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Chinking Basics

Chinking a log home seals the outdoor environment from the home's interior. Log homes may have large gaps between the courses of the horizontally laid logs. Chinking is made from a cement-like material to fill these gaps. Larger gaps are first filled with a foam-like material called backer rod. Regu

Decorate Your Home With Beautiful Scented Candles

Candles are the ideal home accessories because they versatile, beautiful and create ambience. With a variety of shapes and sizes, colours and designs, candles have many practical and decorative uses. They can be used for decoration, to create atmosphere in a room or to emit an aroma.

Differences in Flat, Clear & Satin

Paint is divided into several categories when it comes to finish. Flat, satin and gloss paint are used for different rooms throughout the house to impart a specific feel to a room or to make cleaning in certain areas of the home more manageable. Clear top coat is used primarily in furniture coating

How to Paint a Shelf With a Weathered Look

Antique, old world, primitive or shabby chic decor styles include a lot of older, distressed furniture and accessories. If you do not have the budget to search for the most perfectly weathered pieces, you can create the same weathered look with newer pieces. To make a shelf look weathered with paint

Warming Interior Design Ideas For the Living Room

The living room is a very focal point of the home with many different uses, from relaxing to entertaining a number of guests, to an enjoyable evening watching your favourite film. With the different aspects a living room can provide, it is always good to keep up to date with modern trends in both dc

How to Paint Kitchen Chairs to Look Like Wrought Iron

Wrought iron metal usually has a coating of flat or matte black paint that gives it a dull but durable finish. If you want to achieve this industrial look on your kitchen chairs, you can easily do so with matte or flat black spray paint. The hardest pair of the process is to prepare the kitchen chai

How to Tell If You Are Buying Good Leather When Buying a Chair or Sofa

Not all leather is created equally, so checking your leather furniture for signs of poor quality before you buy is a must. To minimize the risk of buying bad leather, shop only at reputable stores and avoid purchasing furniture online where you cannot test it. Testing leather quality takes a careful

Decorating Teen Boys Bedrooms - 3 Theme Ideas

Are you looking for some creative ideas for decorating teen boys bedrooms? A good place to start is to speak with your son re: his tastes and interests. For instance, does he play a particular sport or is he a sports fan? Maybe he loves the outdoors and likes camping, fishing and hunting? What does

Creative Manager Job Description

Creative managers are responsible for the direction of a company's visual brand. They develop the strategy for marketing and public relations for a business or group, and ensure that other employees in the creative department work to support that goal. A creative manager position is an important par

Washer mold - you can avoid it

This is a hot topic with many consumers who have left comments on my earlier post. And for good reason. They are trying to find a solution to the mold in

Give Your Home An Authentic Look By Using Marble Mantels

Home is a place where people are most comfortable and want to make it a place where they can enjoy every moment of their life. They decorate it with painting, different tiles and marbles. Marble mantels are one such marble that can be places anywhere in your house like in kitchen, bathrooms and even

How to Wire Recessed Lights Together

Recessed lighting often comes in groups. The lights are spaced based on the amount of light desired and the area being lit. Each light shines a circle of light towards the floor, and by overlapping the circles, it provides sufficient area lighting. In some locations, dimmer switches control the leve

How to Paint a Kitchen Table & Chairs

You can quickly give your kitchen an updated look by painting your table and chairs. Select a color that coordinates with the walls or cabinets for an understated look. Yellow is a popular color for kitchens and complements most types of wood. For a dramatic effect, choose colors in bright or contra

MRI Suite Decorating Ideas

Make an MRI less stressful with soothing room decor.Jupiterimages/Polka Dot/Getty ImagesMagnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a type of medical procedure used in the diagnosis of certain conditions. The procedure can be a very stressful event for patients, as it involves remaining very...

Traditional Maps Collection

Collecting old-fashioned roadmaps is usually a fun and time filling pastime. In addition to being useful, numerous maps on the fifteenth century and up are readily offered and add a distinctive flavor towards the decor of the residence. Many men and women select to decorate with paintings, posters a