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Cleaning Oriental Rugs That Smell Bad Cleaning with Odor RemovalA combination stain and odor can be removed by mixing together 1/4 cup white vinegar, 1/2 tsp. dish washing liquid, and 2 cups lukewarm water.With a sponge, rub the mixture into the stain gently in the same...

DIY Foam for Tires

Many people who have problems with flat tires on their automobiles or farm/lawn equipment can choose to fill the tires of these machines with foam. The foam will form a solid, lightweight core within the tire that cannot be punctured or flattened. Filling your tires with foam is a time saving method

How to Cover Bleach on Carpets

Using bleach is a quick way to remove stains and odors from white fabrics and surfaces. Unfortunately, heavy use of bleach may result in spills on floors and carpeting. Bleach spots cannot be removed from carpet, since the chemical actually removes the carpet's existing dye. Restore the carpet’

How to Bait a Rabbit Trap

Rabbits seem like cute and harmless furballs until they begin destroying your lawns and gardens. A single rabbit can ruin a small garden if it is allowed to feed unimpeded, so it is wise to remove the problem before it gets worse (rabbits reproduce at a rapid pace). The best and most humane way to g

A List of Household Products That Are Hazardous to Children

Children, naturally curious and sometimes mischievous, have a tendency to forage in cabinets they are not supposed to, sometimes exposing them to chemicals or products used in the home. Although many products are made with non-toxic chemicals that are harmless to children, some can still cause harm

How do I Remove Mold Spores in Basement?

Mold spreads via spores released in the air. The spores travel throughout the area until they land on a surface that has the ideal growing conditions. The spores will then feed off the surface, grow and spread to other areas continuing the seemingly never-ending cycle. Basements are typically the mo

Sand Gnat Repellent

Sand gnats, also known as biting midges, punkies and no-see-ums, suck blood from humans, mammals, reptiles and other insects. They usually cause only itching, but can result in welts and lesions in sensitive individuals. Repellents can prevent bites.

How to Make a Non-Toxic Wood Floor Cleaner

Commercial wood floor cleaners often contain toxic chemicals that are not only unpleasant smelling, but can be dangerous if accidentally ingested. If you want to give up commercial wood floor cleaners, you don't have to forgo a shiny, clean wood floor. You can make your own nontoxic wood floor clean

How to Clean Plastic Bathtubs

It doesn't matter whether you take a luxurious bath every night or you only use your bathtub for a quick shower; in either case, a clean bathtub makes the experience more enjoyable. Bath tubs tend to build up soap scum and other impurities quickly. Add bath or shower oils to the equation and you hav

How to Can Chili Soup

It is necessary to use a pressure canner to can chili soup to prevent spoilage because of the acidity of the tomatoes and the meat in the chili. All pressure canners work differently so you will need to refer to the instructions that came with your canner for the correct processing temperature, the

How to Remove Built-Up Driveway Sealer

Driveway sealer protects the surface of your driveway from the elements, preventing deterioration from the sun and keeping water and ice from seeping into the stone and causing it to crumble. Most sealant manufacturers recommend that you apply driveway sealer once every three years to maintain conti

House Construction Methods

There are many methods used to build a house. Some are as simple as using your own two hands, while others require more tools and hands to do the job.

How to Paint a Trunk

Storage trunks have a unique look and feel. Modern storage containers are often not aesthetically pleasing and are not as durable as the old trunks. Standard trunk colors are black, blue and red, with silver or gold hinges, but if you are tired of your present trunk's appearance, then consider paint

How to Remove Dog Odors From Your Yard

Even if you do not allow your dog on the furniture, unpleasant odors sometimes waft indoors from the yard. Older dogs tend to smell no matter how many times you give them a bath. Urine may seep into concrete and outdoor surfaces, causing bad odors, especially in hot weather. Clear the yard of any do

How to Refresh Outdoor Brick

Known for its charm, versatility and durability, brick is used extensively outdoors for patios, walkways, retaining walls and home exteriors. Bricks require little maintenance, but they accumulate dirt, bird droppings, moss and algae, which mar their aesthetic appeal. Using basic techniques and supp

How to Stop Gypsy Moth Infestation

Gypsy moths are a serious problem in the northeastern United States and they're slowly spreading south and west. Gypsy moth caterpillars can devastate a forest by eating the foliage right off the trees. They can also damage or kill the trees in your landscape if you don't act when you first notice t

What Do You Clean the Inside of a Refrigerator With?

The inside of a refrigerator can become a massive petri dish for stains, odors and, in some cases, unidentifiable sticky material from dinners long past. If you arm yourself with the right solutions, you can tackle the inside of your refrigerator and leave it looking clean and smelling fresh.

How to Clean Bali Honeycomb Blinds

Bali recommends against immersing its honeycomb and other cellular blinds in water. Bali also recommends against dry cleaning these blinds, so your best bet for keeping them clean is to stay on top of dusting and minor maintenance in order to prevent any heavy build-up of soil or dust. Make sure to

How to Keep Stick on Letters Straight

People use stick-on letters for a variety of reasons and purposes. Many different companies manufacture and sell stick-on letters in various sizes, styles, fonts and colors. Most companies that produce them make the letters from vinyl and attach them to paper. The paper used is a special type that a

Types of Pressure Cleaners

A pressure cleaner, or pressure washer, uses a forceful stream of water to clean and is a convenient tool for jobs like washing your car and cleaning your driveway. Cold water pressure cleaners work well for smaller jobs, while hot water cleaners are made for larger ones. Steam cleaners...