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How to Use Depth Finders

One of the most needed accessories for any boat is a depth finder, which is basically a sonar unit. Every boat owner has probably experienced the disappointment of ruining an enjoyable weekend on the lake or river by dinging the boat's prop on an underwater rock. After doing this a few times most bo

Directions for Wireless Car Signals

Wireless cars, also called Radio Control (RC) cars, are controlled in multiple directions, using a small radio control radio that transmits direction signals to the wireless car telling it to move forward, in reverse, and to turn left or right. When the direction levers are operated, they translate

How to Calculate Minutes on a Hundred-Second Clock

For thousands of years, we have divided our days into 24-hour segments. But there's another way to keep track of time, known as decimal time. Decimal time has been used by different cultures, including the French and the Chinese, at different points in history. Decimal time divides the day into 10

Penguin Traits and Behaviors

Penguins are graceful, flightless birds found around the polar south of the planet. With a body shaped like a torpedo, they typically have black and white feathers in what is known as a "tuxedo" pattern. There are 17 species of penguins that inhabit Antarctica, New Zealand, South America, Africa, an

How to Thaw a Cowhide

Bonnie Fordham Hollingsworth, a tanner by trade, states on the website for the Newton County Historical and Genealogical Society that "the art of tanning hides is all but lost in our modern society" and is quickly becoming a forgotten art. The time that goes into preparation, cleaning and tanning ca

How to Make a Wooden Sled

Sleds have been a winter essential for thousands of years. Native Americans used toboggans to travel through northern snows. The early European colonists made sleds for both work and play. For many, sledding was a favorite childhood activity. Adults today have warm memories of cold winter days spent

What Are Cigars?

Cigars are tobacco leaves rolled into a cylinder for smoking. Cigars are much larger than cigarettes and usually require much more time to smoke. Some cigars require an hour or more to finish, although some manufacturers offer so-called mini cigars that last about eight to 10 minutes. Most cigar smo

How Is Wind Speed Related to Pressure Gradient?

WindWind is simply the movement of the air that surrounds us. Air is classified as a fluid, and it flows as such. When it moves in any way, we call this movement wind. The faster the movement, the more powerful the wind. As air flows as wind, it flows in an oscillatory manner, similar to...

How to Find a Natural Log on a TI-30

The TI-30 is a type of scientific calculator manufactured by Texas Instruments. The TI-30 is sold in three different models, including the TI-30Xa, the TI-30X IIS and the TI-30XS Multiview. The TI-30 calculator line is ideal for advanced scientific calculations, particularly if you are a student. Al

How to See What Your Stamp Is Worth

Stamp collecting is a pastime enjoyed by many thousands of people, young and old. Many stamp collections contain very valuable stamps, some of them possibly passed down through generations of stamp collectors. Perhaps you've acquired a stamp collection and want to know the value of a few stamps, or

How to Build a Pinewood Derby Racer From Scratch

Building your own Pinewood Derby car is a fun and cheap activity that you can do with your friends, family or even by yourself. The materials are very inexpensive and the potentia of your wooden race car is only limited by the creative abilities of your own imagination. If you're building a Pinewood

How to Decorate Candles With Glitter

Candle decorating is a craft that's quick and easy. Using glitter will add sparkle and interesting textures to your candles. Choose either votive or pillar candles for this project. Votives are small, usually 2 inches or less in diameter. Pillar candles are typically square, round or triangular wit

Check List for the Pinewood Derby

Preparing for a pinewood Derby is exciting and fun. In order to show up to the race adequately prepared with a car that has a good chance to take home a trophy, you will need to hold to a checklist to help make sure everything is in order. Keeping organized and prepared will help develop...

How to Make a Hippopotamus Mask

A hippopotamus, or hippo, is a wild animal that can live in water and on land. Hippos usually spend the day swimming in rivers or lakes, and wandering on land to graze at night. They often are recognized by their large mouths and small ears. Teach youngsters about these giant beasts by crafting a fu

Mullein Plants Lifespan

Mullein is a tall, leafy herb that grows wild in many places in the United States. Mullein is a biennial, with a life cycle that spans two years, but the plant's seeds can survive for decades.

How to Increase Your Opportunity to Take Pictures of Wildlife

Photographing wildlife can be a rewarding hobby. Getting the perfect shot, or any shot at all for that matter--requires patience and even a little luck. Unlike still life or posed subjects, wildlife is unpredictable and often elusive. You can, however, take a few steps to increase your chances at ca

How to Make Warhammer Figures

Warhammer figures are used to play in the table top game Warhammer 40K. The game allows you to build your own army and customize it before taking on other players with their own armies. When you open your figure kit box, you might be confused at the number of different pieces that are included. Putt

How to Build a Boy Scout Catapult

The word catapult is derived from the Greek words, "kata pultos," meaning "shield piercer." The catapult was used for thousands of years as a military weapon. It enabled early warriors to launch projectiles over castle walls and other armaments. Recently, catapults have been used in local pumpkin th

How to Use a Slice of Tree Trunk As a Cake Base

Cake bases and cake stands provide you a way to display a finished dessert on something other than a cardboard round or plate from your cupboard. Store-bought cake bases range in prices from inexpensive to costly. The type of materials range, as well, from plastic to metal to ceramic to wooden. If y

How to: Aluminum Dome Rods

Builders use aluminum dome rods to construct dome-shaped structures. One of the most common structures in which they are used is a dome-shaped tent. Aluminum dome rods come in various lengths and thicknesses for different applications. If you are putting up a tent, aluminum dome rods make a solid su