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How to Make Wine Bottle Charms

Wine bottle charms are decorations that are hung around the neck of a wine bottle. They can dress up a bottle given as a present or mark the occasion for which the wine is given, and can be used in place of a gift bag or bow. By making the wine bottle charm yourself, you have the opportunity to add

Easy Fixes for Old Bathrooms

It doesn't take long for a bathroom to look dated, as styles come and go quickly. Also, various fixtures can become worn over time. If you're trying to sell your home, a tired old bathroom can turn off prospective buyers. Fortunately, there are many quick and easy ways to enliven your bathroom, whet

Mahogany vs. Cherry Wood for Cabinets

If you want to install high-end cabinets in your home, cherry and mahogany are two types of wood to consider. Both of these types of woods are commonly used in cabinet making because they feature fine wood grains and structural durability. Mahogany offers a luxurious, exotic appearance for the home

Preventative Maintenance & Inspection of Exterior Curtain Walls

Curtain walls are walls on which no significant weight is placed. These walls are made out of thinner, more aesthetic materials and are "hung" from buildings rather than providing support from the foundation up. Most curtain walls either add to the overall look of the building or protect certain par

Can the Finish on Hardwood Floors Be Repaired?

Hardwood floors add a warm glow to many rooms, but they require careful treatment and consistent maintenance. When accidents occur, your hardwood floors can suffer scratches or more serious damage. Fortunately, in many cases, you can restore your hardwood floors to their original luster with relati

How to Fix a Hole in Glass So It Is Waterproof

All it takes is one fly ball, one rock on the side of the road or one curious bird and suddenly your window has a small hole. Whether the hole appears on a window on your home or on your vehicle's window, you need repair options fast. Waterproof repairs keep water and moisture from seeping inside, w

How to Redecorate a Small Bathroom

Redecorating a small bathroom might seem daunting at first, but with a little forethought and preparation and just a little stash of cash, a fresh, updated bathroom can make a huge impact. For those who rent, check with the landlord before making any changes. For homeowners, keep a timeline for sell

6" Hardwood Plank Installation

The great thing about six-inch hardwood planks, rather than two- or three-inch planks, is that the former take less time to install because of the reduced number of planks required to cover the floor or wall--one six-inch plank will cover the same area as two three-inch planks. If you are planning o

How to Install a Kenmore Stackable Washer & Dryer in a Small Space

A stackable washer and dryer unit is useful in small laundry rooms and small apartments. However, installing this type of washer/dryer unit in a tight space requires creative maneuvering. Smaller people will find it easier to position themselves behind or to the side of the washer/dryer. People who

How to Replace a Damaged Wood Laminate Plank

Wood laminate flooring systems today are designed to fit together like jigsaw puzzles. They're held together by tongue-and-groove milling on the sides of the boards but otherwise unattached to anything (the floor trim holds them down). If a board on the floor is damaged, the bad news is, you probabl

Removing Brown Scratches on a Glass Cooktop

Accidentally scraping the bottom of a dirty pot or pan against a glass cooktop can result in brown scratches on the appliance. While little can be done about deep scratches, light scratches can be buffed away using a common household item. Refrain from using any product that is too abrasive on your

Bathtub Tile Repair

Bathtub surrounds constructed out of tile are beautiful, but they might at some point in time need to be repaired. Mold can grow in the grout lines, and grout lines crack. Cracked grout lines allow water in behind your tile. When this happens your tile will begin to come loose from your wall. If you

How to Clean a Solid-Surface Vanity

Because solid-surface vanities are made of durable composite materials, keeping them clean requires few steps. These nonporous materials resist stains and mold. While harsher chemicals should not harm your solid-surface vanity, it's best to use them only as needed instead of daily. If you stain your

Ideas for Family Room Additions

Examples of different types of games to use as design image by Patrizier-Design from Fotolia.comA family room can be one of the most important rooms you design in your home, as it is meant to be an inviting room to unite and connect your family. Knowing how your family...

How to Clean Wooden Shutters

Shutters need to be washed and cleaned before they can be painted. This is a necessary task that will insure a good coverage when you apply the next coat of paint. However, you might find it necessary to take down your shutters once during year and give them a good "spring" cleaning. This may be es

How to Mix Drywall Mud to Texture Ceilings

Instead of purchasing texture compound, many people use drywall mud to texture their recently-finished ceiling. Simply water down the drywall mud, pour it into a texture machine's hopper and spray it onto the ceiling. How much you dilute the drywall mud determines the size of texture lumps the hoppe

How to Install Fake Ceiling Beams

A wood beam installed on the ceiling adds architectural interest to a room. A fake ceiling beam adds this detail at a fraction of the cost of a real, hand-hewn wood beam. Faux wood beams come in a variety of wood-look choices. You can find beams with smooth surfaces, as well as beams that look like

Pros & Cons of Bamboo Floors

As more consumers become disenchanted with the idea of installing increasingly environmentally unfriendly hardwood flooring, the popularity of bamboo flooring has been increasing. Bamboo flooring is made by cutting bamboo stalks into strips and gluing these strips into boards. But many shoppers have

How to Replace a Exterior Door Mortise Lockset With a Modern Lockset

Mortise locks are among the oldest lock styles; they feature a large relatively rectangular piece of trim with a keyhole and a large internal lock assembly. Many require locking with a key from either side, while some operate externally with a key and internally with a thumb-turn. There are many mod

How to Build on Your Own Lot in Middle Tennessee

Owning a lot gives you the ability to build the type of home that you want, which means you get all the perks you want without the stuff you don't. Furthermore, you do not have to go through realtors to find a home to live in. The process will require you to learn about State of Tennessee regulation