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Neptune Into Pisces - The Calm Before The Storm

When Pluto changed signs from Sagittarius into Capricorn in November 2008, we saw the beginning of the Cardinal Climax. When outer planets change sign you can expect to see changes on a global level. Uranus changed signed on March 12th 2011 when it went into Aries - only a day before we saw the trag

Crystals For Capricorn Moon Sign

Carrying or wearing a Snow Quartz gives you the support you need, so you are not burdened down with your baggage and taps you into your inner wisdom. It also assists you in accomplishing your obligations smoothly and lets you feel your need of being useful and needed.

God the Astrologer

For He gave us the lights and (near) heavens (and much more) for SIGNS and seasons. To acknowledge and embrace the seasons which can mean life or death, and despise and discredit the SIGNS is not only the height of folly, it is an insult to purpose.

Know More About Vedic Astrology- Part 1

Vedic Astrology is the study of positions of heavenly bodies like Sun, Moon, Mars etc. with respect to the zodiac and the interpretation of the effect of such heavenly bodies on the events in earth in the life of an individual or a country or the whole world.

Tarot Decks

Tarot deck is a set of cards, usually, seventy-eight in number, that contains cards divided according to their meanings. Some tarot decks may have a different number of cards, but seventy-eight cards are considered a standard number among contemporary decks. The Rider-Waite Tarot deck is one of the

Remembering Our Superior Inner Journey, The Month of Capricorn 2014-15

WELCOMING WINTER'S WISDOM! Happy Solstice! When our Sun enters a cardinal sign, it is astrological "law" that we naturally lead off into another season. As we honor our Sun's entrance into Capricorn The Goat -who asks for our earthly leadership - we can expect our time here to be

How To Get Back With Your Ex?

A big no-no is to shout at him and blame him - those will not score you any points. Just by being happy and confident is attractive enough. They create the strongest foundation for you to get your ex back again.

Aquarius Horoscope 2013

Aquarius is one of the most productive signs. 2013 looks like a pretty simple start, but it won't be long before things get crazier than you would have imagined. There's going to be ups and downs this year and you must remind yourself that you need to relax a little in what you do. Don&apo

A Brief Introduction to the Planets in Astrology

In our solar system there are nine known major planets, and thousands of minor ones which we call asteroids. Planets orbit the Sun, and the orbit of a planet is called its cycle. The planets are at different distances from the Sun and so it follows that, from the Earth's perspective, they vary

Sagittarius 2015 - 2016 Horoscope

You have favourable aspects with Uranus to your Sun until 2019, and Jupiter is in a Fire sign until August 11th which makes a wonderful grand trine in the heavens. This bodes well for success and recognition for you. Neptune, however, is in square aspect to your sign until 2026 which can indicate mi

Numerology of the Kennedy Plague and JFK Assassination

The Kennedy family, an iconic American institution, was plagued by tragedy. Among their tribulations, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States, was assassinated on 22 November 1963 in Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas. What do the Kennedy numbers reveal about their heralded misfort

Astrology - Zodiac Sign Facts

Do you know your zodiac sign?Do you ever wonder why people have certain personality characteristics?These twelve signs could explain these questions and give you insight into your future and your relationships.

Aries Moon Phase Astrological Horoscope

A busy week ahead. This week you focus on your close relations. Family and close relations are much stronger now. You prepare yourself for the coming period during this phase. There could be changes necessary in your job or health routines. You can use this flow of emotional energy to make positive

Numerology's Destiny Number - How You Interact With People

Ultimately, people tend to judge us on how we interact with them; but how many of us can actually say how wework with other people?Numerology can help you find out what your basic approach is to working with others.You just need to Calculate your Destiny number.

Cultural Evolution - The Pluto-Neptune 500 Year Cycle

So much of our time as astrologers is spent on personal application of astrology as natal and predictive charting. We have a variety of tools to choose from, such as progressions, directions, transits, planetary returns, eclipses and lunations. We can lose sight of those larger, longer cycles which

Items To Take Into Account When You Desire To Sell Your Timeshare

If, like most people, you've been affected by the recent and continued economic struggles of our country, you've probably considered selling various assets off to help with cashflow. And if you've got a timeshare, you may have even considered selling this as well, even though you migh