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How to Repair Holes in an Original Hardwood Floor

An old, original hardwood floor goes through a lot of wear and tear over the years, including the potential of gouges or holes caused by dropping objects on it. A hole in the surface of hardwood can allow moisture to get under the protective finish of the floor and cause further damage, so it's some

How to Lay Tongue and Groove Flooring on Steps

Stairs covered with tongue and groove flooring use engineered wood flooring planks across the tread's body and a rounded nose cap along the tread's overhang. The nose cap gives each stair tread a finished surface along its exposed edge. The installer custom-cuts each tongue and groove plank to fit t

How to Level Out Tiles on a Countertop

If you're tiling a counter with marble, granite, slate or any other straight-cut stone tile, it's especially important that the tiles be leveled out even with one another. It's not as much of an issue with ceramic or porcelain, which tend to have "soft" edges, but with straight-cut stone, the sharp

How do I Finish a Cindercrete Basement?

Finishing a cindercrete -- cinder block -- basement is something most homeowners can accomplish. The first step is to decide what the finished basement is to be used for -- a playroom, added living quarters, a workshop or artist studio or a recreation and bar-type area. That will determine whether y

Proper Adjustment of Columbia Sliding Screen Door Rollers

Columbia is an American company that manufactures and sells windows and doors. It markets its products in 10 states in the central U.S., extending from eastern Wyoming to Illinois and south to Texas. Sliding patio doors are among the products Columbia manufactures. As with all sliding patio doors, a

How to Make a Makeup Desk

If you wear makeup on a regular basis, you have probably experienced having to apply it in a tiny bathroom or similar cramped space. There is no reason why you should have to subject yourself to these less than optimal conditions, however. You can create a makeup desk that is specially designed for

How to Refinish a Rustoleum Countertop

Rustoleum is a high-grade surface coating that can last for several years. It generally won't chip or peel even under relatively intense day-to-day friction. However, like most any other surface coating, it can begin to look faded and tarnished over time. If you need to refinish a Rustoleum countert

Ideas for Bathroom Walls on a Budget

Remodeling a bathroom is often a costly undertaking, and for people living on a budget, decorating the bathroom isn't usually a top priority. Fortunately there are many affordable ways to spruce up a bathroom. Decorating the bathroom walls can change the look of the entire room, quickly, attractivel

How to Install Underlayment for Tile

Providing a secure, stable and well-fastened underlayment is important when working with a tile project. Giving the tiles a smooth, flat surface will help minimize grout and tile-cracking from expansion and contraction due to temperature and humidity changes. Many tiling projects will need an underl

How to Build Sleep and Study Lofts

Sleep and study lofts are an elegant solution to the cramped spaces of many dorm rooms. They maximize vertical space by giving students a sleeping "rack" at about eye level, with space below for sitting, working on a computer and socializing. Essentially, this is a loft bed. The only diffe

How to Landscape With Glass Blocks

You can use many different kinds of materials to create interesting landscaping features. Wood, stone, brick and gravel are just a few materials commonly found in today's landscape designs. Glass block is another choice that can provide functional demarcations with natural light-reflecting propertie

About Teak Lumber

Teak lumber is made from the wood of the teak tree, a native of Southeast Asia. Teak is primarily used in the flooring industry in the United States, although it is sometimes used for other purposes. Teak wood contains natural oils that resist weathering, and the wood itself is very resistant to ter

How to Install Glass Block Windows in Siding

A glass block window can be added as a decorative element to the exterior wall of your house. You can do this by first cutting the opening and then adding the framing. This will require cutting and removing siding where the window opening will be located. Once the glass block has been installed, you

Tips for Tiling Kitchens

Over time, tile has evolved as a natural covering composed of materials like sand, clay, feldspar and quartz. When the earthen material is baked at thousands of degrees Fahrenheit, the result is a ceramic tile that can be cut into squares. Tiles can liven up your kitchen as decorative and functional

Rustic Kitchen Ideas

If you want your kitchen to be warm, cozy and inviting, a friendly place for family and friends to sit, chat and cook, then a rustic style kitchen may be the perfect fit for you. Rustic kitchens are marked by natural materials, bright, warm colors and loads of natural light. With a little planning a

Information About Blown Insulation

Insulating is an important part of keeping heating and cooling costs down and making your home more comfortable. Insulation is available in different types and applications including cellulose and polyurethane, which are installed by spraying or blowing the materials into position.

How to Install an Attic Ridge Vent

Your attic needs a way to get rid of heat and moisture buildup in the interior air, and the amount of ventilation it has can play a big part in the exterior life of your home, including the roof shingles. You can improve outward air flow by installing a roof ridge vent at the roof peak of the house.

Types of Awnings

Awnings can shade windows, doors and other areas.building with awnings and balconies image by dav820 from Fotolia.comAn awning is a cover that extends like a roof over an area, such as over a deck or above a door or window. Awnings provide protection from the weather. For example, awnings...

How to Install a Ceiling

Installing a ceiling is easy as long as you have the right tools and the knowledge of construction. You and another person can easily complete this project. Having another person there to help hang the drywall for the ceiling will not only speed up the process but make it much easier. Using drywall

How to Install a Door Strike Plate

To install a door strike plate, you must first mark the location of the plate on the door jamb. Next, a hole must be drilled in the jamb to accept the door lock bolt. A mortise, or recess, must be made in the door jamb to accept the strike plate. The mortise needs to be as deep as the strike plate i