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Personality of the Tiger

Tiger ranks third in 12 Chinese zodiac signs. People born in the Year of Tiger are independent and strong, liking do things alone. They like others to obey them.

Astrology Reveals the Behaviour of Your Employer

People are always unsure about their future but are always eager to figure it out. In this regard, an area that virtually no one can remain untouched of, is the science of your fate - and we popularly call it "astrology".

Zodiac Overview!

The zodiac is recognized as the first known celestial coordinate system. Before looking at what the zodiac is, it is important first to understand what the ecliptic is. the apparent path of the sun across the heavens through the constellation that divide the ecliptic into twelve equal zones of celes

Astrology - A Scientific Outlook

From time immemorial, the concept that celestial bodies in the sky can provide a map of the future has fascinated mankind. Mankind's romance with Astrology ranges from a casual glance at the newspaper's zodiac signs section, to making important decisions in life such as matrimonial, financ

Venus - The Planet of Personal Love

The position of the planet Venus is in the 12 star signs represents the way you express love. We all express love in a different way because as Venus transit around in the horoscope it will go from sign to sign and each sign has a different influence.

Tarot Cards Instructions

First here is some basic tarot card information: tarot cards are not going to predict the future. They aren't going to give you answers from the cosmos. What tarot cards do is speak to your intuition.

Guidelines For Amateur Telescope Making

Amateur telescope making is a fascinating hobby. Telescopes are usually designed to perform particular kinds of work. Some are meant to be used chiefly for photography. In general, for visual work, low-ratio telescopes with their wide fields are useful for comet seeking, variable star work, and the

Richard E. Grant Horoscope

Richard E. Grant is free from ambiguity. Whatever Richard E. Grant speaks it is the truth and nothing but the truth.

Open Mindedness Sessions Using Astrology

I consider myself rational, logical, and aware enough to know when I'm falling short of these golden posts. I am admittedly a little cynical about tarot card readings and clairvoyance (although I do believe there are folks out there with strange abilities), and I wouldn't pay someone to th

Uranus - The Awakener

There's a saying "expect the unexpected" a stupid statement really for how can you 'expect' the 'unexpected?' Uranus in Astrology is the harbinger of change and whenever he enters or leaves a sign it's to your advantage to prepare for 'something' out

Astrology and New Years Resolutions

Why would astrology have anything to do with the old fashion habit of making New Years resolutions? When we look a little deeper into the tradition there is an astrological principle that the New Year is the time to recommit to goals. However as most resolutions are broken by the third week of the y

Riots Worldwide - More To Come?

This weekend, the Wall Street protests went global with demonstrations in many major cities around the world. So far most of the rallies have been small and quite peaceful, but in Rome there were tens of thousands of people who were prepared to be violent to get their point across. From New Zealand,

The Roles of Third House and Mars in Sports-Related Career

Sports are an important way to stardom. Sometimes a good sportsman commands higher brand value compared to a cine star. Cricketers like Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Sachin Tendulkar have bigger brand values than some celebrities of Bollywood. To become a cine star, one should have proper connections in

Moon Goddess's New and Full Moon, November 2010

If you survived Howl-O-Ween's provocative pull and found the saint in you on November 1, All Saints Day, you're ready for the Moon Goddess now. On November 2, 2010, you want to prepare to feel the gravitational pull of the Moon Goddess on her New Moon November 5, 2010.