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How to Remove a Large Aluminum Window

Homeowners wishing to upgrade their windows with a set of vinyl or wood windows often face the task of removing the old aluminum ones first. This article will show you how to do this safely and with minimum damage to the surrounding wall.

How to Install Folding Doors

Folding doors are used in a variety of applications, such as separating existing rooms, providing privacy to small areas of your home or closing off closets. Folding doors are just that, a door with hinges in the middle that folds and slides along a track. Folding doors are light, convenient and eas

How to Use Foreign Toilets

When you are traveling abroad, you may not always encounter toilets that are similar to those in your home. In most major foreign cities, you will find flushing toilets similar to those in the United States. However, you can still come across toilets in other countries that can leave you scratching

How to Build a Japanese Platform Bed

Imbue your bedroom with a sleek, minimalist design aesthetic with a Japanese platform bed. The bed frame consists of a slightly raised, wooden platform on which a mattress is placed. The simple design of a Japanese bed makes it a feasible home woodworking project. Construct your own king-size platfo

How to Install Ceramic Tiling

There are many choices of tile to use when tiling a wall—slate, marble, porcelain—but for a relatively easy and inexpensive project that looks great and offers the widest variety of styles and colors, it’s hard to beat ceramic. The tiles are easy to cut, lighter than many other mat

How to Install Laminate Flooring

While you may want the look of hardwood floors in your house, you probably don't want the extra effort required to maintain hardwood floors. Therefore, a good alternative may be laminate flooring. With laminate flooring you can have the look of hardwood, but you won't spend hours and money on mainte

How to Put a Pet Door in a Glass Door

Your pets do not have opposable thumbs to open a glass door; therefore, they must recruit your assistance every time they want to go outside or come back inside. Sometimes these requests can come at the most inopportune moments, causing you to interrupt work, dinner, laundry or your favorite televis

Recommendations for a Trailer Roof Coating

In the U.S., the word "trailer" can apply equally to a towed recreational vehicle and to a static, sited manufactured home. Both are constructed in similar ways, and manufacturers of both types of trailer use similar materials. Products for coating and re-coating trailer roofs must combine ease of a

Plexiglass vs. Glass Storm Window

Storm windows are an inexpensive way to reduce energy costs for homes with loose-fitting windows. While they do not significantly increase the insulation performance of single-glazed glass windows in good condition, field studies show they can decrease air infiltration out of and into existing windo

What Causes Ceramic Floor Tiles to Crack?

Ceramic tile floors can sometimes crack.wooden texture of the floor - ideal background image by Elnur from Fotolia.comCeramic tiles come in seemingly limitless sizes, colors and shapes. They are an economical, and often more durable, alternative to real stone and provide superior...

How To Dispose of Fallen Leaves

Every spring you enjoy the trees leafing out only to be left with the autumn mess of cleaning them up. Deciduous trees put on quite a show, but when it's all over, you can end up knee deep in dead leaves. Luckily, there are some things you can do to make the cleanup easier, less stressful and more p

Removing Floating Flooring

Floating floors, whether laminate or hardwood, are installed to rest above the subfloor below. There is no extensive system of nails or layer of adhesive holding the boards in place. The weight of the boards, as well as the locking mechanism between the individual planks, is sufficient to secure the

How to Calculate Gallons by Volume

Whether you own a swimming pool, an aquarium or any type of cylindrical object, you can calculate the volume by gallons in a very easy way. Calculating the volume allows you to determine the exact capacity of your pool or aquarium. Moreover, it will give you the necessary parameters to figure out th

How do I Make a Base for Writing Desk?

Making the base for a simple wooden writing desk is as simple as gathering a few supplies. You can build the base with pieces of wood that you may already have lying around your garage or workshop. When finished, you will have created a sturdy wooden base for a basic writing desk that will last for

How to Repair Cracks in a Cement Floor

Cement floors can crack or break after years of wear and tear. Repairing cracks in the cement floor is a simple procedure but can expand into a three-day project, as cement needs time to completely dry before being used again. If you wish to repair cracks in your cement floors, plan the project in a

About Kitchen Backsplashes

A kitchen backsplash, in addition to serving a practical purpose, can be a vital design element. A backsplash can add visual interest and a sense of completion to any kitchen, and can be made from a wide variety of materials to suit any taste or design scheme.

How Much Larger Should a Door Frame Be Than the Door?

Door frames begin six inches wider than the finished door.door frame image by Greg Pickens from Fotolia.comProper SizingFrom the normal 16-inch spacing between wall studs, add two-by-fours so that the opening between them is 6 inches wider than the door you are installing. Add an...

What Glue to Use for a Tile Shower

If you want to tile a shower in your home, you must use the proper adhesives to secure the tiles and ensure that they hold under pressure. No glue provides sufficient hold to accomplish this task. Instead, you must use an appropriate mortar and other filler products to secure and waterproof the tile

How to Clean a Central Vac

A central vacuum system, also know as a central vac, usually consists of several ports located throughout your house where you can attach hoses to vacuum carpet or upholstery in each room. The dirt and dust collected through the house are transported into the central vac's base unit, which is often

How to Shingle a New Roof to an Old Roof

Adding a new roof to a house often time means replacing the shingles on the old roof. While this may sometimes be the case, in many instances the existing shingles can be saved, reducing the cost of the project as well as creating less waste in the landfill. With patience and practice, it is a simpl