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Products That Get Rid of Cigarette Smoke

Getting rid of cigarette smoke in the home is not as easy as spraying air freshener. Cigarette smoke contains toxins that attach to all the surfaces in the home, including carpets, furniture, drapes and even light bulbs. Smoke residue and lingering odor stay on surfaces long after the last cigarett

Warping Remedies for Aluminum Casting

When metal warps, its stability and strength diminishes as the metal loses its original shape more and more. If this aluminum is your house siding, roofing or any other vital piece to your house, car or boat, you can have serious problems with your exterior protection if the warped aluminum is not t

The Best Way to Keep My Kitchen Counters Sanitary

Kitchen countertops can be a haven for food-borne illnesses and other germs. Homeowners preparing food on counters do not always take sanitation precautions. The best way to keep your kitchen countertops sanitary is to keep a sanitizing bleach solution on hand at all times and use it after each food

How to Clean a Bathroom Exhaust

Bathroom exhaust fans remove moisture from the air in the bathroom and vent it outdoors. In addition to venting moisture, bathroom exhaust fans can also vent dirt and debris. Over time this dirt and dust can build up and hinder the functioning of the fan. Cleaning the bathroom exhaust fan is the eas

How to Sell Sterling Silverware

Whether you have a full silver set or a few pieces of mismatched sterling silver, there are several ways to find potential buyers. If you want a quick and easy sale, you can choose local buyers or a silver dealer. To get the most value for your silver, you should try to sell it to a private party. F

How to Get Jean Dye Off of White Shoelaces

Dark wash denim jeans often bleed color in the wash after the first few times they're worn. As the denim rubs on shoes and laces, it can also transfer blue fabric dye to these surfaces. Blue-colored fabric dye on white shoelaces causes them to look discolored and dingy. If color transfer is detracti

How to Store Silver Serving Dishes

Silver serving dishes are those special pieces that people typically use a few times a year on holidays or occasions. Often, these heirloom dishes have sentimental value that far surpasses even the monetary value of the silver. Keep your silver serving dishes safe and sound by storing them properly.

How to Clean Terrazzo Tiles

Terrazzo floor tiles are made up of marble and cement mixed together. When the tiles are installed, extra marble chips are sprinkled on the tiles' surface, leaving at least 70 percent of the terrazzo floor surface made of marble. Care must be taken when cleaning terrazzo tiles so you don't damage th

How to Clean a Dirty Bathroom

For many apartment dwellers and homeowners, cleaning the bathroom is the most dreaded chore of all. Unfortunately, it's also the one room that houses the most germs, so it needs to be cleaned regularly. Still, sometimes we put off cleaning the bathroom for much longer than we should. But there are w

Ways to Clean Mold

Mold removal is an unpleasant task to say the least. The musty odor can seem overwhelming, and the actual cleanup process can spread the spores around if not performed properly. If you want to clean up mold on your own, you will need to use the most effective methods for neutralizing and removing th

Home Remedies to Remove Old Pet Urine From Carpet

There are several home remedies to remove pet urine.Puppies of the spitz-dog and cat in studio image by Ulf from Fotolia.comRemoving old pet urine from the carpet is an unwelcome but often necessary task for pet owners. Puppies in the process of learning housebreaking rules may have an...

How to Paint Corroded Cast Aluminum

Contrary to what many people believe, aluminum actually can rust. Cast aluminum is a denser form of aluminum that has some of the properties of aluminum and some of the properties of light-weight aluminum. Cast aluminum is used for furniture, cars and other metal objects that need to be tough and li

List of Green Building Products

Bamboo: a durable and renewable green building productbamboo image by from Fotolia.comAccording to California Recycle's website, the global construction industry consumes about 3 billion tons of raw building materials every year. The extraction of tropical hardwoods,...

How to Get Stuff Off of Your Facebook Wall

Depending on your privacy settings, all of your Facebook friends may be able to post on your personal Wall. This Wall can then end up cluttered with posts, notifications from apps, links, photos, videos and more. You do not need to leave these items on your Wall after your friends post them there. I

How to Troubleshoot a Bissell Little Green

The Bissell Little Green is designed to be easy to use.To make sure you are using your Little Green correctly, read its user guide thoroughly and familiarize yourself with the cleaner's guidelines and warnings. If, despite correct usage, you encounter problems that need troubleshooting, there are a

How to Dye Cotton Material With Tea

Globally, there are more than 82 species of tea plant used for a variety of purposes. Tea leaves function as a natural dye that yields an array of colors from brown, yellow-green and even black. Tea dying only works on natural fibers, so if you are dying a cotton item, it is advisable to make sure t

How to Get Fingernail Polish Off of Skin Without Taking It Off of Nails

Fingernail polish is made for nails -- not skin. Yet an overloaded application brush or an attempt to apply polish in the passenger seat of a car on a bumpy road can result in mistakes. When the polish lands on your skin, dangerously close to your freshly painted nails, the last thing you want to do

How to Recycle Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are window coverings often found in both a home and office setting. The blinds consist of several horizontal plastic slats that can be rotated 180 degrees to allow light into a room or provide privacy. The blinds are operated by a pull string or turn rod that moves a series of ropes

How to Get Borax Out of Carpet

Borax comes from California's Death Valley. This is where borate deposits were found in the 1800s. Borax is usually found deep in the ground. Today it is used in the home as a laundry detergent booster, cleaner, fungicide, preservative, insecticide and disinfectant. According to Green Living Tips, b