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What Is Atlas Track Brass?

Atlas Track Brass refers to a type of model train track manufactured by Atlas Model Railroad Company prior to 1980. Between 1960 and 1979, brass track was the most common type supplied in ready-to-assemble train sets.

How Does a Liquid Ring Compressor Work?

A liquid ring compressor is a type of rotary displacement compressor, which works by filling a chamber with air and reducing the volume of the chamber. It consists of a housing, which is partially filled with liquid, and an impeller or rotor with fixed blades or vanes. Liquid ring compressors are ty

How to Change Shutter Speeds on a Sony Cyber-shot S750

You can change the shutter speed on the Sony Cyber-shot S750 by altering other functions on the camera, but you cannot change it directly. The S750 does not have full manual mode shooting, so unlike some other digital cameras, you cannot completely override the auto mode and shoot using the shutter

How to Patch a PVC Pool Pipe

PVC pipes are often used for the pipe works in above ground pool for carrying the water through the pool and into the pumps and filters. If your PVC pipes start to leak your pool will lose water and if it goes unchecked you could potentially empty your entire pool. There is a simple way to patch you

Does a Voltage Regulator Get Hot?

A voltage regulator tightly controls the voltage it provides to a circuit. It takes in unregulated voltage and current and delivers a slightly lower voltage that stays steady under different loads. Because the regulator works hard to hold the voltage steady, it can become hot.

How to Hang a Shadow Box

Shadow boxes add dimension and depth to artwork and small display items. They're often used to display vacation pictures, awards and collages. Hanging a shadow box requires a bit of planning because they can be heavy. To do the job properly you must consider the weight of the box and the type of wal

Ideas for a Marble Run

There is probably no child on the planet who has not dropped a marble experimentally on a sloped surface, just to see where it would end up. If you have a child or are merely a child at heart, building a marble run can be both entertaining and educational. Whether yours is a wacky lever...

Tips on Making Plastic Models

Building plastic model kits is both fun and challenging. Recent technological developments in the plastic molding process, as well as in the plastic itself, have resulted in a whole range of modeling subjects previously not available in plastic kit form. No matter how simple or difficult the kit is

How to Check Current on a Transformer

The design of a transformer determines its input and output voltages. Current ratings for transformers indicate the maximum amount of current the transformer can withstand. But the actual current going through it at any moment depends on the load that it powers. The amount of current running through

How to Make Stained Glass Lights for a Ceiling Fan

Bring art into your home by dressing up even the most no-frills of ceiling fans with the added dimension and color of stained glass lights. Although many stained glass lamps use thousands of pieces in their intricate designs (Tiffany lamps, for example), you do not have to be an expert stained glas

How to Use a Heat Gun to Remove Polyurethane

Refinishing is a great way to add new life to a worn woodwork. There are many ways to remove polyurethane to prepare the surface for refinishing products. Chemical removers do a wonderful job of stripping the wood, however, they are highly toxic. Sanding is a safer method of removing old finishes

Why Is Mercury Used in Barometers?

Air pressure falls when the weather is changing for the worst, and rises when it is getting better. This is because humid, wet air is heavier than dry air. Barometers are instruments that measure the change in air pressure. The most accurate barometers rely on a tube of liquid mercury.

How to Mold a Leather Holster

Leather gun holsters should be molded to fit around the precise contours of your gun. If you make your own gun holster, or if you purchase a generic holster from a gun supply store, then your holster may not fit your gun properly. If this is the case, there is a way to mold the leather so that it wi

Knife Sharpening Instructions

Properly sharpening a knife requires both patience and precision. It is a skill that must be developed with practice over a period of time. The action requires holding the knife at a specific angle as you slide the blade across a sharpening surface, honing the steel. Commercial sharpeners are genera

The Difference Between Low Tides & High Tides

Low tides and high tides are among the most noticeable features of beaches. These tides impact the value of harbors and the necessity of high sea walls around cities. The difference between high tide and low tide is not one of just higher or lower water levels but of a range of factors spread throug

How to Calculate Cubic Meters for Fire Wood

Calculate the number of cubic meters of firewood available in a given log or tree by finding the tree's volume. Volume is a measure of the amount of space a given object occupies and depends on the object's physical dimensions. A tree or log is generally a cylinder whose volume depends on its height

How to Make Mortar Racks for Fireworks

Mortar racks are a type of structure intended to hold firework mortars. They often are made of wood to hold a specific number of 3-inch mortars, and have a sturdy base to prevent tipping. Sometimes milk crates are converted to hold a large number of mortars. For individual applications, it is easies

Information on Stilts

Stilts come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but they all share a general intention, which is to provide added height. Whether for practical or entertainment purposes, stilts are used across the globe.

How to Build an Elevator Pulley

If you want to transport objects to a higher height or want to test out physics, build an elevator pulley. Pulleys are simple wheels with grooved rims that are pulled by a rope. Pulleys are useful for elevators because they lift more than their weight. The longer the string length, the more weight t

How Do I Get to Darkshore on "World of Warcraft"?

"World of WarCraft" features an expansive game world spanning multiple continents and planets. WarCraft designers base each of the game's areas on zones found in the WarCraft series of real-time strategy games or the fictional lore of the setting. The lands of Darkshore serve as a border between the