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An Overview on Above Ground Swimming Pools

Above ground swimming pools can be a wonderful way for those who do not have a ton of money to enjoy the sparkle of a pool. With the variety of swimming pools that are on the market today, one may have a difficult time deciding which one is right for them and their family. With a little time and res

Finding A Good Pool Maintenance Company

Finding a good pool maintenance company does not have to be hard, you just have to know where to look. Many times, all you have to do is ask around. People might be able to tell you a company that they used and be able to tell you which one is good for you.

Attic Fans Pros & Cons

You can install attic fans directly into the roof.attic window image by green308 from Fotolia.comAttic fans, also called whole house fans, are electric or solar-powered fans that circulate air within an attic to cool a home. Attic fans are installed into the roof or on the side of the...

Flat Fish Tanks

Fish tanks come in a huge variety of sizes and shapes. A recent fad is a flat tank that can be hung on a wall, much like a flat panel television. What do you think? Should fish be hung on a wall?

How to Open a Pool That Has Green Algae

When you open your pool in the spring after it has been closed for the winter, you might notice some green algae floating around. The pool water may even be green. Don't worry, it happens to everyone who has a pool. You do need to know how to properly open a pool that has green algae so that you can

Considerations Before Buying Indoor Hot Tubs

An indoor hot tub can provide you with a lot of additional privacy and also enable you to use your hot tub every season out of the year. If you are one who is considering the benefits of hot tubs indoors, then there are a few things you should know before you make the decision to buy an hot tub for

Hog-Nosed Brochis

A profile of the Hog-Nosed Brochis (Brochis multiradiatus), including habitat, care, feeding, and breeding.

Pool Filter Considerations

This is going to sound redundant: Pool filters, filter out debris and dirt from the water. Without a proper system installed the quality of swimming fun will be greatly diminished. When installing a filter, size does matter, something that wasn't largely understood in the late seventies and ear

How to Clean Cloudy Glassware

Cloudy glassware is a fact of life for people who have hard water in their homes. Hard water contains a high mineral content that includes calcium and magnesium, among other metals. This abundance of minerals in the water can cause deposits to adhere to glassware when running the dishwasher. The sam

How Do I Patch a Hole in a Pool Liner in the Deep End of a Pool?

After you have discovered that your vinyl pool liner is leaking, you will need to patch the torn area immediately. If it is not repaired as soon as it is noticed, the tear will spread, causing repair to be difficult, and will most likely need to be replaced altogether. To repair the patch, you can p

How to Make Your Own Disco Party Dance Floor

Dance parties are not complete without a disco dance floor. Fortunately, you can build one with a few hours of work by following the steps below. All you need is some hardware, old or unused CDs, and strobe lights to create the effect of a 1970's disco party, and your guests will be able to dance th


acuminate - A definition of the aquarium term acuminate

Your Guide To Daily, Weekly And Monthly Swimming Pool Maintenance

If you have a swimming pool, you know it's one of the greatest ways to beat the summer heat. It is also an asset to your home and it can add to the value of your home's resale value. While it's a joy to own one, there is a lot of responsibility when it comes to maintenance and upkeep.

Should You Choose an Above Ground Swimming Pool Pump?

A swimming pool is fun to have but it requires a lot of effort and quality to maintain. For your pool to remain as enticing as it truly is here are some helpful, relevant information for you to consider. Importance of a Pool Pump A swimming pool pump is the heart of the water circulation system in a

Swimming Pool Heaters - Your Options With Swimming Pool Heaters

Are you looking for a way to get warmer pool water and extend your swimming season?Do you know about all your swimming pool heater options?There are plenty of things you can do to get your pool up to the temperature that you want.Swimming pool heaters are the way to go and you have basically three o

An Organic Alternative to Pool Chlorine

Chlorine has long been the favorite of pool-purifying chemicals for its particular characteristics. It kills germs and other unwanted micro-organisms very quickly, and it can effectively take care of the nonliving particles that find their way into pool water as well. However, chlorine can affect so

Have a Safer Pool Area With Fences

As soon as the winter is over, everybody is already looking forward to a hot summer fun. And what better way to refresh yourself than to dive and frolic in the waters of your own swimming pool. All of the homeowners who have their own pool would want nothing but to enjoy this part of the house.

How to Repair a Rip in an In-Ground Vinyl Pool Liner

Repair a rip on your in-ground vinyl pool liner properly to prevent leaks and further damage to the liner. Manufacturers of such pools, along with pool supply retailers, provide patching kits for this purpose. Follow the specific instructions provided with your kit, but most patching kits work about