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Lemon Squeezer

Pictures and Prices of antique kitchen tools - Lemon Squeezer


Inclusions in pottery defined.

What is a Bali Bead?

You have heard the term no doubt, but what exactly is a "Bali Bead"? The answer may seem apparent - any bead from Bali should fit the bill. In fact, the term is more specific. It traditionally refers to hand made, Sterling Silver Beads from Bali, Indonesia.

Hard Rock Bear Jar #1

You can buy their t-shirts, trade the pins, collect shot glasses, eat a great hamburger AND now you can have their cookie jars.

Wreaths - Beautiful Year Round Decor

Did you know that wreaths were first used in the historical cultures of Persia?Through the years, wreaths have expanded their territory and are no longer just for Christmas.Living Wreaths and Laurel Wreaths are examples of year round decor.They can be decorated for any occasion or any holiday.How ab

How to Antique Black Furniture

Original antique furniture can cost a fortune. With some creative painting techniques, you can achieve the same look with new materials. You will get a custom look and a beautiful patina if you do it right. Antiquing gives a piece of furniture two different colors that you then distress to give the

Create A Replica Of Wolf Creek Pass With Your RC Construction Toys

Test your remote control driving skills, and those of your friends, with a mountain road you build with your RC construction toys. Make this a scaled replica of Wolf Creek Pass in Colorado, and you'll have hairpin turns and switch back curves to give you fun times for all your radio control mod

Arrowhead Collecting

Arrowheads have been used by Native Americans and other ancient cultures for thousands of years. Also known as "spearheads", they were a vital tool that allowed hunters have an effective weapon.

Coffee Filter Crafts

You can use coffee filters for more than just brewing a pot of coffee. Check out all of these fun crafts you can make.

Differences Between a Demitasse & Sugar Spoon

Demitasse spoons are used to stir espresso drinks.kaffee image by Dron from Fotolia.comThroughout the 19th century, when etiquette called for a different type of utensil for every kind of food, "silver spoons became an avenue of artistic and individual expression," according to Antique...

Get Ready For Summer-Pottery and More by the Pool

Most people don't think of electric kilns when they think of summer. But with temperatures rising, there has never been a better time to "fire up" and get the outside of your home ready for entertaining with pottery and plates to enjoy by the pool or in the garden.

Toy Collecting Is Not Child's Play

A guide to toy collecting including how to figure out the kind of toys that you would like to collect and how to determine their condition. When I was young I wish I keep all my toys I would had made a load of money and also been a very good investment. All my toys brought me so much happiness as a

How to Lubricate Antique Transits

Theodolites are the primary tool of the surveyor. They can be used to calculate a number of different values necessary in surveying, but have engineering, architectural and rocket science applications as well. Surveying Theodolites developed in the 19th century were called "transits" and many are st

Tips For Raising Beginner Bonsai Trees

Exactly what are Bonsai trees? They are tiny and attractive versions of larger trees. To maintain their small size, they must exist in shallow pots. Just about any variety can become a bonsai tree.

Day 2 - Angels

Try one or more of these free angel craft projects.