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The Best Quartz-Infrared Heaters on the Market

Infrared heaters use infrared rays, a specific wavelength of light, to heat solid objects like tables, beds and human bodies without heating the air in a room. These heaters allow you to heat only yourself, and many use less electricity than convection models. Electric powered infrared...

Air Purifier Efficiency - Are Getting What You Expect?

Absolute air purifier efficiency ratings are almost impossible to come by. Why does the industry hide these figures? What can you use as a guide when buying an air purifier?For far too long the air purifier industry has sold products without fully disclosing those products' real capabilities. I

Home Electrical Repairs - How to Replace a Standard Wall Outlet

Many home owners shiver at the thought of performing any electrical work around their house. "Call the electrician." Which, I can say is understandable. But with a little common sense and the correct tools, any home owner can accomplish basic electrical maintenance no matter what their ski

Can You Use Vinegar as a Rinse Agent in a Kenmore Dishwasher?

White vinegar is an effective, mild acid to use as a rinsing agent for a Kenmore dishwasher. Its chemical compounds can help break down mold and mildew growth in an older dishwasher and work to remove the smell of plastic that is often present in new ones. It is safe to use white vinegar as often as

Reasons To Get Yourself a Four Slice Toaster

Toasters have certainly graduated from the toaster that was made to look like a small pyramid that had wires and sat on the flame to toast the bread. This was shortly followed by an electric toaster that had a small door on each side where the toast was inserted.

Oil Spots on Clothing From the Washing Machine

While no one wants to empty the washing machine and find oil spots on their clothing, occasionally oil stains can happen. Multiple washing machine components operate with the help of oil, which can leak into the drum or washtub if one of them wears out. If oil regularly appears on laundry after clot

Why the Inside Air Conditioner Leaks Water

An air conditioner that is leaking water back into the house can be the result of a few different causes. Air conditioners work to condition the air by reducing the indoor temperature, but they also dehumidify the air to make it more comfortable. The water removed from the air is released into a con

Commercial Air Conditioning - The Best Cooling Solution for a Work Space

Whenever you need a cooling system for your workplace, you have to check for the appropriate solutions. A cooling system is crucial especially in workplaces which are equipped with different electrical or electronic components. These can generate a high amount of heat making the atmosphere unbearabl

Heating the Home - Using Gas Fires for Heating Your Home

Most safety and Eco-conscious households are considering using gas fires for heating their homes. A thermostat is required to use this system and if it is properly and professionally installed it provides great comfort during the winter session. The heat passes through a furnace and it is then dispe

How to Run a Gas Pipe to a New Gas Oven

If you are installing a new gas oven in your kitchen, you must use a gas appliance connector or gas pipe to connect the gas supply to the oven. It's important to know where the gas supply shut-off valve is located in your home; and if you don't have a valve installed, you should contact a profession

How to Lay a Freezer Down

Transporting a freezer can be easy if all you are doing is just picking the unit up and putting it down somewhere else. The best position for a freezer to be while in transit is upright. This prevents the oil from mixing in with the cooling and discharge lines. There are circumstances, though, that

Reinforcing Your Hide Away With Foil Garage Insulation

If you have any plans to continue using your garage as a workspace, you may want to consider how much that workspace is costing you without the proper garage insulation. You may very have put up the highest quality fiber glass in the walls, used foam board and even drywall to get the perfect finish

Why Aren't You Using A Drinking Water Filter?

Anyone can benefit from in-home drinking water filters, even if their treatment facility uses the best available system.There are things that get into the water between the facility and your tap that only a good drinking water filter can remove.

How Tumble Dryers Work

In ancient times clothes were washed in ponds, lakes and rivers which were the sources of water. After washing the clothes it had to be dried. The wet clothes were placed under the influence of hot sun and were dried using manual methods like clothes line or clothes horse. The growth in technology a

How to Wire a Seven Wire Thermostat

Low-voltage thermostats control heating and air conditioning systems from one location. Depending on the system, the thermostat could have two to seven wires. Seven wires systems have two stages of heating and cooling and are the most efficient because the unit always runs in the lowest stage unle

How to Replace a Double Light Switch

There are a few reasons you might need to replace a double light switch. The first reason can be you have painted your home and those old ivory switches just don't match the bright white walls. Could be the last time you painted, you thought it would be easier to paint the cover plate and switches r

Different Heating Options to Consider

With manufacturers like Hamilton, Maxx, Cadet, King, Trane, and Reznor on the market, it's difficult to decide on a heating option. Where are you going to need to warm up? If you're going to be inside a house or other residential space like an apartment, and electric wall or baseboard type