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Eco Products and Luxury

There is often a misconception that eco friendly products and green ideas somehow means slumming it. Often people are put off looking at eco-friendly products thinking they will end up having to resort to hemp or other uncomfortable natural fibres.

Working as an Independent Contractor

An independent contractor is in business for himself. He's not under the authority of an employer because he is the employer. You may not realize that many individuals we contact on a regular basis are ...

How is Solar Energy Used?

At its most basic level, solar energy is nothing more than radiation from the sun penetrating the Earth's atmosphere.While its basic life giving functions are important, there is so much more we can do with the sun's energy.The most basic way of capturing the sun's energy is something

Architectural Visualisation: the future of design

Architectural visualisation is fast becoming a customary piece to the planning process. We look into why this is the circumstance, as well as what features make 3D renderings specifically advantageous

Pardo Polymer Clay Review

Review of Pardo Clay, polymer clay made malleable with beeswax, and its use for miniatures and dolls house food models.

Power Yourself and Your House

If you know your home is powered the most efficient way possible then you would feel powered as a person! Just knowing you are doing more for the environment than probably 90 percent of the people you know. The world is changing and if we don't do something about it now and about the way that w

Silicon Solar Panels - Still the Most Affordable Solar Technology

With government rebates for solar energy installations in your home, as well as the rising cost of electricity, many people are interested in this environmentally friendly technology. We discuss the development of silicon solar panels in home systems.

Planning Permission Application Case Studies

Welcome to our careful investigation landing page. We have chosen a mixture of our effective applications to show up here for your perusing delight and to provide for you a knowledge into how we funct

Beautify Your Kitchen with Stainless Steel Sink

A present kitchen is without a stainless steel kitchen sink to address its should for the beauty and party. Instead of investing on a sandstone or stone sink to give your kitchen that smart look, ...