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Finding Clocks for Collectors

There is no doubt that modern technology is changing the way people view the world. As the globe shrinks through continual, lightning fast communications, time seems to be a luxury that most people don't have. Instead of relying on timepieces as our link and connection to work and responsibilit

Beads Galore For All Crafters

For many of us beads hold a fascination, especial crystals and glass ones that have a sparkle when the light reflects on them. There are many beautiful glass beads available, but somehow the Italians seem to have perfected this art. Their beads are exquisite and very desirable.

Civic Type A Plus - Highway Test And Characteristics

The cockpit is made to please the driver, which demonstrates the interest towards him. When you place the key in the main locking mechanism and switch it to the end, the lighting in the car and all the functions start, but not the vehicle. To start the car you have to switch the main "Engine St

The Safety Behind Nitro Rc Cars

Using the petrol fueled radio controlled car is the fastest and the best way of having a remote controlled high performance car. Amongst toy cars, petrol RC cars have been adopted off the spectrum of nitro cars.

Harry Potter Prices Realized/Sale Prices

The following is a sampling of price from online auctions andonline web stores.

Note: single online auctions are not always a true measure of value,much depends on the timing of the auction, wording of auction, pictures and competition alwaysis a big part, especially when there are two bidders th


Definition of the crafting term 'Sculpture' - A three-dimensional work of art...

Painting And Dry Brushing Your Model Plane

After gluing, screwing and assembling your model plane, the next important process is painting your airplane, so that it looks as realistic as a real one. You will first have to prepare your entire plane ready for painting. This means removing all the visible joints, excess glue lines and drops, sea

Collecting Owls

Owls for Halloween, owls for books, owls for everything -- especially for Halloween.

How to Protect Old Tins

Before mass production of cardboard and plastic storage containers, people stored perishable items, such as coffee, spices, candy, tobacco and talcum powder, in painted and labeled tin containers. These tin containers, commonly referred to as "old tins," "vintage tins" or "antique tins," have become

Polar Express Train Set In O-gauge

Well there is no real reason to be confused the simplest explanation is there are two gauges the O-gauge made of metal and the G-gauge made of plastic. So of course the metal will be the model that costs more money.

Ghostly Graveyard Treat

Free instructions for making an edible Halloween craft, submitted by Laura Paresa.

Valentines Day Celebrations For Singles!

If you're a person who finds it important to live a spiritual life, or if you're with your soul mate or your Twin Flame soul mate, it may seem daunting to add spiritual relevance to Cupid's festivities.