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DIY Fair Booths

Maximize time and space with a low-cost and lightweight fair booth made from PVC. Readily available at any hardware retailer, PVC pipe is easy to assemble with prefabricated connectors that require no tools to construct. A PVC booth frame can be constructed in minutes, allowing users to focus their

How to Install a Battery in a Spike Light

Book lights were designed to give book lovers a light that is portable and keeps the light on the page. Spike lights are an inexpensive and popular form of book light with a "spike" that slides into binding of a book to hold the light in position. You will need to know how to install a battery in a

What Are Exceptionally High or Low Tides?

As the Earth's moon orbits around the Earth, and the Earth rotates on its axis, the gravitational pull of the moon and sun tugs at the water in our world's seas causing it to slosh back and forth on a reliable schedule and predictable basis. When this gravitational stirring results in water being pu

How to Build a Small Hallway Storage Bench

Wide hallways are an extravagance when building a home, increasing the required foundation area without increasing useable square footage; however, they do have advantages beyond appearances. Wide hallways allow you to easily move furniture from one room to another and make handicapped access easy.

Making Furniture Look Primitive

Primitive-style furniture consists of new pieces that have been artificially antiqued. The antiquing process is very simple and can be done by any DIY enthusiast. The key to making your furniture look primitive is proper preparation of the wood before you apply multiple layers of paints and wax.

Geotrax Ideas

Playing with toy trains is a favorite activity for children of all ages. GeoTrax, interlocking plastic train pieces manufactured by Fisher-Price, is a track system aimed at children ages two and older. The pieces are easy for little hands to manipulate, and the system can serve as an educational too

Eastern Arkansas Environment and Conservation of Native Plants

The eastern portion of Arkansas is dominated by the Mississippi River Alluvial Plain. An alluvial plain is a relatively level area where sediment from running water will be deposited. In east central Arkansas is the small but diverse St. Francis National Forest. The forest is unique in that it sits

How to Calculate Nanometers

A nanometer is one of the smallest units of measurements. Scientists use it to measure extremely tiny objects. One billion nanometers comprise a meter, so converting from meters, centimeters or millimeters down to nanometers is a simple calculation. To calculate the length, width or height of an obj

How Does Temperature Affect the Rate of Chemical Reactions?

Temperature is a key factor affecting the rate of chemical reactions. In general, as temperature increases, so does the reaction rate. This is the reason why food is stored in the refrigerator: The cold temperature slows down the chemical reactions that lead to its spoiling.Temperature is...

Sea Crabs Diet

Several types of sea crabs share the ocean and their diet varies by species' preference. A juvenile sea crab's diet differs from the adults as well. Thinkquest reports that some crabs are scavengers while others eat plankton, worms or shellfish.

Holographic Techniques

A holographic image contains information about the shape, size and contrast of the object being imaged. Information about the image is stored in a microscopic pattern of interference that is created by a laser diode module. This process causes the image to shift and become three dimensional. You can

How to Turn on a Lathe for Round Picture Frames

A round, wooden picture frame is an excellent choice for framing those circular photos of yourself and your loved ones. Because of its uniform circular shape, it can also be easier to hang on walls inside your house and business, when compared to a rectangular frame that may hang too far to one side

The Disadvantages of Desalination

Desalination is a process by which salt and brackish water is pulled out of the ocean and run through a desalination and purification system to result in clean, drinkable water. Desalination technology is hailed as a positive answer to worldwide water shortages, and is being developed and...

What Instruments Can Be Used to Predict a Flood?

Flash floods kill more people every year than hurricanes.flood image by brelsbil from Fotolia.comWeather forecasting technology has allowed meteorologists to provide people with short-term forecasts. Unfortunately, simply predicting a thunderstorm doesn't necessarily mean knowing the...

How to Use a Multimeter on a Circuit Board

Multimeters can be valuable troubleshooting tools when working with circuit boards. Even if you don't have an electrical schematic of the circuit board, which would identify components and give you the voltage and resistor values that should be present, many circuit boards have test points that are

How to Repair a Leather Harness

Keeping your leather harness in good repair is essential for safe riding. It's important to inspect your harness every time before you take it out, so as to catch any rips, tears, or broken pieces before they get worse. For many small repair jobs, you can avoid a trip to an expensive tack shop and d

How to Wire on Off Toggle Switch on a Motor in 1 Hour

A toggle switch attached to a motor's wiring will give you easier control of the motor when you need to turn it on or off. The process of attaching a switch should not take very long, certainly less than an hour. Before you start, be certain you've got all the tools and materials you need, and the j

How to Make Glass-Block Windows

Glass block is beautiful, durable and secure. Most homeowners and builders use it in locations where light is needed but ventilation is not required. Glass-block windows are commonly found in garages, basements and bathrooms. Glass block is a great replacement window or a good choice for new window

Machine Gun Shooting Safety

From the smallest Micro Uzi to the largest Browning 1919-A4, machine guns have fascinated firearms enthusiasts since their conception in 1884. Maybe it is the rapid firing rush, or the explosive noise, but machine guns have been placed on the altar of well-loved weapons by gun enthusiasts around the

Instructions for Watering Pine Trees

Conifer trees, including evergreen pines, require regular watering to stay green and healthy throughout the year. During dry seasons, pine trees generally can hold moisture in the soil because their own shade prevents the soil from drying completely. Pine trees sometimes suffer drought stress more i