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Just How Important is a Simple Can Opener in Your Daily Life?

No matter how small or big the kitchen is, always the housewives will complain that there is no proper place in the kitchen to place all the utensils, electrical appliances, and some small tools in the kitchen cabinet. Usually the less used appliances will occupy a lot of place, giving no room for t

How to Remove Rust From the Side of a Refrigerator

Rust is not something you want to see on anything you own let alone your appliances. If you spot rust on something such as a refrigerator, you need to remove it as quickly as you can to prevent it from spreading. Rust eats away at metal and spreads almost like it's alive. If unchecked, it will ruin

Frigidaire Dryer Repair Questions

Frigidaire dryers are economical and reliable, but even the best appliances can go wrong. The most common problems result from user error or improper installation, but fortunately, are easy to fix. Your Frigidaire dryer comes with a limited one-year warranty, so don't attempt any repairs...

5 Ways to Lower Heating Costs This Winter

With winter rapidly approaching, many people are wondering how they can save on their heating bills over the next few months. We have some suggestions for you to consider.

Video: How to Clean Microwave Racks

Video Transcript I'm going to show you how to clean your microwave from the inside out. Our next step is going to be cleaning the microwave oven rack. This is going to be the same process as cleaning the turn table. Let me get this wet first. Spray that down. Then just use your mild...

How to Install Window Air Conditioners

With the heat of summer quickly approaching, those in homes or apartments without central air conditioner have two choices: broil all summer, or install a window air conditioning unit. Although the task might seem daunting, installing modern window units is easier than you might think. Installing

Garden Equipments To Make Your Gardening As Easy As Possible!

To get the best out of your DIY gardening, you will need the right garden equipment. At, we have a range of garden equipment to make your gardening as easy as possible; whatever type of garden you are growing.

How to Replace a Harmon Stove's Thermostat

Harman wood and pellet stoves use thermostats (they call them “room sensors”) to detect the temperature of the room and adjust their heat accordingly. The sensors run across a thin, gray wire and can be installed up to 25 feet from the stove. Since the sensor is so basic, replacing it is

A Brief History Of The Sundial

The sundial is an ancient method of timekeeping. The Egyptians were the first group of people that we have hard evidence that saw keeping time as important. Some experts believe that the Sumerians had timekeeping methods thousands of years before the Egyptians, but the proof for this theory is purel

Drum Stopped Spinning in My Whirlpool Dryer

A Whirlpool clothes dryer is designed to tumble clothes as hot air enters the drum to dry them. If your Whirlpool clothes dryer's drum stops spinning, there are several components to check for problems. Don't run your clothes dryer until you've identified and addressed the issues causing the malfunc

How to Drain Baseboard Heaters

Water in your baseboard heater piping system circulates between the boiler and the heaters continuously when you are heating your home. Since this water is reused over and over again, it will eventually accumulate sludge from mineral deposits in the water and rust from the inside of the piping. This

Repair Guide for an Amana LE1100W Dryer

The Amana LE1100W consumer electric clothes dryer is an older model dryer that Amana no longer manufactures or sells. You can still purchase replacement parts for this dryer, and service technicians still repair these models. These repairs, however, are often very expensive, costing more than the dr

About Dyson Animal Vacuums

Vacuuming can be a daily chore for pet owners, particularly during shedding season. Pet hair collects everywhere, weaving itself into carpets and upholstery, balling up in corners and under furniture. Traditional vacuums often aren't strong enough to pull up all the hair, and can even expel pet odor

Maytag Electric Dryer Identification

Maytag Corporation started in 1893, specializing in consumer and commercial appliances. It was taken over by the Whirlpool Corporation in 2006. Maytag offers different types of electric dryers. Electric dryers differ from gas dryers in that they plug into an electrical outlet for power as opposed to

How to Fix a Smoky Chimney in a Home

The chimney is constructed in home for heating, cooking or aesthetics. This is located in the kitchen, lounge, dining, bedroom or study. In the olden days people used them for cooking or heating large amounts of water for bathing. The chimney is designed with a flue which takes out the smoke through

Burning Bunnies to Heat the Home - A New Style of Central Heating?

In a world that is always trying to be greener with its energy usage, it has been announced that homes in Sweden are being heated with incinerated rabbits at a local heating plant. For many, this is one form of central heating that just goes too far.

Why Freezer Repair Needs To Be Done?

There are people these days, who would work hard all week and on the weekends, they would party like no one’s watching. This is just what a normal modern city dweller does too and he does not mind changing the day and night cycle for his work.

How to Care for a KitchenAid Coffee Maker

KitchenAid brand kitchen products are durable appliances made for everyday home use. A KitchenAid coffee maker should give you years of service, but it does require a bit of attention to keep your machine working in top condition and keeping your coffee tasting fresh. When performing any cleaning or