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The Effects of Mold on a Maytag Neptune

The washing machine may be the culprit.dirty laundry image by jedphoto from Fotolia.comMaytag Neptune washing machines produced between April 1, 1997, and Aug. 9, 2004, were the subject of a class action lawsuit filed against Maytag. These particular washing machines emitted a strong mold...

How to Use a Black and Decker Flavor Scenter Steamer Plus

Black and Decker offers a wide range of kitchen products to prepare and cook food. Among these items is the Flavor Scenter Steamer Plus. The steamer creates healthy meals by steaming food items. The steamer allows users to add flavor steamed into the dish using a flavor-scenter screen. It’s im

Installing a Vacuum Cleaner Belt

A vacuum cleaner belt turns the beater bar. The bar loosens and lifts dirt and debris in the carpet so the sweeper can suck them up. It also lifts up the carpet nap. When the belt becomes worn, it loosens and can't turn the beater bar as fast as it should. If you notice that your vacuum cleaner isn'

How to Avoid Chemicals in Tap Water

Because of the chemicals in tap water, many people have started drinking bottled. People buy it by the case, thinking that it is purer, safer or better tasting than what they can get at home. But, we don't worry about the chemicals in our tap water, what's our secret?

Wood Stove Pads Are a Must With Wood Burning Stoves

Adding a wood stove to your home can be a great way to make your home feel cozy and warm during blustery winter weather.Wood stoves are free-standing units that can be added to any room in your house. However, most homes don't have any provision made for a fire-resistant hearth to protect your

How to Install an AC Unit in the Wall

An air conditioner, according to "Popular Mechanics," allows you to lower the temperature of the air in a room. Comfort levels can fall between 61°F and 86°F. Air conditioners can be permanently installed into an exterior wall. Installing an air conditioner unit in the wall may be desirable

Simple Projects to Take Care of on Your Plumbing, Heating and Air

Home improvement is something you will have to deal with on a daily basis. Three areas that you will often run into that do not have to be a hassle with your home anymore is plumbing, heating and air. Here are some simple solutions to these areas of concern.

How Do I Change a Phone Jack?

Changing a phone jack can seem like a complicated process, due to the multiple wires. However the process is actually quite simple. Before starting the process, determine what kind of telephone jack is currently connected (flush or surface mounted). A flush mounted jack is the type where the teleph

How To Prepare Your Roof For The Winter

The winter season can be a pleasant, albeit frigid, time for all. As fall takes form and winter approached, the holidays are just around the bend and soon, the festivities will have begun.

How do I Install a Leviton Toggle Dimmer Light Switch?

Dimmer switches add ambience to a room by decreasing the amount of power to a light fixture, which allows you to choose the level of brightness. Toggle dimmer switches look like ordinary light switches but one side of the switch is manipulated by hand to increase or decrease the light level. Dimmers

Furnace Service Tips

Furnaces are found in homes and used for heating. There are several types of furnaces available.

How to Use a Vapor Steam Cleaner

Steam cleaners mix soap with hot water and place the solution onto a carpeted, tile, wood or fabric surface in the form of a vapor. The vapor wets the surface and the vacuum picks up the water and removes dirt from the floor. Professional steam cleaning companies will come to your home and do this f

How Does a Three-Way Switch Work?

Why would you need a three-way switch?Three-way switches are useful in large rooms, hallways or staircases where a light can be controlled from multiple positions. For instance, a three-way switch can control a light in a stairwell from both the top and bottom positions on the stairs.How...

Is a Front Loader Or Side Loader Washing Machine Best?

One of the first decisions that you'll ever make when buying a washing machine is to determine what particular type will work best for you. This is very important to decide so that your specific laundry requirements would be properly addressed. Although top-loaders are the most common type of w

How Does a Spark Igniter Switch Work in Gas Stoves?

The gas stove took the place of the wood burning stove that had to be constantly monitored for temperature control, restocked with wood and cleaned by hauling ashes out and disposing of them. The first gas stoves had a pilot light that constantly burned, and the flame from it ignited the burners. Th

Front Loading Washing Machine Vs. Top Loading

Modern washing machines come in both front-loading and top-loading varieties. Though front-loading washers are often energy efficient, more top-loading models are entering the market as energy-efficient varieties as well. Each type of unit has its advantages and disadvantages when it comes to the co

The Importance of an Air Conditioning Service

If you have an air conditioning system in your home or within your business premises then the likelihood is that you will fully appreciate just what they can do for you. The idea of sitting in a comfortable temperature all year round is one of those things that you can never fully appreciate until y

List of Gas Boilers Available on the Market

Gas boilers are one of the most energy efficient heating options available.Comstock/Comstock/Getty ImagesGas boilers offer the most energy efficient heating options for residential, commercial and industrial use. The American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy reports the annual fuel...