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How to Calculate Margin of Error Between Polls

Margin of error is the accuracy of a poll or a study. When a specific demographic is polled about a topic, the margin of error needs to be properly calculated. This is done by using population size, sample size and standard deviation. The formula is expressed as √v/n(1.96). When comparing the

How to Build a Beryllium Model

Beryllium is a chemical element that has the symbol "Be" in the periodic table. This molecular element is an alkaline earth metal that was discovered in 1798. Beryllium has an atomic number of four and an atomic weight of 9.01. Like all molecules, it is composed of electrons, protons and n

How to Do Overhangs on Shed Dormers

Dormers that you add to your house can be functional or for decoration. The addition of a dormer adds an individual design to the roof of your home. One type of dormer that you can build for your home is called a shed dormer. This is a design with a flat roof line in which the front wall of the fram

How to Make Sea Glass in a Concrete Mixer

Sea glass comes from bottles and other glassware that has made its way into the ocean from littering, shipwrecks, or natural disasters. Broken shards of glass are worn down by sand over time, giving them a smooth, frosted surface. Genuine sea glass is limited, though, and certain colors can be hard

How to Draw a Corvette Car

Drawing Corvette cars presents two major challenges to both fledgling and experienced artists. The first major hurdle is form; the Corvette's unique shape and elongated front end will test your drafting skills. Another challenging task is capturing the nature of the car's painted surface on paper. T

How to Clean High Carbon Blades

High carbon steel is a strong type of steel often used in the construction of replicas of medieval arms and armor. It is also often used to forge high-quality knife-blades. Because high-carbon steel still has the potential to rust, it is not enough to just run soap and water over your blade and call

How Does Weather Affect a Barometer?

Barometric pressure (air pressure) is affected by the weather, making it a great predictor of future weather conditions. Lower altitudes have a higher barometric pressure because more air molecules weigh down on the air from above. Conversely, higher altitudes have a have lower barometric pressure.

Eating Habits for Black-Bellied Whistling-Ducks

The black-bellied whistling-duck, also known as the black-bellied tree duck or Dendrocygna autumnalis, is a North and South American bird from the Anatidae family that includes swans, geese and ducks. This waterfowl is found in the United States only in the most southerly locales. The duck subsists

How to Build a Paddle Board

Paddle boards can be used in a number of ways, ranging from a sea kayak to a surfboard. In this way, they are more user-friendly than other forms of recreational water transport. While many other modes of water transportation require rotational molding equipment, paddle boards can be formed at home

How to Create a Loop Deck in "Yu-Gi-Oh!"

In the "Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card Game," duelists can arrange a system of cards to create a loop. This occurs when two or more cards in play engage in a cycle that continually maintains play. The two types of loops, "Infinite Loop" and "Controlled Loop," allow duelists to dictate the way their cards act

How to Do the Punnett Square for a Dihybrid Cross

While monohybrid crosses can be easier than a walk in the park, adding a second gene into the mix can complicate things for budding geneticists. Fortunately, while studying the works of then-obscure monk Gregor Mendel, Reginald C. Punnett devised a method which makes dihybrid crosses a lot more intu

How to Drill a Gas Port in a Barrel

Hobbyist gunsmiths were disappointed when the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives halted importation of rifle barrels with AK-47 parts kits. Parts kits originally included all parts of the rifle except the receiver (the foundation of the gun) and the parts that allow the gun to fire

How to Mow Around a Tree

Taking care of the yard requires tedious, sometimes physically demanding, work. Mowing around your tree without injuring it is not physically demanding, but it does require close attention and careful maneuvering to complete successfully. Just a few minor adjustments to your mowing habits will make

How to Seal Cast Iron Waste Line Joints

Unlike PVC piping, cast iron waste lines are not sealed with cleaner and glues. Instead, a specially designed rubber coupling is installed on each connection to keep wastewater from leaking into the area surrounding the pipe. Any debris resting between the exterior surface of the pipe and interior s

Types of Vertical Currents

Vertical currents are the "elevators" that help to keep the general ocean circulation moving. Upwelling is the vertical movement of water from the bottom of the ocean to its surface. As the water pressure diminishes its flow to the upper layer of the ocean, called the Ekman Layer, prevailing winds o

Supplies for Woodburner

The art of wood burning is called pyrography.picture from wood image by Artiom Radonezhskiy from Fotolia.comThe art of burning wood, called pyrography, has been around for a long time. Although most projects of this type end in a beautiful work of art, the tools and supplies for this...

How to Make a Medieval Longbow

The medieval longbow, perhaps more famously known as the English or Welsh longbow, was first used in the Norman English invasion of Wales during the 12th century. The Welsh were using them and the English were so impressed that they adopted the weapon and conscripted Welsh archers. With a range of 1

List of Ecosystem Services

Coastal wetlands help improve local water quality.Olifants river wetland in savannah, Kruger National Park image by Lars Lachmann from Fotolia.comAn ecosystem can be thought of as a discrete unit on the landscape, consisting of certain plants, animals and climate that are unique to that...