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What if a KitchenAid Dishwasher Stops the Cycle and Has No Power?

KitchenAid, a brand of appliances sold by the Whirlpool Corporation, offers under-the-counter and drawer dishwashers. These dishwashers come with different wash cycles and options, including energy-efficient washing and drying cycles. If your KitchenAid dishwasher stops suddenly and won't turn back

How To Declutter Your Home

I struggled with mountains of clutter for literally years.I tried just about every method in the book to get control of my clutter.

How to Test Out the Temperature Control on a Refrigerator

When the temperature in your refrigerator begins to fluctuate, there may be a problem with the temperature control. If you have adjusted the temperature manually and there is still a problem, the temperature control mechanism may need to be tested to see if it is working properly. You can test the t

Ceramic Water Dispenser: The Best Cool Water Dispenser at Home

People always want cool water to drink especially during the summer months. They get hot and thirsty all the time and it is so refreshing when there is cool water available anytime. Most people put lots of water containers inside the refrigerator and they look so messy and topsy-turvy. This has been

How to Wire a Dayton Fan Wall Control

Dayton offers a 120-volt wall control designed for ceiling fans or other adjustable electronics. This switch must be installed into the switch that controls the fan. If you need advice on which switch controls which electrical outlet, contact an electrician or the supervisor of your building. Typica

How to Make a Spring Feed Water System

Looking for the perfect country refuge, far away from a complicated life or the coming revolution? Properly contained and protected, a natural spring with a minimum flow of one liter per minute can provide a water source that is low maintenance and inexpensive to install. If you find such a spring o

Cutting Down the Costs of Expensive Home Appliances

There are a lot of useful and essential household electrical appliances present in the home, newer models and even new appliances that can help perform a number of tasks are now found in most kitchens. There are plenty of people who have spent large sums of money on their home appliances and will ha

What Are Some Features of a Toaster Oven?

You can bake muffins in a toaster ovenfreshly baked image by Shirley Hirst from Fotolia.comYou can use a toaster oven for cooking many different types of foods. It has a small size, typically from 16 by 8 inches to 20 by 10 inches. The small size is ideal for cooking small portions. If...

How to Heat Your House With an Electric Clothes Dryer

An electric clothes dryer uses quite a bit of energy. This energy creates heat, which is forced through your wet clothes, drying them, and is then vented to the outside, where the heat generously warms the great outdoors. All at your expense. Wouldn't it be nice if most of that heat could be redirec

How to Repair the Ice Maker in a General Electric Refrigerator

Occasionally the ice maker of your General Electric refrigerator can stop producing ice cubes for a number of reasons. The ice maker on the refrigerator has several parts that if not operating properly, could prevent the unit from completing the ice making cycle. When this happens, you can check a f

How to Hide a Mirror Medicine Cabinet

A medicine cabinet can dominate the room, and a mirror medicine cabinet may not suit your updated bathroom decor. If you don't need the mirror, covering the cabinet will transform the room. In interior decorating, hiding an unwanted feature requires creating an intentional effect. It's the trick of

DIY Central Heating & Air Repairs

Your heating and cooling system acts as the heart of the home by regulating the temperature, protecting building materials and keeping you comfortable. If it goes out, the cost to have a professional repairman fix the problem can range into the thousands of dollars. Not all heating and air condition

Cheap Whip Cream Chargers - Source Wisely

As the festival season is approaching and the people have become more conscious about the quality of food items, demand of cream chargers is increasing fast. Many stores offer cheap whip cream chargers of good quality. The success in having real best depends upon the wise selection of size, time and

My Dishwasher Does Not Stop

The dishwasher runs through several settings on its way through an entire wash cycle. When a dishwasher is stuck on a single setting and will not complete the cycle, the homeowner pays in time, money and wasted water and energy. Several problems can lead to a never ending cycle.

How To Choose The Best Wood Stoves For Your Home

Wood stoves have been gaining popularity over the years since they were first released. For many years, fireplaces have been considered as the top choice of people when it comes to heating systems. However, the functionality and versatility of wood stoves are starting to get noticed by homeowners re

How to Use a Welder to Fill a Hole in a Propane Tank

If you own a propane tank that has been punctured, you can repair the site of the hole by welding it closed. However, it is strongly recommended that any punctured propane tank be replaced rather than repaired. If you choose to use the propane tank for a purpose other than storing propane, you can s

Why Does a Gas Stove Start Clicking?

Modern gas stoves use electronic ignitions to operate. Electronic ignition is safer and more reliable than the older method of operation, which uses standing pilot lights.

Why Does My Surge Suppressor Keep Clicking?

A surge suppressor, more commonly known as a surge protector, acts as a line of defense between an electrical supply and your electronic devices. Sudden surges of electricity, which can provide many thousands of times the normal supply, can cause damage to or even destroy electronics by short-circui

How to Clean a Stainless Steel Toaster

Proper care is a must when it comes to kitchen appliances. Find out how to clean your stainless steel toaster. This will surely make it last longer and work efficiently throughout the years.