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How to Clean Grease From a Teflon Pan

Teflon is a type of non-stick coating applied in several layers to some cookware. This coating makes pans non-stick, which allows for easy cleanup in most cases. Cleaning oil or grease from these pans is not difficult; however, because of the coating, resist the urge to scrub with abrasive sponges o

Is Ammonia Safe for Cleaning Microfiber?

The two materials most often used in microfiber material are nylon and polyester. Manufacturers of microfiber split these fibers in half to create the soft microfiber texture. Some cleaning solutions are harmful toward these fibers due to the reaction the chemicals may have with them. Specific solut

How to Remove Packing Tape Glue

Packing tape is a pressure sensitive adhesive tape that is used in homes, offices, industries and institutions. Once packing tape is removed, adhesive is left on the object the tape was adhered to. Sticky marks remain, which eventually collect dirt, dust and small debris. Fortunately, packing tape g

How to Redo a Bathroom for Cheap

You can redo the decor of a bathroom a little at a time without going broke. The search for new items to redecorate a bathroom begins with a basic conceptual design. Choose a theme or color scheme that complements your personal style and falls within your budget for the project. Decorative items hav

How to Do Tile Crafts

From traditional square ceramic tiles to metal tiles shaped like animals, tiles come in a huge range of sizes, shapes and materials. Tiles lend themselves to a number of craft projects, whether it's decorating the outside of an object or forming something useful with the tile. Tile crafts are limite

How to Get Melted Candle Out of a Votive Holder

Burning a votive candle in a votive cup, or holder, is the best way to get the most from your candle. A votive cup concentrates the melt pool, which also concentrates the amount of scent oil released. When the votive candle burns out, however, a disk of wax usually remains in the bottom of the holde

How to Remove Pet Urine Odor from Cement

While pets are unarguably a great source of love and companionship, like their human family they occasionally suffer a breach of social etiquette. It seems much worse when your pet's slip-up leaves a foul odor in an area that may be difficult to clean. But if your pet has had an accident on a cement

Gameroom Painting Ideas

Bold solid colors create an inviting game room for both children and adults.Pool table image by MAXFX from Fotolia.comMake your game room a bright, fun-filled place that stands apart from the rest of the house. When decorating, anything goes—choose bold colors and whimsical designs...

How to Clean Carpet Odors

Carpet often accumulates dust, dirt, food spills, pet dander and hair, mildew, mold and other nasty microbes. It's no wonder carpet occasionally emits an unpleasant odor. Experts recommend having your household carpet cleaned professionally every 18 months to prolong the lifespan of the carpet and d

How to Remove a Gorilla Glue

Used to bind items together, Gorilla glue is extremely strong and works for both indoor and outdoor applications. Gorilla glue is one of the toughest glues on the planet and once it gets on skin, it can be time consuming to get off. With the right materials and a little bit of patience, you can remo

How to Practice Black Mold Prevention

Black mold is not always black; it can be brownish, gray, pinkish, purplish and fluffy-looking. All forms of black mold are potentially deadly, though, if breathed in large enough amounts. It affects babies, young children, the elderly, and immune-sensitive people with allergies and lung-related dis

How to Get Deep Splinters Out of Your Hand

Splinters occur when a foreign object, commonly a piece of wood, becomes lodged under the skin's surface. Though deep splinters can be painful, they don't typically constitute a medical emergency. Over time, your body will naturally reject the splinter and force it out. But if you'd rather not withs

How to Clean Rust Off a Cast Iron Skillet

Rusting is a natural process in metals. Cast-iron skillets will rust like any other metal. Rust is not a serious problem as long as it is caught and taken care of before it does too much damage. However, if you are not diligent in catching and removing rust, then you will end up having to replace yo

Stain Removal With Vaseline

Vaseline is often thought of as the cause of stains, but it is actually an effective stain remover. Vaseline can remove lipstick from clothing, dried paint, and tar from clothing and carpet. Of course, you will need to know how to remove any Vaseline stain that could occur as a result.

How to Use a Brillo Pad in the Toilet

Cleaning toilet is not on the top of the list of most enjoyable things to do, however it mus be done from time to time. Stains and rings inside the toilet bowl from hard water and other contaminants are unsightly and will cause permanent damage to the finish. Using a Brillo pad in the toilet involve

How to Tell Where Bolts Are Manufactured

A bolt is a fastener that has a head and external threads made to fit with a nut. Industry standards require two types of marks on the head of the bolt. They are the name of the manufacturer and a grade mark that identifies the material properties. A raised mark on the head of a bolt indicates the s

How to Update an Old Bathroom on a Budget

A tired, old and out of date bathroom can really put a damper on the style of your home. But who has the money to remodel an entire bathroom? Here are some simple ways to improve the look and style of your old bathroom while spending minimal cash.

Natural Way to Kill Moss

Unsightly moss growing on the side of your house, in between pavement stones and along sidewalks can be a difficult fungus to kill naturally. Moss typically grows in areas that are void of sunlight but abundant in moisture. Using harsh and toxic chemicals to kill moss outside of your home can kill

How to Clean Lambskin Rugs

Lambskin rugs (also known as sheepskin rugs) come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. They are particularly popular as throw rugs. While many manufactures may state "dry clean only," you can try cleaning the rugs at home. Just be sure to test any shampoos in an inconspicuous spot first.