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How to Build a Clothesline on Concrete

Installing a clothesline on concrete is difficult if you have to jackhammer out a 2-foot-square hole to install the base. A simpler solution is to build an above-ground base that sits firmly on your patio or driveway. With a concrete base and an umbrella clothesline, your laundry will dry in the fre

How to Install Kitchen Counters

Whether you are remodeling for an updated, modern look or building a new home, the easiest way to dramatically improve the kitchen is with counter tops. Changing the counter tops makes a huge impact on a kitchen space because they take up such a large surface area. No matter if you are installing gr

How to Write a Contract to Build a House

When you write a contract to build a house, you must ensure that you include all necessary information to protect yourself and your new home. A sufficient contract will help you obtain the work you want in an appropriate time frame and at an appropriate cost.

How to Pull Up Carpet Tacks

Tack strips are installed along the perimeter of the room to hold wall-to-wall carpet securely to the floor. The strips are nailed to either the concrete or the hardwood floor. Each tack strip is about 48 inches long and contains rows of sharp, tiny tacks sticking up from the strip. Refinishing your

Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Make Your Own Solar Panels

Solar panels are made up of individual solar cells that collect energy from sunlight. Commercial solar panels are expensive to purchase, which is why some people choose to make their own solar panels for considerably less money. Homemade solar panels will produce less energy than commercial solar pa

DIY Commercial Flooring

There are many kinds of commercial flooring, with one of the most common being a thick, hard vinyl tile that's made to take heavy foot traffic and last for years. It's called vinyl composite tile (VCT for short), and is recognizable for the subtle flecked pattern in its surface, which makes it go wi

The Best Way to Install Solar Panels

Solar panels not only reduce harmful emissions in the environment; they reduce monthly energy costs for homeowners. Solar panels can be installed on various roof types, including shingle and tile roofs. You can install solar panels yourself if you don't want to hire a professional roofing company. H

How to Make Table Glass Scratch Proof

A glass tabletop is often attractive from a decorative standpoint but they do require extra care compared to conventional tables. Even thicker glass scratches if enough force is applied to it at the right angle and tables frequently have items dragged across their surfaces that potentially damage th

Is Travertine Tile Good for a Bathroom?

Finding the right tile for your bathroom requires sifting through what may seem like endless choices. Natural stones like marble or granite offer beauty at a high cost; alternatives like ceramic and porcelain offer function at a reduced cost. Many people consider travertine to be a nice compromise.

Outdoor Patio Bar Ideas

On those hot summer nights, heading outside to your outdoor patio bar for a cold drink can be refreshing. A patio bar is especially useful if you entertain large groups of people frequently such as by hosting a backyard barbecue or potluck. Let the style of your outdoor bar reflect the vibe and atmo

How to Estimate How Many Tons of Roofing

In order to estimate the amount of shingles required to shingle a roof, you'll have to calculate the area of the roof. Once you know how much you need to cover the roof you can calculate the number of squares you need. One square of shingles usually contains three or four bundles and each bundle wei

Ideas for Reupholstering Furniture by Yourself

A piece of furniture may have good bones and a classic design that are undermined by dated fabric, or covered in fabric that is damaged or stained. Some upholstery is simple, while others require learning DIY skills. Reupholstering gives new life to furniture, saving you from having to purchase new

Moen Shower Slider Bar Installation

Some Moen shower head models come with a slide bar that mounts to the shower or bathtub surround. The slide bar literally allows the shower head to slide up and down, changing the height of the shower's spray. You must mount the slide bar onto the surround before you can install the shower head, alt

How to Remove Part of a Kitchen Counter With a Splash Guard

Replacing part of a damaged countertop with an attached sink splash guard is not as difficult as may seem. Rather than removing the entire counter, look for a seam separating the damaged section from the unblemished part. This allows you to take out just the damaged section. After all, replacing jus

How to Make New Wood Look Old and Rough

New wood is usually milled to perfection, with straight lines, smooth surfaces and clear, bright grain. It has no scratches, stains, holes, cracks or dents and is a clear light color. But if you want to use new wood to repair something old and rough (like bare floorboards) or you are aiming for an o

How to Replace Wheels on a Mirrored Closet Doors

Mirrored closet doors make a small room look and feel bigger. Over time, the wheels will become worn out and need replacing. Because of the many styles and configurations, there is no one specific way to replace the wheels on a mirrored closet door. However, the general replacement process is the sa

Ceramic Tile Installation Jobs

Ceramic tile has a myriad of uses in both residential and commercial buildings. Ceramic tile is a floor covering and is used for kitchen countertops and backsplashes. In bathrooms, ceramic tile works well for tub and shower surrounds and wall covering. One of the aspects of ceramic tile that makes i

Waterproofing Basements With Cove Base

Wet basements lead to mold damage and possible ruin of items stored there. You can install a sump pump to discharge water outside, but other options for basement protection include waterproofing. Cove Base forms one part of the two-piece Water Trek Aqua Route system for waterproofing basements.

Metal Shrinking Tools

Shrinking metal helps you remove imperfections such as cracks and dents from your metal piece. This is especially helpful if you have a dent in the body of your vehicle or stainless steel appliance. You need the proper tools to adequately shrink and shape your metal work piece. Always take precautio