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Why Are Toilets Porcelain?

Around the world, you'll find that most toilets are made of porcelain, a ceramic-based material that's very smooth to the touch. Toilets aren't made out of porcelain for no reason, however, and the ceramic material they're made of presents several benefits.

How to Fix a Rusted Subframe

Cars spend most of their time outside amidst the elements, so rust can quickly begin to form on nearly any part of the body. As the name implies, the subframe is a smaller metal support structure within a larger vehicle body. The subframe usually braces integral parts of the car, such as drivetrain,

How to Remove Mold With Oil of Cloves

Mold infestations strike in humid areas or in homes with poor ventilation, often causing extensive damage to plasterboard walls, wood paneling and carpet. As a known respiratory irritant, mold requires immediate removal when it appears. Professional services are costly, however, and commercially pre

How to Remove Wax From a Votive Cup

When try to clean out your votive cups, you may notice it's not an easy task. Once a candle has been lit inside of a votive, the melted wax is hard to remove. It's not a good idea to scrape it out, since the scraping tool could damage the votive. Instead, use a method that will heat the wax, so it i

How to Remove Rust Stain From Cotton

Rust is frequently found on metal surfaces that have been wet. If you rub up against a rusty metal surface while wearing your favorite cotton shirt, you are likely to end up with rust stains. It's possible to remove rust stains from cotton clothing if you follow the right procedures and use the righ

How to Remove Wood Glue From Fabric

Wood glue is one of the most effective binders for joining pieces of wood. Unfortunately, it sticks just as well to fabric, and can cause unsightly yellow stains on shirts, pants and any other fabric with which it comes into contact. When the glue-stained fabrics aren't just your work clothes and ne

How to Drill Angle Irons

The density of angle iron requires special techniques to drill a hole through the steel while keeping the drill bit sharp. Friction between the cutting tip of the drill bit and the surface of the angle iron creates heat at the drilling point. This heat increases the rate the drill bit dulls as you d

How to Get Gum Out of Nylon

Helping to keep your breath fresh and teeth clean, gum is a relatively inexpensive confectionery found all over the world for thousands of years. Gum can cause a messy situation when it comes in contact with fabric such as nylon. The sticky gum will quickly adhere to the nylon fibers and typically w

How to Remove Cement Overspray From a Brick Wall

Pouring a cement slab or floor adjacent to a brick or masonry wall sometimes yields a spatter on the wall. Cleaning the brick is a challenge because the cement spatter is the same type of material as the mortar between the bricks. The process requires the use of acid to break down the spattered ceme

How to Keep Deerflies & Gnats Away

Deerflies and gnats annoy both humans and animals during the summer months. Both have a painful bite and require similar measures to repel them. If you live around a wooded or watery area, you are at greater risk of experiencing a deerfly or gnat problem. You can make your property and yourself less

How to Make Lightweight Concrete Molds

Lightweight concrete molds are used to cast lightweight concrete. They are typically crafted from rubber compounds which are store bought materials designed specifically for the purpose of mold making. This compound hardens and dries around a model (the object that the mold is created from) and is t

How to Restore Vinyl Dashboards

The dashboard of your vehicle takes a beating from heat, sunlight and dirt. Unfortunately, many people overlook their vehicle's dashboard when cleaning the interior of their car. Over time, your car's vinyl dashboard will become dull and dingy and require special attention to restore it to a like-ne

How to Keep Shirts From Getting Wrinkled While Folded Up

While unpacking your bag in your hotel room, you find that most of your T-shirts and dress shirts are riddled with wrinkles. Creases and folds form in fabric when pressure is applied for a prolonged period of time, such as in the tight confines of your dresser drawer or suitcase. By tweaking your pa

How to Remove Spray Paint From Wood

If spray paint accidentally ends up on a wood surface, or if you want to change the color of a sprayed wooden item, there is an easy way to remove spray paint. It is quite simple to get a fresh coat of spray paint off of a wooden surface, but old spray paint is a little harder to remove. The first m

How to Clean Up Mold on the Bathroom Ceiling Caused by a Skylight Leak

When excess moisture leaks through your skylight, you can have a messy situation in your bathroom. The excess moisture soaks into the bathroom ceiling and creates the ideal breeding ground for fungus such as mold. Mold cannot only stain the bathroom ceiling and spread to other areas of your home, it

How to Get Dog Urine out of Draperies

Pets may go to the bathroom in your home for a variety of reasons. A cat or dog may be afraid, neglected or sick. A dog may spray urine on curtains or draperies to let its owner know that something may be wrong. Urine can be an extremely stubborn stain to remove if allowed to soak into fabric. Use a

How to Clean Granite Floors of Grease

Just like any other type of kitchen floor, granite can become soiled with grease when foods splatter onto tiles below. This leaves you with a shiny, slick floor that must be cared for promptly. Since granite is already a smooth and somewhat slick surface, spilled grease increases your risk for a sli

How to Clean a Deck Before Staining With Bleach & Water

Staining a deck can be a task, especially when the deck was not stained properly the first time around. A crucial part of staining a deck is to thoroughly clean it before applying any type of stain. This will remove any residue, mold or other film that may prevent the stain from distributing and set

Does Pewter Rust?

Rust happens when a metal reacts with oxygen and water. This oxidation begins to flake and decay the metal. Some people like the look of rusted metal, while others are concerned about it staining the areas around it or weakening and ruining the metal completely. Caring for pewter does not involve re