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Video: How to Seal Leaking Tile Grout

Video Transcript Hi, my name is Chris Wade, and I'm a contractor from the city of Los Angeles. And today, I'm going to show you how to seal leaking grout. Most of the time, grout is pretty much okay. But in areas where there's a lot of water penetration, like a shower wall for...

Countertop Remodeling Information

The kitchen and bathroom are the most important areas in the home in terms of value and use. Remodeling them on a regular basis is one way to protect your investment. Besides replacing cabinets and fixtures or changing décor, a countertop remodel can improve the function of the space or just

Do It Yourself Invisible Fences

Many dog owners would love to be able to let their dog outdoors without worrying about it running away. Unfortunately, that is often not the case. If you do not want to build a wooden fence on your property, installing an invisible fence is your next best option. Invisible fences are installed in sm

Insulation Board Installation

Insulating your house can help cut down on your energy bills, as well as help act as soundproofing. Insulation is available in many different forms, including fiberglass insulation, loose-fill insulation, expanding foam insulation and insulation board. Insulation board is a type of insulation made o

How Solar-Powered Houses Work

Three DefinitionsA solar-powered home is a house designed to passively capture the sun's heat through windows to warm the house. Or it is a house that uses collectors on the roof to heat water for home use and to heat the building. Or, it is a house with solar panels on the roof to...

How to Snap a Chalk Line on Floor Tile

Floor tile is usually laid out in a grid pattern that starts at the middle of the floor, then proceeds toward the walls. That way, the cut tiles at walls are the same size on opposite ends of the room. A standard layout begins with a chalk line, which is just a string in a winding container full of

How to Build an Attic Cedar Closet

If you have a small space in an unfinished attic and you're not sure what it's good for, why not install your own cedar closet there? With a kit of tongue-and-groove cedar boards, it's a lot easier than finishing the room in drywall, and the cedar will give a fresh, clean aroma to your clothes while

What Is a Solid Core Door?

Solid core doors are found on the majority of commercial openings as well as most home entryways. These doors may feel like one piece of lumber, but are actually made from many layers of material. They are constructed around a solid piece of base material, or core, and may have a variety of differen

How to Make a Straight Line Without Line of Sight

It is necessary to make straight lines for many different applications around the house. Straight lines are necessary when hanging something from a wall on the inside of a house or attaching siding along the exterior of a house. There are instances in which you may need to make a straight line and y

How to Figure Per Square Foot Measurements

Knowing the square foot measurements of a room is necessary when ordering carpet, tiles and other flooring. You need to know the exact size of the floor to be able to order everything in the correct size. Measuring up your room can be difficult if your room is not square or rectangular, although the

How to Reface Formica Cabinets

Refacing Formica cabinets is most easily done by adding a new fresh layer of Formica laminate over the old. This is an easy, cost-effective method of giving your kitchen a fresh look without doing a lot to the rest of the room. In some cases you will need to remove old Formica. The conditions that r

How to Apply House Trim

House trim is the wood --- or sometimes other material --- that spans all the physical and visual joints of the house along separate sections of the facade and around the perimeters of doors and windows. In most cases, the ends of the trim are miter-cut to fit together around corners. Trimming out t

Do it Yourself Window Glazing

Eliminating the drafts coming through your old windows can be challenging. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says that caulking and weather stripping will improve the energy efficiency of your existing windows. Old wooden-framed windows usually have glazing that is either cracked

How to Test Vinyl Floor Tiles for Asbestos

Asbestos vinyl flooring is impossible to identify for certain without examining it under a microscope, unless the sample is labeled and you can identify it in a database of asbestos vinyl flooring brands. Properly identifying asbestos vinyl floor tiles is work for a professional. If your vinyl floor

Raised Ranch Exterior Design Ideas

Break out the yard tools: The right landscaping can do wonders for the appearance of a raised ranch.landscaping tools image by Horticulture from Fotolia.comA raised ranch's curb appeal often isn't the best. The somewhat upside-down style of the home--with a first-floor front doorway but...

Emergency Housing & Financial Assistance

If you are faced with a situation of potential homelessness, finding shelter is a priority. Getting into a home or apartment requires a cash deposit, so you may need to locate upfront funds. Being displaced because of eviction, domestic violence, fire or flood takes precedence, and some programs may

Slab Foundation Construction

Concrete slab construction is now the favored method in many parts of the country, especially areas where ground conditions make basements difficult to build and waterproof. Slab is economical, sturdy and in most areas a stable foundation for a house. It takes preparation, however, to build a slab f

How to Organize Children's Craft Supplies That Are Alike

Organizing things that are alike means two things, keeping them visible and easily accessible. Getting everything sorted might take a little time and a little creativity, especially if little space is available to store the craft supplies. But in the long run, it can make children's crafting project

Tips on Laying Ceramic Tile Floors

Tiling a floor in ceramic will renew any room, especially with the wide variety of sizes and styles available. While marble, slate and other types of tiling come in a few fairly standard colors and shapes, the colors and shapes for ceramic are almost limitless. Ceramic is easier to work with because