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Decorating Your Home in Shabby Chic

Looking forward to create a classic look for your home? If you have a passion for antiquity and classic designs, shabby chic can give you that kind of look. Here are some easy things you should know to help you start decorating on your own.

Update Your Outdoor Furniture on a Budget

If your porch is looking drab or dull, or simply needs more life brought onto it, there are simple quick fixes you can make to do just that. The same goes for decks. Furniture can become outdated and weather, making your space seem lifeless.

Multi-Use Furnishings

Recently, I made a purchase for a client that made my day because it has many uses, and nothing makes me happier than multi-use furnishings. The piece is called a "Butterfly Table", named for its self-contained leaves that open like butterfly wings.

DIY: Outdoor Cedar Patio Table

Cedar patio tables are a nice addition to cedar patios and decks. Cedar is a resilient wood which holds up well to moisture and sun. It is an aromatic wood that is easy to work with, lightweight, and moderately expensive when compared with non-treated construction lumber. Cedar tables are not diffic

Professional Tenancy Cleaning London Services

There are thousands of offices and commercial outlets that operate on a leased basis. These tenants come and go with the termination of their leasing agreement. If the rental is unsuitable for

Color Harmony For Rooms - A Blue Room Helps Concentration

Blue is a color with which we feel very familiar, since it is the color of the sky in all of its variations, from pale to dark blue. When a clear and calm feeling is required for a room, blue is the perfect color. Medium or deep blues are ideal for applying to rooms requiring a high level of concent

How to Do Splatter Texture

Orange peel texture on walls is similar to the skin of an orange, lightly bumpy and slightly rough. You achieve this effect, also known as splatter texture, by splattering gypsum compound through a plaster texture sprayer. You may need some practice if you haven't used the technique before. If you a

How to Decorate a Long and Open Living Room

A long, narrow living room becomes a dual-purpose area with the right decor. Long, narrow rooms pose decorating issues for people seeking a traditional living room. Typical living room furniture groups sometimes look too spread out. Even oversize furniture can appear too short or too wide. Abandon t

Creating an exotic outdoor living space

More and more home owners are concentrating on creating exotic outdoor living spaces in their homes while redecorating or improving their home. Best and exotic living spaces outside are being created to spend time with ...

How to Restore Dining Room Chairs

Dining room chairs can suffer a lot of wear and tear over the years, especially if you have children or your chairs are used several times per day. As time goes on, you may find your chairs chipped, dented, scratched or otherwise damaged. Restoring your old dining room chairs is an inexpensive alter

5 Top Reasons To Buy A Futon Right Now

You may associate futons with cheap furniture reserved for kids and dorm rooms, but if so, think again. Futons now have a solid place in high-end homes and offices, and for very good reasons. This ...

Artificial Silk Flowers For Every Occasion

The beauty of using silk flowers in your home is that they are everlasting and bring a look of style and elegance to any room. Inexpensive, durable, and great to look at they make the ideal gift for a loved one – order them online and save yourself a lot of time and money.

Video: How to Decorate Martini Glasses

Video Transcript Hi, my name is Magda from A Mood for Flowers, and today I'm going to show you how to decorate martini glasses. So the materials that we are going to use are some silk flowers, yellow, very nice yellow flowers with a little touch of beige or white, some candles, the...

Tips For Laying Out Your Kitchen

When it comes to being able to provide the most convenience in your kitchen, you'll have to start with the basic factors for being able to do so. Those factors include the layout of your ...

Symbolism in Antique Persian Rugs

When decorating their homes, many people buy antique Persian rugs as an investment and because of the bright colours and beautifully hand-woven designs. However, there is much more to many of these designs than meets the eye! Although some antique Persian rugs have been designed simply because the p