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What Wattage Fluorescent Lights Should I Use for Plants?

Fluorescent light is an affordable source of light that can be used for plants and seedlings. The wattage is one factor, but other things such as the duration of the light period and the quality of light provided by fluorescents must also be taken into account. When done properly, even bulbs with as

Outdoor Wireless Security Cameras - Considerations to Make Before Purchasing

There is a lot of evidence that outdoor wireless security cameras add tremendous security to any home. Some experts report that the chance of a home that uses them being robbed or broken into for any reason is 85% less than it is for a home without them. Because of their effectiveness, their popular

How to Get Rid of Sewer Bugs

The term "sewer bug" comes from the theory that many indoor pests, such as drain flies and fruit flies, come through sewers and drains. This isn't usually the case, as most of these bugs come through doors and windows like other flies. Sewer bugs like dark, moist places, which makes drains an ideal

Ladder Accidents

If you're a homeowner, chances are you're up a ladder fairly regularly, be it fixing a light, cleaning out the gutters, painting your house, or any of a dozen other little household chores. Every time you do this, you put yourself at risk for an accident. According to the USA Today, over 2

Increasing the Odds for a Successful Home Security System

What are the odds you will set up a successful home security system on the first try? It depends who is handicapping it, but you'll be on the right track when you have done your homework and work with professionals. No security apparatus is complete without a home alarm, of course, but even the

Problems With Home Security Alarms

Home security systems are meant to keep burglars out; however, as with anything else, there are a number of problems that you may run into with your alarm system. Many homeowners, who have recently installed a home alarm and even those who have had an alarm for years, often fall victim to false alar

Bifold Folding Doors - Enabling Retractable Entrance

In conclusion, bifold doors have been improved a lot over the time and offer an attractive and viable addition to your home which is functional yet durable. They are now being used to open up virtuall

How to Hardwire a Smoke Detector

Smoke detectors without batteries, or with dead ones, are the main reasons why people do not escape burning homes. A properly working smoke detector should be able to give ample warning (in most cases) that there is a fire in the home, allowing everyone to exit the building safely. So you don't have

How to Select Fine China

Picking a fine china pattern takes time and patience unless you know exactly what manufacturer or style you want to purchase. Even limiting your choice to one manufacturer of fine china may take time if you plan to look at every pattern they create. Many manufacturers of fine china exist, some bette

How to Store Leftover Ceramic Tiles

The use of ceramic tile dates back to ancient times. Ceramic tile has been found in the ruins of ancient Greece, which dates back to 4000 BC. Ceramic tile is made from a combination of elements, namely glass, clay and sand, which when combined with water create a waterproof and durable material. But

How to Select a Lamp Shade

When you select a lamp shade, you are making decisions that affect both the appearance and the usefulness of the lamp. There are few household objects that are uglier than a bare lamp with an exposed bulb and no lamp shade. Yet, finding the right shade is not an easy task. It may take some searching

How to Test Fire Extinguishers

Whether a fire is a result of a small open flame or a chemical spill, a fire extinguisher is available to take care of the problem. Since these devices hold such importance when it comes to safety in the home and workplace, they must go through a regular test to ensure they stay in prime working con

How to Test a GX100 Smoke Detector

The GX100 smoke detector system is a discontinued model from Gemini Manufacturing that's still in service in many locations. The GX100 master system provides the control circuitry to power up to 10 GX50 slave units. The GX100 can protect commercial buildings up to 2,000 square meters. The system wor

Apartment Cleaning Checkout List

From early on in life, you were told to clean your room. Now that you are an adult, you are responsible for cleaning your whole apartment. Knowing the elements of the apartment cleaning checkout list will help you when it is time to move. Apartment managers expect the place you rented from them to b

How to Maintain Student Housing

Housing for college students comes in many shapes and sizes, from the quiet (and rare) single bedroom to the bustling suite-style dorm. In college, maintaining a clean and hospitable living space not only makes for an environment more conducive to study, it helps to reduce stress for all inhabitants

Homemade Air Freshener for Houses

Homemade air fresheners are simple and economical to make. They add a fresh scent to the air, as well as serving many other purposes. When you make a homemade air freshener you have the opportunity to choose a scent that appeals to you and can vary the fragrances as often as you like. Homemade air f