netherlands - What You Need To Know Before Trying To Move

How to move to The Netherlands? By now you probably are expecting that moving from one country to another will be a bit more difficult than just moving down the road. You are correct, but whether you are moving to Amsterdam or The Hague, the process is similar and is not all that difficult, once you

Why Do People Get a Fiancée Visa or Marriage Visa?

The fiancée visa (also called a marriage visa) is used when a current United States citizen becomes engaged to someone from another country. This non-immigrant visa allows the fiancée to come to the U.S. before the wedding actually occurs. In this article, everything applies to a "fianc&#x

How Quebec Business Programs Help One Get Canadian PR!

Quebec is one of the most popular provinces of Canada. Many overseas aspirants across the world wish to migrate to this beautiful land with the purpose of obtaining permanent residence status in the country. If you also have the same objective, then applying for Quebec immigration under the Business

Are You a Good Candidate for American Citizenship?

One of the requirements is proof of unlawful, continuous residence in the United States. Once you are a permanent resident, you will be asked to present the I-551 Alien Registration Receipt Card, also

Immigrant Visa and K-1 Visa Processing Issues

This article was written in an attempt to provide a brief overview of some of the issues associated with processing a K-1 visa, CR-1 visa, or IR-1 visa. Many individuals have misimpressions about how the United States visa acquisition process works. Some belabor under the mistaken assumption that th

How Do I Apply for Any Type of Citizenship If I'm an Illegal Alien?

Naturalization is the process by which aliens obtain citizenship. In the United States, there is only one kind of citizenship. However, the United States does allow immigrant and nonimmigrant visa-holders to reside in the country legally. If you are an illegal alien, you must leave the country and t

Thai Marriage - Visa Application Inside Thailand

Are you married to a Thai? Or contemplating on marrying a Thai? Live in Thailand with your Thai spouse through a Thai marriage visa. Learn the requirements and the process of obtaining a yearly renewable marriage visa in Thailand.

Decoding Canada Federal Skilled Worker Visa

To pocket the Canada Federal Skilled Worker Visa the candidates must prove that they cater to the minimum given visa requirements--such as work experience, an offer of job offer from a Canada-based jo

A New Route to US Residency for Professionals?

The Administrative Appeals Office of US Immigration and Citizenship Service has rendered a decision that potentially opens up another avenue for US permanent residency.This article discusses the decision and explores its implication for similar cases.