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Games to Play to Win Prizes

Most people enjoy playing games, and everyone enjoys winning prizes. Planning games for a carnival or party that award prizes to game winners will keep the players coming back to play more. Carnival-style games that award prizes can be adjusted for players of all ages and all types of parties.

How to Make a Stain That Will Mix With Beeswax

Wood stain is costly and is generally made from hazardous materials. Making your own stain from beeswax, walnut oil and natural turpentine saves money and is more safe for the environment. You can find beeswax in some supermarkets, at your local farmers market or online. Tint can be found at your lo

How to Convert a Super Cub to a Brushless Motor

Based on a full-size trainer aircraft, the Parkzone Supercub is intended for beginner RC airplane modelers. It brings together a low start up cost, large lightweight design, and minimalist three-channel controls; which all contribute to its reputation as an easy-to-fly and forgiving aircraft. Part o

What Is a Magnetic Compass?

The magnetic compass is the most well-known of all instruments used in finding direction. It is the oldest navigational instrument and has been aiding sailors to cross the seas for many centuries. Mariners can use magnetic compasses to fix a ship's position on a chart by using it to take bearings of

How to View the Great Globular Cluster With Binoculars

The Great Globular Cluster of Hercules is the most famous of all the globular clusters. A globular cluster is a huge concentration of stars held together by gravity that is in the shape of a sphere. The Great Globular Cluster can be seen with the naked eye under perfect conditions but a good pair of

How to Use Fiberglass Foam Sandwich Composite

Fiberglass foam sandwich composite allows crafters to make all sorts of covers, surfaces and shapes otherwise not possible without great expense. In fact, in some cases, the material works well for movie-set creators wanting to produce fake vehicles or furniture unavailable in retail purchase. The u

What Is a Pinewood Derby?

The pinewood derby is an annual race car event put on by the Boy Scouts of America. With the assistance of their parents, young Scouts construct their own miniature race cars out of wood. To build the cars, they use kits, which generally are composed of plastic wheels, pine blocks and metal axles. T

Ideas for Recyclable Projects

When you combine recycling with crafts, you can get a lot of possibilities. Old containers, CDs, clothes, newspapers, crayons and even dryer lint can be recycled to create new, appealing and usable items. Recycled crafts are a great way to promote recycling and also give you a way to reuse things yo

How to Make Your Own Paper: Steps & Materials

Hand-crafted paper is often used when making scrapbooks or hand-bound journals. Even though these artisan papers can be purchased at paper stores or art supply shops, they can often be expensive. Instead of buying handmade paper from an art supply store, you can make your own handmade paper from scr

Hand Saw Safety

Hand saws are essential woodworking tools. They cut through wood, metal and other materials found at home or work. However, hand saws are also very dangerous. Taking precautions while using a hand saw ensures your safety. Always be aware while operating a hand saw because one slip of the blade and y

How to Build a Fiber Optic Light

Fiber optic lights are constructed from one or more optical fibers. These fibers are the basis of fiber-optic communication, with is a technique of transmitting information by transferring light impulses. Fiber optics are an essential part of telecommunications, imaging optics, medicine and electron

How to Build a Toy Explorer Ship

An explorer ship, similar to the kind used by Christopher Columbus to sail across the Atlantic Ocean and discover America, can be in interesting toy to make for a child. For those learning how to make things out of wood, this project will help them practice and will create a simple toy.

Algae Drying Techniques

Algae is dried for use as fuel and food. Drying such a delicate substance is very challenging and requires an innovative solution. According to, the nutritional value, color and flavor of algae quickly degrades when it's exposed to high heat and oxygen. The most successful algae

Vicuna & Its Natural Habitat

Vicunas (Vicugna vicugna) are South American animals that belong to the same family of mammals as llamas, alpacas and camels. Vicunas have adapted to survive in the often harsh environments of the Andes mountains of South America. The vicuna have thick, insulating fur, which protects them from the e

Precautions When Working With Hot Plates

Hot plates, whether used for food preparation or lab experiments, can be dangerous heat sources if you don't familiarize yourself with the safety precautions associated with their use. To ensure proper heating and minimal danger, certain materials must also be used to prevent getting burned by eithe

Types of Wooden Joints

There are many variations on the basic types of wood joints.handmade candle box. image by Tom Oliveira from Fotolia.comWhenever two pieces of wood come together they form a joint. There are several basic wood joints that can be used, though, and some of them have further variation based...

ATV Trails In Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is home to a number of ATV riding trails.atvs - quads race image by muro from Fotolia.comAll-terrain vehicles, or ATVs, have become increasingly popular as motor sports become more mainstream. Riding ATVs requires off-road locations, and Pennsylvania is home to a collection...

Advantages & Disadvantages of Hybrid Cars

Hybrid cars have become the most popular alternative vehicle design around, and are certainly the most viable given current technology. Like everything else, they have their upside and their downside, but given that hybrids only recently left behind their status as a novelty, there is also a lot of

How to Make the Cobra Paper Plane

You can make any style of paper airplane, but if you want a paper airplane that has a simple design and will fly straight; you can't beat the design of a cobra paper airplane. The cobra paper airplane has a similar design to a modern jet plane and can remain in the air for about 15 seconds when thro