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How to Clean Sanded Grout

Grout fills the space between tiles on floors, counters, backsplashes and shower walls. Sanded grout is commonly found along floor tiles because it was thought to be more durable and stronger; however, it is just as fragile as the grout associated with countertops, showers and backsplashes. It is a

How to Remove Rust Spots on Stainless Steel Guns With Steel Wool

Often exposed to moisture outdoors and indoors, stainless steel guns can end up with rust on the finish. Even though the steel is resistant to pitting and corrosion, it is not impenetrable. Care is necessary to keep guns in perfect condition. Removing rust from the stainless steel surface, as long a

The Best House Cleaning Tips

Keeping your house clean can be a challenge. If you live in a home with multiple pets or children who are prone to spilling food and drink, you may find yourself constantly cleaning. Instead of spending all day on one chore, use the techniques maids and other cleaning professionals use to clean the

How to Clean Polyester Fabric

Polyester is a durable synthetic fabric, but polyester is also an extremely heat-sensitive fabric that is prone to absorbing oily stains. Quickly treat oil-based stains to prevent permanent damage to polyester fabric before washing. When laundering, use light duty laundry detergent and a vinegar rin

How to Get Milk Off a Couch

Keeping your upholstery clean involves spot cleaning it often to make sure stains don't settle into it. Stains such as those from spilled milk can settle into your couch if you don't clean them up right away. These stains can eventually begin to smell putrid and rotten. Avoid milk stains by not drin

How to Remove Egg Yolk From Painted Wood

Halloween is a great time for treats and for tricks, but cleaning up after Halloween pranks can be a real pain. The easiest way to clean egg off painted wood is with a pressure washer, but it can be relatively expensive to rent such a machine just to wash a small area. Fortunately, there

How to Remove Ink From Simulated Leather

Because imitation leather is really a plastic material, it is more readily cleaned than leather. Consider how difficult it is to write on a plastic surface; it accepts ink poorly. Ball point ink with its thickeners has less penetrating power than do felt-tip ink or fountain pen ink; and a vinyl cush

How to Organically Remove Rat Smell

Like other animals, rats leave foul odors whether they are dead or alive. While dozens of chemical exist to eradicate the nasty smell, organic products works just as effectively and are safer to use. Baking soda and vinegar both remove odors without causing damage to lungs, sewers, wood and most sur

How to Remove Combat Gel

Combat gel is an effective roach killer, but when the gel hardens it doesn't look nice with the decor of your home. Furthermore, hardened combat gel could be a potential poison to toddlers in your home. To remove the combat, all you need is a simple tool.

Preventing Corrosion of Iron

Iron is a metal that is very prone to rusting. Iron rust forms reddish brown flakes on objects. This familiar sight detracts from the appearance of an object and makes it look dirty and unappealing. But rust can be removed easily, especially if you remove the rust soon after it appears. Rust spots t

How to Get Hard Salt Out of Container

When you live in a humid area, moisture can enter your salt shaker, making your salt clump. You're left with a hard clump of salt you cannot get out of the shaker. Once this happens, there's no way to save the salt inside for consumption, but you can get it out and prevent it from happening in the f

How to Get a Burnt Grease Smell Out of a Kitchen

When you fry foods, your kitchen can quickly become overtaken by a strong burnt grease smell. The smell is difficult to remove, can move into other areas of the home and can linger for several days if not handled properly. Air freshening sprays are an option if you are in a pinch, but keep in mind t

How to Clean Chocolate Powder From the Carpet

Chocolate can be a difficult stain to remove, especially from carpet. However, chocolate stains can usually be removed with an oxygen-based bleach cleaner. Remove chocolate powder from your carpet as soon as possible after the spill occurs. The longer you wait to remove the chocolate stain, the hard

How to Clean Crystals

Crystals have many uses, and are technically a formation rather than a specific material. There are salt, sugar and diamond crystals. Crystals are often cut from gemstones and worn as jewelry. We usually think of crystal as a less valuable material than diamonds, but one that is also clear and shine

How to Use Etching Cream on Light Fixtures

Etching cream is a product used to etch letters and designs into glass surfaces. Though commonly used to personalize wine glasses or beer steins, etching cream works well with most smooth glass surfaces. Using carefully prepared stencils, hobbyists can use the product to add decorative shapes and pa

How To Get Hardwood Floors To Take Polyurethane Stain

Most wood floors are coated with a varnish glaze that protects them from abrasion and water damage. Unfortunately, this protective quality also works to reject polyurethane stain. If you want to refinish your hardwood floors, you will have to strip this layer of varnish, prior to application, or the

Smoke Odor Removal Secrets

Smoke odor can be tough to get rid of.cigerette butts image by Zhann from Fotolia.comThere are many secrets one should know about smoke odors and how to get rid of them. Smoke odors can be very unpleasant and overpowering, but knowing a few tips and tricks can remove the smoke odor. Doing...

Removing the Odor From Lacquer on New Furniture

The smell coming from your new furniture may be caused by the lacquer, or by a cocktail of nasty chemicals. As chemicals evaporate from the furniture, they give off a strong, unpleasant odor, known as outgassing. Formaldehyde, used to cure all types of composite wood, is a common suspect, although g

How to Hire Carpet Cleaning Equipment

Carpet-cleaning equipment is expensive, but it is necessary for deep cleaning your plush floor coverings. While some choose to buy this equipment, others do not see it as a necessity. After all, carpet manufacturers recommend deep cleaning your rugs only once or twice a year. Renting a carpet cleane