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How to Make Sea Water at Home

Home uses of seawater include such things as aquariums, holistic treatments and agriculture. Seawater is inexpensive and simple to produce. According to the Seafriends Marine Conservation and Education Center, seawater is a combination of salts mixed with water and gases. While the composition of se

Elevation Vs. Barometric Pressure

Barometric pressure is caused by the weight of air pressing down on the Earth. It is directly related to the air's density, which is affected by temperature and height above the ground. Aside from changes in weather, the barometric pressure changes according to how much air is above where the pressu

How to Design an Address Directory

Designing your own personal address directory can offer you the specific look and outline that is most convenient for your tastes and needs. Using standard computer tools can help you create a personal address directory with ease. Many address directories available for purchase can be costly and not

How to Splice & Solder Wires

Splicing and soldering wires represents a useful skill for any electronics hobbyist. The fundamental principle involves melting metal into the seams between two pieces of twisted-together wire. As a practical matter, a quality solder joint represents as much art as science, and any hobbyist should t

How to Trim a Walkera Helicopter

The complex nature of your radio-controlled (RC) helicopter requires that it is highly calibrated for balance to ensure stable flight. You Walkera helicopter is designed to allow you to make the necessary adjustments to maintain ultimate control over the aircraft. Learn how to trim your Walkera heli

How do I Build a Model Home?

Whether you are an architecture student, a professional architect, or a model creator by interest, you will eventually have to tackle building a model home. There are a variety of techniques for creating model homes, however using balsa wood is one of the most versatile options for model-home creati

How to Convert an LVP File

The LVP file format is used and created by the Avaya Voice Player. It is not compatible with most audio recorders, so it will need to be converted to another format if you want to listen to or edit the file in another audio player. With the free Audacity player download, you can record the LVP file,

Diode Substitution Guide

Diodes are used in almost every electronic device with a circuit board (PCB). This semiconductor component is built with a strong outer coating, but it can fail or become damaged over time. Diode substitution requires special attention to the component's orientation.

Information on the Recycling of Water

Modern society consumes a lot of water. Water that pours down kitchen and bathroom drains or runs off roofs onto concrete during rainstorms is called gray water. Water recycling treats and reuses gray water.

How to Build an HF Radio Antenna

Ham radio allows people to experiment with building antennas and operating radio gear. A homemade antenna can be as simple as connecting wires together at a feed point and running it to your ham radio for broadcasting. The most common high-frequency antenna is a dipole antenna. With an HF antenna an

How to Convert an OBJ File to Triangle

The Wavefront OBJ format is a commonly used file format for many different three-dimensional (3-D) modeling application, such as 3DS Max, Cinema 4D and Maya. The models produced and saved in OBJ format are made up of individual polygons joined to form a shape. These polygons are most often quads (fo

How to Defeat the S.I. Hulkbuster in The Incredible Hulk

The Incredible Hulk wasn't that well-received in theaters after its 2008 release, and the video game that followed didn't receive much praise, either. Still, for fans of the Hulk franchise, the game did provide several hours of fun. The Hulkbuster enemies appear when the Hulk has a high threat level

Advantages of the Gravity Hammer

The Type-2 Energy Weapon/Hammer (T2 EW/H), more commonly known as the gravity hammer, is a symbolic melee weapon wielded by the Jiralhanae, also known as the brutes, in the "Halo" series of games. It first appeared in "Halo 2," but was not available for player use until "Halo 3" and "Halo: Reach." I

How to Measure the Laser Output

It is fairly simple to measure the output of a laser using a solar panel and a multimeter. All you will need to do is compare the base energy output of solar panels with the energy output of the solar panel with the laser shining on it. One of the simplest lasers to use for this project is a laser p

What Is a Scooter Snorkel Safari?

Visitors to seaside resorts often snorkel for recreation. With recent advancements in underwater technologies, snorkelers can now easily expand the range of their exploration with scooter snorkel safaris.

How Does Epoxy Work?

The Chemical Composition of EpoxyEpoxy is a thermosetting epoxide polymer. Thermosetting means that epoxy is an adhesive that cures and cannot be uncured. An epoxide is simply a chemical that is more reactive to other chemicals; however, a polyepoxide, such as epoxy, is comprised of...

How to Convert Portlets to Servlets

Both portlets and servlets are application programming interfaces (API) used in open source languages like Java. The APIs allow developers to create web content components that can process requests and generate dynamic content on their own, without having to refresh a whole web page to generate cont

How to Grow a Geode

A geode is a formation of crystals that develops inside rock cavities. Naturally occurring quartz and calcite geodes form over several thousands of years. However, magnesium sulfate, or Epsom salt crystals are forced to grow in only a few weeks when the magnesium sulfate mineral is properly prepared

Mini 500 Specs

The Mini-500 is a small helicopter.Jupiterimages/ ImagesThe Mini-500 is a single-seat, small helicopter that is sold by the manufacturer as a kit that must be assembled by the owner. This type of aircraft is categorized as "Experimental." There are many guidelines that...