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Mildew & Moss on Shaded Concrete Patios

When mildew and moss begins to grow on your shaded concrete patio, it can quickly turn into more than an annoying problem. These growths can stain the patio and leave it looking an unsightly mess. Remove the fungus and lichen using products you may just have in your home.

The Best Landscaping Ideas

Different landscapes can create major change in the way you feel in your home. Natural areas reduce your stress and increase your energy. When designing a landscape for your home, try to think about what you personally love to see in nature and duplicate it as much as possible in your space. Majo

How to Put Up Stacked Stones

The art of creating retaining and freestanding walls from stacked stone has been practiced for hundreds of years. Some walls built more than a century ago are still functional today. This craft requires much skill, and the work cannot be rushed but must be completed in a deliberate manner with adequ

Picking Out the Best Planter Box

A potting bench is a great way to add an attractive piece of furniture to your patio while preventing you from being on your knees and in the dirt. These benches make an excellent workstation for your garden. However, before you go out and start shopping for one of these fantastic pieces of furnitur

How Long for Tall Fescue Grass to Grow?

Tall fescue grass is a cool-season perennial that is easy to start and tolerant of drought and other tough growing conditions, according to Virginia Cooperative Extension. How long tall fescue grass takes to grow depends on the season as well as the variety used.

Yellow Grass Plants

Ornamental grasses have prominent flower plumes.Lisa Kyle Young/Photodisc/Getty ImagesWidely planted in low-maintenance landscapes, ornamental grasses come in sizes from small to very large, in all shades of green, yellow and gold or variegated. Most varieties have spectacular flowers...

How to Mulch Grass Seed With Straw

Planting or re-seeding a lawn is a fine way to beautify your home or business property. All your work may be for naught if the grass seed blows or washes away before it sprouts. Mulch grass seed with straw for an inexpensive protection from the elements to get a new lawn off to a great start.

Electric Lawnmower Information

The electric lawn mower is an innovation based on push lawn mowers, both manual and gasoline-powered. According to The Old Lawn Mower Club, the first attempts at electric lawn mowers were made in the 1920s and 1930s, but they failed to gain popularity.

How to Add Chemicals to an Above Ground Pool

Adding chemicals to an above ground pool adjusts the pH, alkalinity and chlorine levels of the pool water. Keeping these levels in proper balance is extremely important to the safety of swimmers and also for visual clarity of the pool water. Adding chemicals to a pool is not the easiest of tasks but

What You Should Know About Installing a Fence at Your New Home

Have you ever considered remodeling your existing landscape by adding borders made from natural plants, trees, shrubs, rocks or stones? This can be achieved very easily with the many varieties of materials that are readily available to you through your landscaper or the local nurseries in your area.

Garden Edging Trim Ideas

A flowerbed like this one typically features hidden edging or trim.colorful flower-bed image by Svetlana Tikhonova from Fotolia.comWhether you're putting in a new plant bed or attempting to keep an old one from invading your yard, adding an edger to your garden can help mark off your beds...

Is There a Minimum Standard for Deck Railing Slats?

It takes more than nailing a few boards together to build a safe and sturdy deck. Familiarizing yourself about local building code standards for deck railings is one of many important elements in the planning stages of your deck. Minimum architectural standards exist, but because city governments ha

Christmas Is the Best Time of the Year

Christmas is fast approaching. Do you have something new for your house? Something to make the house more special and inviting for the holiday? Every year, new home accents for Christmas are coming out. In fact, home designers are creating unique...

Tips to Designing Your Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor living spaces with an outdoor kitchen area have become very popular and can expand the overall living area of your home significantly, so a properly designed outdoor kitchen is an essential part of the equation, and it's not so difficult that you have to bring in a professional to desig

How to Dig a Hole With a Caterpillar

Excavating holes is a process that gets a lot easier when you start using mechanized equipment. For any excavation that's larger than around 3-feet-square, the best way to go about digging it is to use an excavator. This also applies for hard, rocky or clay-rich ground. Caterpillar excavators are ea

How to Attach a Mailbox to a Railing

Attaching a mailbox to a railing brings back a bit of old-fashioned homesteading with a tiny touch that's often missing with congregated mailboxes with slots in the front doors. Mounting the mailbox can be a problem,however. Going through the base of the mailbox to mount it in place is difficult due

Evergreen Plants for Lawn Landscaping

Plant selection is an important part of lawn landscaping. A yard planted with deciduous plants may look attractive in the summer, but when plants lose leaves in the spring and fall, deciduous plants can look barren. Evergreen plants are popular in landscaping as they do not lose leaves...

Japanese Landscaping Ideas

Japanese landscapes are asymmetrical and simple.Autumn. Japanese Garden image by Sergey Romanov from Fotolia.comJapanese, Asian and Oriental gardens are characterized by a number of basic design elements that include reduced scale, borrowed scenery, enclosure and symbolism. Japanese...