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How to Remove a Toilet to Lay Hardibacker

Hardibacker consists of flat panels designed to install on floors before adding ceramic tile. It is also water-resistant, preventing damage to the subfloor in the case of failing grout or a broken tile. If you are installing tile and Hardibacker on your bathroom floor, you must remove the toilet fir

Easy Chicken House Plans

If you want to bring a bit of the country to your suburban life, consider keeping chickens. With a little planning and some research, you can build a chicken habitat that may soon result in fresh organic eggs for you and your neighbors.

Ceiling Insulation Types

Insulation is used to reduce thermal transfer through the walls and roof of a building. For homes with little or no ceiling insulation, adding insulating materials can have a big impact on energy consumption and comfort levels. Ceiling and roof areas are also one of the easiest areas in the home to

Cool Rooms for Kids

If your kid has been begging you for a room redesign, it is worth considering. A colorful living space provides mental stimulation and inspiration for your child. Surround your kid with colorful, creative decor to jump-start his imagination and attitude. Having a cool room to call her own will keep

How to Choose Bathroom Lighting

Even though bathrooms are generally small spaces, lighting is very important when considering what type of light to purchase. Every area of the bathroom needs to be well-lit, but not glaring or overpowered by light. Even windows, sources of natural light, need special consideration in this room sinc

Do it Yourself Patching Cracks in Concrete

Cracks in concrete are inevitable in parts of the country that are subject to freezing and thawing temperatures. In some cases, the contractor may not have properly laid the concrete, resulting in cracks. No matter how the cracks came to be in the concrete, you can fix concrete with the right tools

How to Lay Underlayment for Tile Roofs

Clay or concrete roof tiles are an attractive home upgrade that is also durable enough to withstand severe weather conditions. The Tile Roofing Institute notes that a tile roof will easily outlast other roofing materials. A well-cared for tile roof can remain intact for as many as 100 years. Before

How to White Glaze Kitchen Cabinets

Glazing kitchen cabinets is an easy way to provide an antique look to the cabinets and is an ideal way to get the feel of customized cabinetry without paying a high price for the customization. The glazing process is not difficult, and glazing your cabinets is a do-it-yourself project that can be co

How to Replace the Rear Safety Glass Door on a Leer Camper Shell

A Leer camper shell not only provides a cover for cargo, it can also protect the truck bed from the elements and be used for roadside camping when no shelter is available. Leer produces a variety of these camper shells, and all are customized to fit a specific truck bed. Over time, the rear glass do

How to Choose an Air Nailer

For carpenters, hammer and nails comprise the most basic tool set. Hammering, however, becomes tiresome, especially if your project entails roofing or framing. For these types of projects, power air nailers maximize productivity. As you shop for an air nailer, you'll soon discover that there are

Putting Tin Tile on a Ceiling

A pressed tin tile ceiling can give your room an appearance straight from the Victorian era. Tin ceiling tiles come either as powder-coated for an enameled appearance or bare, which you can paint to accent your room decor. Hanging a tin tile ceiling can take up to several days, but you can do it you

Creative Ways to Divide a Room

In a smaller home, a room may be used to serve dual purposes. A living room and dining room combination is one of the most common examples of shared spaces. If you have a setup like this in your home, you may wish to formally divide the room to create distinct areas for each purpose. Traditionally,

How to Seal Bathroom Windows in a Shower

The bathroom windows of a shower need to be insulated just as much as the other windows in a home. Applying a sealant to the window frame protects the shower from drafts and other outdoor elements. It also prevents leakage, as a shower stall is constantly exposed to water and moisture. Properly seal

How to Burn Anthracite Coal

With the recent concern over home heating costs, anthracite coal is re-surging in popularity. For many consumers, a greener option such as natural gas or solar power is not yet affordable or accessible. No longer the dirty process of yesteryear's bituminous coal, anthracite is proving i

How to Utilize the Space Under a Deck

The space under your deck can be useful, no matter what size it is. A second-story deck can be used as an outdoor living space, essentially giving you an upper and lower outdoor entertaining area. Spaces under first-story decks are great for storage. You can store items that you use under your deck,

How to Install a Suspended-Ceiling Grid

A suspended ceiling is made up of steel framing that forms a grid structure several inches below the ceiling level. The grid is then filled with acoustical tiles, which are easy to insert and remove by hand. This type of ceiling is very affordable, and is easy to install using only simple tools and

How to Repair Cracks in Shower Tile

Ceramic tile is among the most commonly used materials in bathroom and shower finishing, as it is a generally waterproof material when installed properly. In moist environments like showers, keeping water from direct contact with the internal components of the wall is a priority. Over time, even til

How to Buy a Solar Electric Power Plant

Solar electric power plants can reduce your electric bill to zero, but many factors enter the equation in this possibility. If you are a savvy investor who wants to save money, you may see a solar power plant as a worthwhile investment despite the large upfront costs. Solar power can be the cleanest

Free Homemade Closet Designs

Building a homemade closet is a simple project for everyone, including beginners. The best part about designing your own closet is that you can customize it according to your needs. Some designs take longer to accomplish, while very basic designs can be completed in as little as two days. The closet