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What Size Trowel for a 5/8 Tile?

As a general rule, the larger the tile the larger the size of the trowel, with the opposite being true as well. However, this applies to the overall size of the tile, not necessarily its thickness. If you are installing 5/8-inch-thick tile, the same rules apply as with the average 3/8-inch thick cer

How to Care for a Granite Kitchen BenchTop

Granite is a beautiful stone, and its durability makes it the perfect material for kitchen benchtops. Granite is made up of volcanic magma, which might explain why it's such a strong rock. However, it is porous and can crack if subjected to too much pressure. This gorgeous stone comes in many differ

About Rent to Own

Rent-to-own companies, or lease-to-own companies, allow consumers to take home furniture, appliances and other merchandise without having to pay for it in full. The consumer rents the merchandise until they have paid the purchase price. Rent-to-own merchandise is good for consumers on a budget and c

How to Build a Wood Strawberry Pyramid

Strawberries for domestic and commercial consumption are usually grown in wooden pyramid planters when space is at a minimum. Wooden square forms stacked on top of one another create a pyramid planter that improves drainage for the plants, reduces competition from weeds and insects, and increases pr

How do I Replace a Fixed Andersen Window?

The Andersen Corporation develops high performing, environmentally friendly windows that promote energy conservation. The Andersen Corporation ranks high among many global energy-efficient leaders and is a partner with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Energy Star Organization. Replacing y

How to Build a Wooden Step Stool

A step stool is a valuable tool in the kitchen or bathroom where little feet can stand to reach the counter, sink or table. It can serve as a place to sit and can be decorated to match the preference of the child with his or her name. Once the child has grown tall enough to no longer need it, it can

How to Insulate a Basement Ceiling for Sound

Insulation stops the flow of sound waves as well as the flow of cold air. Placing insulation in a basement ceiling isolates the sound moving in both directions. It helps keep the sounds of the basement from bothering the occupants of the main floor and vice versa. The process involves many of the sa

How Should You Insulate Your Home?

Every homeowner should concern herself with properly insulating the house. Optimal levels of insulation reduce heating bills and pollution. Federal guidelines recommend that homeowners base their insulation choice on the quality of the material, not the quantity of material. Sometimes, the best way

How to Install Saltillo Tile on Wood

Saltillo tile is a handmade Mexican clay tile known for the natural variations in sizes and shape between the tiles. It's thick (usually more than 1/2 inch) and absorbent. As a result, it's important to use a lot of mortar when laying the tiles, because they tend to soak up moisture from the mortar,

Acurite Atomic Clocks Troubleshooting

Acurite atomic clocks by Chaney Instruments provide accurate time by using radio-controlled time signals transmitted from the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Fort Collins, Colorado. Here are some of the most commonly reported problems with Acurite clocks, as well as their solutions

How to Make a Storage Shed Door

Building a door is never a simple project. An outdoor storage shed door needs to be sturdy while remaining lightweight. The ideal construction uses a thin sheet of plywood for the exterior face and 1-by-4-inch planks for support. The end result is a lightweight door that remains sturdy and stable. H

Architectural Research Grants

Several foundations offer architectural research grants.architecture image by Sandra Lambert from Fotolia.comThe field of architecture continues to evolve, especially in the age of computers. New building systems, materials and theory are developed every year in the face of changing...

What Coordinates With Oak Floors & Cabinets?

Oak floors give a room a sense of warmth and casual comfort. Oak is valued for its durability and attractive appearance, as well as its ability to pair with many colors. However, when paired with oak cabinets the effect can be overwhelming, so decorators must balance the woody effect with other mate

What Causes Orange Peel When Painting?

Many techniques are used when painting surfaces. For all surfaces, whether an automobile, the interior walls of a building, crafts or even exterior walls and fences, an effect called orange peel is sometimes desirable by the painter and sometimes a nuisance. Orange peel is bumpy and uneven surface

Tile Underlayment Options

Ceramic tile requires underlayment.ceramic tile image by Karin Lau from Fotolia.comWhen building anything, the most important step you can take is to make sure you have a strong foundation. Installing a tile floor is no different, as having a good base is critical in determining how long...

How to Mix Your Own Laminate Floor Cleaner

Laminate floors are found in many homes; they are attractive and they last nearly a lifetime. To keep your laminate floors looking brand new, you can purchase a chemical cleaning product designed for use on laminate, but many of these products are harmful to the home, leave behind a layer of hazy fi

How Much Borax to Put in a Pool

Borax is a chemical substance used in a wide variety of household products as well as numerous home cleaning remedies. This compound is manufactured by combining boron and sodium elements. One of the most common modern uses for Borax is in swimming pools. When added to pool water, Borax can raise po

British Gypsum Tools

Plasterboard is one of the most common building supplies used in interior finishing and remodeling.Amy Eckert/Photodisc/Getty ImagesBritish Gypsum Tools is one of the leading manufacturers of tools for use with drywall (sometimes known as plasterboard, wall-board, or gypsum-board)....

What Is Engineered Wood Flooring?

Engineered wood flooring is a building material used to construct wooden floors in residential and light-commercial applications. It consists of planks or boards that look just like solid hardwood, but cost just a fraction of the price. Engineered flooring is made from a plywood or composite base, t