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How Are Batteries Recycled?

Battery Types and QuantityBatteries are a ubiquitous power source for laptops, electronics, cellphones and everything else we rely on to make our lives convenient and portable. Used batteries sent to landfills and incinerators eventually end up polluting the environment, causing health...

How to Find and Preserve Sand Dollars

Sand dollars are sea-dwelling echinoderms that are related to sea urchins and starfish. Once they have died, their hard outer shells remain and are considered by many to be a fascinating, even beautiful, souvenir. If you live close to a saltwater beach, you can collect your own sand dollars and pres

Wind Power Problems

Wind power may have potential in creating renewable and sustainable energy for society. People need to be aware, however, of the potential issues and problems wind power may have on their communities and the environment or on energy output.

Flying Scale Jet Aircraft Models

While model planes have been (and are being) used by the military to fly unmanned missions, the majority of flying scale jet aircraft models are used by hobbyists for fun. Clubs and societies of people sharing this interest in aeronautics have sprung up around the world. Within the United States, th

How to Read a Millimeter Micrometer

Determining the lengths of objects with a millimeter micrometer allows precise measurements up to one-hundredth of a millimeter and is often used by engineers and machinists. The precision offered by these devices depends on the skill with which the device can be used and read. Measurements are read

Crazy Christmas Hat Ideas

Dressing up for the holiday season doesn't always mean wearing proper attire. You can put a festive and fun spin on the Christmas season by wearing silly hats that draw attention and bring a smile to the faces of those around you. Making and wearing crazy hats can be just an extra way to celebrate t

What Is the Difference Between Electrical Poles & Phases?

In electrical engineering, many terms are used to describe how electrons and electricity behave. "Poles" and "phases" are used to describe very different aspects of electricity. "Poles" are fundamental to understanding how electricity is created; "phases" describes an aspect of alternating current.

Plastic Recycling Rules

Plastic can be found everywhere in our society, from the bottles that store our water and sodas to the bags that hold our groceries. Recycling for plastics is widely available. Over 2.3 billion pounds of water bottles were recycled in 2007, according to earth911. Many products are manufactured using

How to Crystallize an Organic Compound

After you carry out a reaction in an organic chemistry lab, you always need to purify and recrystallize your product. Likewise, if you have a sample of compound and need to remove impurities, recrystallization is often the best way to do it. Ideally you want to pick a solvent in which your compound

How to Identify the Transition Metals

From the iron in your red blood cells to the copper wiring in your gadgets, transition metals play an endless variety of essential roles in human society. There is no "one-size-fits all" chemical test to identify transition metals; however, there are certain properties they have in common. Transitio

Difference Between Male & Female Lady Bugs

While the name "ladybug" conjures up images of femininity, the belief that all ladybugs are female is a misconception. Ladybugs are also male, although it can be hard to tell the difference between them and their female counterparts.

How to Connect LED Rope Lights to Solar Chargers

Having your super-futuristic, high-energy, low-wattage LED rope lights attached to an antiquated power source such as a wall outlet is so last-century. The thing to do is to connect these paragons of illumination to a solar panel with a built-in charger and let the pure energy of the sun do the rest

Types of Scientific Scales

Weight scales are an important instrument in the science laboratory.falconry weights and scales image by mark humphreys from Fotolia.comScientific weight scales are one of the most important instruments in the laboratory.They are used to measure the weight and mass of many different kinds...

How to Make a Jingle Bells Belt

Every time the Christmas season rolls around, it seems that someone has developed a new accessory to help celebrate the arrival of Santa Claus. One way to wear your Christmas spirit all day long (and make sure that all of your co-workers will hear you coming) is to put on a jingle bells belt. You'll

DIY Pendulum

The pendulum is, in its most basic form, a weight at the end of a string. Builders call a pendulum a plumb line. The pendulum shows engineers and builders whether a line is straight and vertical. Jean Foucault, renowned French physicist, used the pendulum to demonstrate the rotation of the earth. So

How to Hang an Eclipse Clock CB2

CB2 is the online division of Crate & Barrel, specializing in modern home furnishings and decor. The eclipse clock is a 39-inch diameter faceless black wall clock with the faintest traces of white around the edges, which replicates the look of an actual eclipse. The eclipse clock is powered by t

How to Make a Hoe Handle

A hoe is a vital tool for any gardener or small -cale farmer. Hoes are flat edged metal tools with wooden handles. They are used to plow small trenches for crops such as potatoes. They are also used to dig up potatoes when they are ready to be harvested. Because of the vigorous nature of hoe work, a