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Cleaning Antique China, Pottery or Porcelain

Antique collecting has its perks. Great finds, good financial returns and a satisfied soul are just some of the many "bonuses" one can get from this hobby. But these things don't come easily and sometimes, much effort is needed from the person.

The Need for Self Defense Techniques

It's an unfortunate fact of the human condition that we need to know self defense techniques. Whether you're a soldier, a police officer, an orderly in a psychiatric ward or a normal person walking the ...

Scattered Body Parts

See a photo of stuffed body parts you can use as a haunted house prop, submitted by Sherri.

3 Reindeer Card

Check out this photo of a 3 Reindeer card made by me.

Bird Watching - Is it a Group Activity

Whether you choose to go bird watching alone or with a single other person or with a group is really a matter for personal preference.All three have pros and cons.

How to Create Decorative Hanging Postcards and Hanging Crystals

These postcards become delightful wall hangings. You can also hang them over a doorknob or handle of a cupboard door. You can create these using old postcards or your own old greeting cards from family and friends. Be creative with your embellishments. Add your own personal touch and use your favori

Juki Sewing Machines - Fit For Your Household Or Semi-Professional Needs

Juki Sewing Machines are a product of "Mind and Technology" and they cater to your household and semi-professional needs. Their household sewing machines are equipped with all of the sewing capabilities that will make you enjoy needlework like straight stitching, zigzag stitching and butto

If You Have a Printer, You'll Love Free Printables

Maybe you haven't heard about free printables.They are a great resource for free stuff that you can print from your own computer.There are free printables available for everything from birthday party invitations and greeting cards to cute crafts and other fun stuff that will help you keep the k

Open Basket, Stars on Apron

There are many variations of Hull and Regal Little Red Riding Hood jars, the value of the jar depends on the decoration.

Fire Brick Substitutes

Fire bricks are dense ceramic bricks made especially to line kilns and ovens. They can withstand and contain extremely high temperatures. If you are building a brick oven for personal use, you may want to try a cheaper alternative to specialized firebrick. You also may want to try an alternative if

Purchasing Candles at Wholesale

Candles are vastly used all over the world by many different types of people. They have so many uses in which are all significant in some way to particular people. Some use them for prayer, others use them for romantic dinners, then there are those who use them for the scent to invigorate their hous

Arts And Crafts

Arts and crafts is a whole group of activities and hobbies that are related to making various things out of ones own hands and skills.The arts and crafts skills can be further sub divided into traditional crafts, also known as the handicrafts and the rest of the skills. Traditional crafts and many o

The Secrets of Shadow Embroidery

Shadow embroidery is a technique that creates mysterious shadow effect on the stitched cloth. It is also known as a Whitework technique. Shadow embroidery is done on dress accessories, childrens clothes, lingerie and household linens.

How to Make Sock Puppets

If you are looking for easy craft ideas or kids crafts projects, here is an article on How To Make Sock Puppets. I co-teach a Puppet Theater class to children during the summer and thought it would be nice to share this project with others.

Top 5 Tips When Purchasing Collectible Teddies

It is really amazing as to how long the ubiquitous teddy bear has been in existence and still continues to maintain its popularity. Well, it has been around since the year 1902 and legend has it that it was due to the effort of a cartoonist Cliff Barryman as well as of a shopkeeper at Brooklyn who f

Get Your Monthly Goa Flower Delivery

Flowers are the best means of conveying the right emotions to loved ones .The language of flowers is limitless and does not recognize any boundaries.Mother's Day or Valentine's Day, birthdays or death anniversaries, they are all synonymous with flowers and floral arrangements.


Definition of the crafting term 'Tesserae' - small tile, stones, pieces of glass, and other objects that are pieced...