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How Add Lighting to Model Train Passenger Cars

Installing lighting in your passenger model trains adds a very visually appealing quality to your models. There are many lighting kits available that make this task very easy and done in a short amount of time. These kits usually have LED lights mounted to a board that fits underneath the roof of th

How Do I Build Erupting Models of Volcanoes?

While the eruption of a real-world volcano is produced by the pressure of magma (molten rock) from below the Earth's crust, the bubbly, fizzing eruption of a model volcano is a product of common household chemicals. Namely, a model volcano erupts because of the reaction between an acid (vinegar) and

Science Fair Ideas on Solid States

Students learn about solids, liquids and gases, and experiment with conditions that change things from one state to another. Water is a common material used to show physical states, such as the solid state when water turns into ice. Students can experiment with water, ice and dry ice to manipulate a

How to Find Coins in Parks

Fortunate, eagle-eyed individuals have a knack for coming across coins and other discarded valuables merely by visually scanning the ground on which they're walking. For those whose eyesight isn't quite up to this, a metal detector will help locate old and new coins in parks and schoolyards. Due to

Why Does a Proton Have a Charge of One?

Most basic science classes cover the existence and function of protons. The tiny atomic nucleic component known as the proton has been attributed with properties of positive charge, but how has science determined this?

How to Make Garden Furniture

You can make a wooden bench for the garden from lumber leftover from other projects or wood found at the local home improvement center. It is light enough for you to easily move it around the garden space as it provides style and function. This bench can also be a table but for that the builder may

How to Convert Pictoral to Ladder Diagrams

There are many ways to draw electrical circuits and each method has its uses and drawbacks. It may be necessary to convert from one diagram to another during the circuit design process. For example, a design might start with a pictoral diagram, which is a simplified diagram that only shows circuit c

Instructions to Build an Environmentally Friendly Model Car

One of the biggest sense of accomplishment a child can feel is to make something that moves on its own. You can buy model car sets for your children, but it may be more gratifying to have them create a car from simple recycled materials. A green car without the toxins and environmental hazards of pa

How to Use Scrapebook Paper on a Wood Picture Frame

When decorating your home, you can spend a lot of money on accessories, like interesting picture frames. One solution is to make your own whimsical picture frames by altering ordinary frames you already have. For example; transform a plain wood picture frame into a crafty frame to display a special

Numismatic Grading Criteria

Numismatic grading criteria emphasize a coin's eye appeal. Coins that are free from major wear, scratches and defacement are awarded the highest grades on the Sheldon scale, a rating system which denotes a coin's grade with a value from one to 70.

Majorette Tricks

Majorettes are baton twirlers. They often perform as part of a marching band, flag line or color guard, so they can frequently be seen at pep rallies and in half-time shows. Majorette tricks involve passing the baton, spinning the baton and throwing the baton. An experienced majorette may also build

How to Make a Hinge Mortise Template for the Router

Mortised hinges provide a cleaner, more professional look to a door or cabinet and actually add strength to the hinge since it is embedded into the wood. Mortised hinges are less likely to twist out of place from the door's weight. A template makes cutting mortises for hinges a much simpler job than

How to Make Your Own Evo Air Diffuser

It is easy to make an air diffuser at home with the right supplies, which can be used for gifts or placed in several rooms throughout your house. By making your own diffusers, you can control the strength of the scent and even mix and match fragrance oils, to create your own unique fragrance.

What Happens When You Concentrate Light on a Solar Cell?

When concentrated sunlight hits a solar cell, the cell produces electricity more efficiently. Solar electric systems that use mirrors or lenses to focus sunlight onto solar cells are called concentrating photovoltaic (CPV) systems. Compared to the more common flat-plate photovoltaic systems, CPV te

Economic Disadvantages of Solar Energy

The high cost of solar energy has limited its use.Solar Panels image by alessbonaventura from Fotolia.comThough the sun provides the Earth with enough renewable energy to run civilization many times over, harnessing that energy has proven to be a challenge. The lower power density of...

Science Projects on Making Magnets

Magnetism is a bit like gravity. Both are invisible forces that act upon other objects. They are different because magnetism acts only on certain materials such as steel and iron, and gravity tugs on every object with any mass. We know magnetic fields exist because of their effect on certain kinds o

Homemade Pens

Making homemade pens is one of the most enjoyable of all wood turning skills. Each homemade wooden pen is unique, taking on the personality of the pen turner who creates it. Mastering the art of pen turning is not as hard at it may seem. Yes, it take some basic skills, but most of all, it just takes

What Are Some Alternatives to a Diatom Filter?

Anyone with a tropical fish tank knows the importance of maintaining clean water. Water treatment typically requires the use of a filter, which traps sediment while allowing clean water to pass through. A diatom filter offers effective water filtration, but alternatives may also be used.